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To get your guest post accepted, follow our steps of our editorial flow.

Step 1 – Pitch Your Suggested Topics

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Step 2 – Wait for Approval

If your topic and keyword idea get accepted, you’ll definitely hear from us in 2-3 days.

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Failing to follow these guidelines will result in getting your article rejected without further consideration. 
If you decide to send a draft written by a bot, your article is automatically rejected. We might still publish an article with the same keyword. 

However, if your article meets our content standards, you can expect the article to be published 1-2 weeks after you’ve submitted the draft.

Consider This When You Write for Us

We decided to open up guest posting to give our readers and marketers to a fresh perspective and more insightful content. That means we like to work with marketers, entrepreneurs and webinar hosts, not with SEO agencies.

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