WebinarKit Review – One-time Fee
for a Lifetime Access

WebinarKit is a new player in the live and automated webinar software scene. It’s a lightweight solution that delivers all the necessary features to create highly converting webinars that run on autopilot. In this WebinarKit review, you’ll learn:

  1. What are the possible automated interactions?
  2. What is WebinarKit Live and how is it different?
  3. What can you learn using the webinar analytics dashboard?
  4. How fair is the pricing and how to get a lifetime access?

WebinarKit Automated Webinar Setup

The webinar setup flow is quite simple. There’s a basic setup flow you have to set up, which will specify:

WebinarKit setup
WebinarKit setup

WebinarKit asks you to specify the webinar duration, which is a bit odd, because you’d assume that the webinar is as long as the video. 

As the main webinar video, you can paste the video URL where your webinar video is hosted. This could be a YouTube, Vimeo or Amazon hosting link, basically any video hosting provider works here.

To upload your webinar video directly to WebinarKit, you’d have to upgrade to the WebinarKit Pro plan.

Webinar video upload
Webinar video upload

The webinar can be scheduled for every day at a specific time. Or even multiple times per day.

The “Just in time” scheduling sets your webinar to be always starting in <15 minutes for each visitor. That’s a great way to not keep your visitors waiting and have them join the webinar with minimal waiting time.

The Issue with Webinar Presenters

The webinar presenter can be added either during the webinar setup or in the “Settings” page. However, one issue I found during this WebinarKit review is that the presenter info can’t be changed or viewed during the webinar setup.

Webinar presenter
Webinar presenter selection

After I’ve set up the webinar presenter, I can’t edit the presenter bio or the image anymore. The only way is to delete the presenter entirely and re-add it. Albeit, it’s a small inconvenience.

Another bug that I found during this WebinarKit review is that the presenter that I’ve set up on the “Settings” page won’t show up on the actual webinar registration page.

WebinarKit Live 2.0

Just recently WebinarKit has launched their live webinar solution. 

Some of the key features of WebinarKit Live 2.0

WebinarKit live is a rather new product. However, it’s already proven to be a very powerful, yet lightweight platform to use for hosting live webinars. 

Webinar Registration Page

The WebinarKit registration page setup looks quite simple at first.

Registration page setup
Registration page setup

You’ll notice that there are different registration page layout templates:

The most standard registration page layout just has a single-color background, or with a slight gradient effect. The layout is fixed and looks like this:

WebinarKit standard registration page
WebinarKit standard registration page layout

All the other well-designed webinar registration templates are available on the WebinarKit Pro.

WebinarKit designed registration page
WebinarKit designed registration page

However, you can still add a video to even the standard registration page. But you’d have to provide the URL to the video.

On the registration page, you set up these fields:

But you can’t set up custom fields on the registration page.

However, you can set your brand logo or banner, which would show at the top of the registration page.  

The Thank You Page

After the attendee has registered, you can automatically redirect them to the “Thank you” page. The thanks you page could be:

Here’s how the WebinarKit Thank You page would look like:

Thank you page
Thank you page

Webinar Email Reminders

There are 3 automatic emails you can set up in WebinarKit:

These reminder emails only make sense if your webinar is happening once a day, for example. But if you have “Just-in-time” webinars enabled, it doesn’t really make sense, because the webinar would always start in less than 15 minutes, whenever the attendee lands on the registration page.

For each email, you can add a custom message.

Email reminder setup
Email reminder setup

What I’m missing here is the email shortcodes. For example, I’d like to address the attendee by their name (that they’ve used to sign up with). Other webinar platforms usually have this feature, so I can start my email with “Hey {first_name}”.

If you have the automatic emails enabled, but leave the fields blank, WebinarKit will send the default message.

It’s important to note 2 things about the webinar emails. First, your custom message will be added at the beginning of the default message. Second, your formatting (i.e. new lines) won’t be reflected. As you can see my custom message is all jammed together when the attendee receives it.

WebinarKit email confirmation example
WebinarKit email confirmation example

Additionally, you can set smart automated follow-up emails based on how much of the webinar did each attendee watch: 

WebinarKit Automated Audience Interactions

Even though WebinarKit has only automated webinars, you can still set up audience interactions. The main ways to interact with your webinar attendees is allowing them to ask questions – either using the email questions box or the webinar live chat. These are box available on the WebinarKit Basic Plan.

The email question box basically allows attendees to ask questions during the automated webinar and the questions would be sent straight to your inbox, so you can conveniently answer them and increase conversion. For the attendee, it looks like this:

Email question box example
Email question box example

And you’d get that email instantly into your email in this format:

Host will receive the question to their email
Host will receive the question to their email

The webinar live chat is an even better way of interacting with your attendees. It’s great for creating live-like automated webinars, where you’re there for the attendees to have a conversation with them and answer their questions. For the attendee, it looks like this:

WebinarKit live chat
WebinarKit live chat

It’s possible to have both email question box and live chat enables as well, but it could be a bit confusing to the attendee. The live chat definitely hooks your attendees better. If you can’t be there moderating, use the email question box.

When you’ve upgraded to the WebinarKit Chat Simulator, it’s also possible to set up simulated chat messages. Basically, you can set up messages from simulated attendees to comments at specific time marks during the webinar, which makes the webinar feel more live-like.

This is useful for asking and answering some common questions that your attendees usually have at any point during your automated webinar presentation. It makes your attendees feel more included and engaged, which will have a positive effect on the webinar view duration and offer conversion.

WebinarKit Live Interactions

During a live webinar session, you can also trigger the same interactions. 

In addition, you can show webcam, screen share and show your slides. 

webinarkit audience interactions
Audience interactions and sharing options

As you’re sharing your slides, you can toggle if your want to show your webcam as well, or if you just want to show your slides in full screen mode. 

webinarkit live slides
webinarkit live slides

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Webinar Offers and Call-to-Actions

One of the definite highlights of your webinar should be when you launch the offer to your attendees. For that, WebinarKit has a quite detailed setup enabled:

Webinar offer setup
Webinar offer setup

The offer setup is one of the most customizable features that I found during this WebinarKit review. It’s very convenient that you can customize the call-to-action text, when to launch the offer and when to hide it again.

A great conversion-booster is the offer countdown timer. It shows for how long is the offer still available and creates a sense of urgency for the attendees. Here’s how an offer would look like:

WebinarKit call-to-action example
WebinarKit call-to-action example

You can actually configure up to 3 call-to-action offers, in case you have more than one option for your offer. All of these 3 call-to-actions can redirect to different links.

3 Call-to-actions during automated webinar
3 Call-to-actions during automated webinar

Automated Polls in WebinarKit

Setting up polls is quite easy in WebinarKit, all you have to do is specify:

Configuring a poll
Configuring a poll

The only problem with WebinarKit is that you can’t edit the poll once you’ve created it. If you try to press the poll, it doesn’t bring up the edit pop-up. If you’d want to change the poll, you’d have to delete the old one and create a new one.

Here’s how the poll would look like for the attendee during the webinar:

WebinarKit poll
WebinarKit poll during the automated webinar (attendee view)

The voting results would become immediately available after the attendee has casted their vote. But this could backfire easily – if the attendee is the only one attending this automated webinar, after voting, they’d see a “100%” on this vote and just make it very obvious that it’s an automated event and wouldn’t give much value.

Video Engine & Support

One downside I’ve found on this WebinarKit review is the automated webinar video player. When you’re using a YouTube URL for the webinar video, then any attendee can pause the video by clicking on it. For example, when I’ve injected a YouTube video as the webinar video, when paused, it looks like this for the attendee:

Webinar video (from YouTube) paused
Webinar video (from YouTube) paused

Right then the attendee could click on any recommended videos or even the video title to be taken to YouTube instead. That’s not a very good solution, because your goal is to keep the attendees watching your webinar on the platform and engage with the interactions you’ve set up.

However, if you’re on the WebinarKit Pro plan, then you can just upload your webinar video straight to the platform and clicking on the video wouldn’t have any effect. In that case, the attendee can’t pause the video.

In any case if you run into troubles, the customer support is very friendly and replies in under 24 hours, even during the weekends.

Presentation Tools

There aren’t many presentation tools available, since WebinarKit only has automated webinars. However, it is possible to set up handouts, like presentation slides or a handbook PDF. You can set up the handout URL and the start & end time for making the handout available for the attendees.

Webinar handout setup
Webinar handout setup

For the attendee, the handout would become available like this during the webinar:

Handout made availabel during webinar (attendee view)
Handout made availabel during webinar (attendee view)

It should be noted that the handout feature is only available on the WebinarKit Pro.

Mobile Devices

The webinar registration page and the “Thank you” page is fully responsive on mobile. Here are 2 different webinar registration pages on mobile, as the attendee would see it:

WebinarKit registration page on mobile
WebinarKit registration page on mobile
WebinarKit registration page on mobile
WebinarKit registration page on mobile

As I was joining a webinar on my mobile phone during this WebinarKit review, I noticed that the webinar video didn’t start immediately. After reloading the page, I started playing.

To be honest, the webinar room elements are a bit off-place. For example, the logo appears at the very bottom. Here are examples of 2 different automated webinar sessions:

WeibnarKit Handouts on mobile
WeibnarKit handouts on mobile
WebinarKit chat & offers on mobile
WebinarKit chat & offers on mobile

Webinar Replay & Email Integrations

There’s one important email feature that’s gotten way too little attention on WebinarKit. That is the follow-up emails. It’s hugely important to follow up with your webinar attendees, in case they still have doubts about buying your product. An automatic webinar replay email is only available with the WebinarKit Pro package, but there is very limited customization you can do on it.

Replay reminders
Replay reminders

A good practice would be to send the webinar replay and a call-to-action in the webinar follow-up email. Luckily, there’s still a way to set up a follow-up email sequence using the integrations. WebinarKit offers integrations with the most popular email autoresponders, like:

And you could create webhooks with Zapier.

WebinarKit Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard on WebinarKit is quite rich, which surprised me during this WebinarKit review.

First, you can have a very clear overview of when did attendees drop out of your webinar session.

WebinarKit Analytics dashboard
WebinarKit Analytics dashboard - drop out time graph

Compare this chart with your webinar video and you might find some reasons why your attendees are leaving. These are the parts of your webinar you can improve upon.

Another insightful part of the WebinarKit analytics dashboard is the Traffic, Conversion and the Engagement part. You’ll learn:

WebinarKit analytics - Traffic, Conversions & Engagements
WebinarKit analytics - Traffic, Conversions & Engagements

Of course, WebinarKit lets you see each attendee information separately as well. For each attendee you can see their personal details, when they registered and their engagement activity. You can also export this data into a spreadsheet.

If you’d like to use 3rd party tracking tools, you can insert custom tracking scripts to the:

WebinarKit Pricing and Lifetime Access

WebinarKit is currently the only webinar software that allows you to register for a lifetime access with a one-time payment. Although, WebinarKit is a rather new webinar platform and some features still need some ironing out, it’s still an extremely generous deal.

There’s no trial, but there is a 14-day money back guarantee.

The creators of WebinarKit have said that the lifetime access is a temporary pricing strategy and they’ll soon be switching to monthly subscription pricing packages, like all the other webinar platforms out there.

That being said, the WebinarKit Basic package has some design and feature limitations that you should know about before subscribing.

WebinarKit Live 2.0 Pricing

Just recently WebinarKit launched its live webinar platforms. The pricing for the live webinar platform is on a per-month basis. 

webinarkit live pricing
WebinarKit Live 2.0 pricing

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FeatureWebinarKit BasicWebinarKit Pro
Just-in-time schedulingYesYes
Webinar videoVideo URLVideo URL or uploaded video
Webinar registration page layoutsStandard onlyStandard + Right/Left side cover images
“Thank you” page or post-registration redirectYesYes
Automatic emailsConfirmation, 1-day reminder, 30-minute reminderConfirmation, 1-day reminder, 30-minute reminder, webinar replay
Question and chatQuestion box, live chatQuestion box, live chat
Automated offersCountdown timer, up to 3 CTAsCountdown timer, up to 3 CTAs
Polls and handoutsNo Yes
Price$ 67$ 77

There are a couple of extra add-ons for WebinarKit. For example, you can schedule automated chat messages with the WebinarKit Chat Simulator.

The lifetime offer is a limited-time only offer. It will soon turn to monthly-subscription, like the other webinar platforms. If you subscribe today, you’ll get a lifetime access for a one-time flat fee.

WebinarKit Review Summary

To summarize this WebinarKit review, it’s an excellent solution for hosting automated webinars. The setup is a bit clunky at some parts, but the overall quality of the webinar is great for the attendee. Also, the lifetime access makes this an awesome deal.

Here’s a quick overview of the most important pros and cons of WebinarKit.

Inject webinar video from YouTube, Vimeo or any video hosting providerCan’t edit presenter info once it’s added. Only delete and re-add.
“Just-in-time” scheduling optionNo custom fields on the registration page
Webinar registration page has beautiful mobile-responsive layoutsCustom text added to email changes formatting a bit and there are no shortcodes
Email question box and live webinar chat to engage with the attendeesWhen using YouTube video as webinar video, attendee can pause (and distractions appear)
Simulated chat messages for boosting engagementOn mobile, the logo is misplaced in the webinar room
Offers are very customizable and have an urgency timer
Up to 3 call-to-action buttons on offers
Voting on polls and showing instant results
Share handouts with attendees
Rich webinar analytics dashboard – traffic, conversion, engagements
Lifetime access for a one-time fee

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