WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja – Side-by-Side Comparison

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja – both great webinar software products.

But which one should you choose?

That depends on what’s important for you when running your webinars.

We’ll take a look at both of them and compare them side-by-side by their features and usability. Our main rating criteria was this: 

Overall rating



14 day trial for free



Best or unique feature

Webinar Types & Setup


Audience Interactions


Presentation Tools


Pricing & Trial


Webinar Funnel Pages


Video Engine & Support


Webinar Replay


Email Reminders


Mobile Devices


Analytics & Exports


Overall rating



30 day trial for $1



Best or unique feature

Webinar Types & Setup


Audience Interactions


Presentation Tools


Pricing & Trial


Webinar Funnel Pages


Video Engine & Support


Webinar Replay


Email Reminders


Mobile Devices


Analytics & Exports


Webinar Types and Ease of Setup

The WebinarJam full configuration setup takes you through the numerous setup steps, so you can set up every aspect of your webinar.

That’s pretty good, but I would get tired of setting it up each time.

WJ Step-by-step what the full configuration flow look slike
WebinarJam full configuration setup flow

Customize nearly everything, there are really tons of options here.

You can set up webinar series, but not automated webinars.

There’s an option to host the webinar on YouTube as well, so you can immediately engage your subscribers.

The WebinarNinja’s Webinar Dashboard is just delightful.

The design is so clean and smooth.

WebinarNinja my webinars
WebinarNinja my webinars

WebinarNinja definitely nails the design aspect here.

It literally takes less than 30 seconds to set up a webinar.

So effortless.

Every configuration is set as default, but you can change them if you want.

Once you configure the designs and emails, you can set new defaults and those would be used each time, so you can use your custom designs and still have an effortless setup.

WebinarNinja also has Automated and Hybrid webinars, which is a huge plus.

Winner for Desing and Ease of Setup: WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja has clearly an easier webinar setup and a visually superior design.

The dashboard is more aesthetically pleasing, the layout is more thoughtful.

It also has Automated and Hybrid webinars, which WebinarJam doesn’t.

WebinarJam: Webinar Types & Setup


WebinarNinja Webinar Types & Setup


Webinar Registration and Thank You Pages

WebinarJam has 17 Webinar Registration Templates you can choose from, while WebinarNinja only has 3.

Both have templates with a video or an image, so you can advertise your product photo or video on your Registration Page.

WebinarNinja Registration Page template
WebinarNinja Registration Page template 4

However, WebinarJam has so much more customizability in terms of Page layouts, color schemes and fonts.

With WebinarJam you can customize the call-to-action button text, fonts and colors, while with WebinarNinja you can only customize the button color.

With both platforms you can use shortcodes on your Pages and even generate a JavaScript registration form snippet to inject into your own website code.

Registration surveys are useful for asking extra questions from your signups, so you can prepare your webinar better. WebinarJam has that feature, while WebinarNinja doesn’t.

WebinarJam Set up thank you page survey
WebinarJam Host view: Thank you page survey setup

There’s more customizability with the Thank You Page templates with WebinarJam.

But WebinarNinja has a clean look on the Thank You pages as well. I like the big „Add to Calendar“ button.

Thank You Page "Add to Calendar" button
WebinarNinja: "Add to Calendar" button on Thank You Page

Still, WebinarJam definitely gets a point here, because they have built-in Registration Page A/B testing.

That’s an awesome feature to test and improve your Registration Page copy and design layouts.

WebinarJam 2 landing page templates selected for split testing
WebinarJam: Choose 2 Landing Page templates and split test them

Winner for Registration Page and Sign-up Flow: WebinarJam

WebinarNinja just has too few templates, although you can’t argue with their sleek minimalistic designs.

There’s just tons of customizability with WebinarJam.

And the A/B testing feature gives you such great insights to improve your registration rates.

WebinarJam: Webinar Funnel Pages


WebinarNinja: Webinar Funnel Pages


Email Reminders and Customization

Sending the emails from your own custom domain name is a hygine factor nowadays.

Both software have that.

When you set up your webinar with WebinarNinja, you’ll immediately have 8 webinar reminder emails set up for you.

WebinarNinja all the default emails
WebinarNinja: List of all activated default emails

It’s strange you can’t delete any of them, only disable them.

On WebinarJam there’s only 2 set up by default.

You can of course add more on both platforms.

The email editor has pretty much the same functionality on both – change font size and colors, add shortcodes.

Audience email segmentation is where WebinarJam stands out.

Both integrate with different email autoresponders (e.g MailChimp) and have Zapier integration options.

But only WebinarJam integrates with Twilio for sending SMS text messages to your webinar registrants.

Winner for Email Reminders: WebinarJam

Webinarjam vs WebinarNinja – Both Email reminder editors are decent and have the expected text editing functionality – all you need, really.

With WebinarJam, the email segmentation is such a great feature to customize the communication with your audience.

That gives WebinarJam a slight edge.

WebinarJam: Email Tools


WebinarNinja: Email Tools


Audience Engagement Tools

WebinarJam live webinar room has clearly superior user interface.

WebinarJam live example
How the WebinarJam live interface looks like for the host

You can even choose a color theme to match your brand colors.

What I like about the interface is that all the controls, polls and chats are on the right hand side.

This way, the webinar video will constantly remain visible to the attendees.

WebinarNinja has their polls and offers on the right hand side of the webinar webcam feed.

Setting up the polls in WebinarNinja
Setting up the polls in WebinarNinja

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja – both have pre-configured webinar polls and offers on the right hand side. However, it’s slightly better for WebinarJam, because:

WebinarJam live polls
WebinarJam: Live polls stay at the right hand side

WebinarNinja also has the offers, but they’re more simplistic, with only texts and a button.

Something that WebinarNinja did better – Q&A timestamps. Whenever you (host) start answering a question, you can timestamp it.

Q&A stop answering
Q&A stop answering

Later, during the replay, attendees can jump right to the question they’re interested in.

Winner for Audience Engagement Tools: WebinarJam

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja – both have their advantages here: 

  • WebinarJam – the more attractive product offers
  • WebinarNinja – timestamped Q&A

Still, WebinarJam has another trick up its sleeve – „Invite an attendee as a presenter“ feature and a Control Room.

In the Control Room, you can have a moderator handle all the Q&A, the polls, the offers and the chat.

So you (host) can only focus on the webinar presentation.

WebinarJam: Audience Interaction Tools


WebinarNinja: Audience Interaction Tools


Video Quality and Connection Stability

The video quality appears great on both webinar software.

For the host.

With WebinarNinja’s WebRTC video engine, the attendee will see a slightly decreased video quality compared to what the host is seeing.

It seems that WebinarNinja has sacrificed a bit of its video quality to completely eliminate the lag.

WebinarNinja 6 video quality
WebinarNinja 6 video quality

WebinarJam had significantly more lag.

But the lag is synced up. The webinar video and the slides both had a 13-second lag for the attendee.

Since the video and slideshow lag was synced up, the attendee wouldn’t notice it.

WebinarJam’s video enginge had slightly better video quality for the attendee.

I didn’t experience any connectivity problems with either of them.

However, WebinarJam is better prepared for any technical difficulties with their „Panic! Button

WJ panic button - reboot room
WebinarJam Host view: Pressing the Panic! button
WJ redirecting all attendees
WebinarJam Host view: Redirecting all attendees

WebinarNinja also has a connectivity troubleshooter.

Winner of Video Quality and Connection Stability: WebinarJam

This was a tough one for WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja video engines. 

Both have great video quality and connectivity.

WebinarJam takes the crown because of their „Panic! Button“ which creates a new webinar room and imports all your attendees in 15 seconds.

This would ruthlessly elminate any technical difficulty.

WebinarJam: Video Engine & Support


WebinarNinja: Video Engine & Support


Slideshow Presentations and Video Injections

Both have a slideshow presentation upload feature, which is great.

No more screen-sharing your slides.

No more reduced text quality on slides.

They both have slideshow controls and switching between the webinar video as the main screen.

WebinarJam slide presentation controls for host
WebinarJam Host view: Injected slideshow presentation controls during live webinar session

Also, both have video injections from YouTube or from an uploaded file.

WebinarJam has done a slightly better job here – you can play and pause the video.

With WebinarNinja, there wasn’t an option to pause the video.

You have to play the whole thing until it stop or just close it once you’re done showing it.

That’s actually fine if you’re planning on showing small video clips.

WebinarJam also allows you to upload handout files, like PDF’s or Excel spreadsheets that you might want to share with your audience during the webinar.

WebinarJam: Sharing a file handout
WebinarJam: Sharing a file handout

Winner for slideshow and video injections: WebinarJam

The slideshow controls are perfectly fine with both.

WebinarNinja just has the features to share files and the video injection controls. 

WebinarJam has these these features too, but it also has slide transitions and slightly better slide controls.

WebinarJam: Presentation Tools


WebinarNinja: Presentation Tools


Mobile Experience and Different Browsers

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja – both work great on Android and iPhone.

Everything is responsive. 

However, the WebinarJam live room interface just looks more intact. It’s better optimized for attendees on their phones.

When polls and offers are launched, they appear in the front, but they can be minimized. The webinar video always stays at the same spot.

WebinarJam Android polls
WebinarJam Polls on Android
WebinarJam engagement tools minimized on Android
WebinarJam engagement tools minimized

WebinarNinja displays the engagement tools below the webinar video. But the webinar video location changes its location when the attendee switches between the poll and the offer tab.

The Social Sharing buttons seem to take up unnecessarily much space on the phone screen.

WebinarNinja Android polls
WebinarNinja Polls on Android
WebinarNinja Android offers
WebinarNinja Offers on Android Phone

Also, with the WebinarJam SMS text message webinar reminder, it just creates a smoother webinar registration and joining.

Webinars on WebinarNinja are completely usable on mobile devices as well, but there are some minor design bugs on less known browsers.

Winner for Mobile Experience: WebinarJam

Just for cleaner design and better layout with the engagement tools and better responsiveness. 

WebinarJam didn’t have any bugs on different browsers either.

WebinarJam: Mobile Devices & Browsers


WebinarNinja: Mobile Devices & Browsers


Webinar Replay Video and Engagement During Replay

Recording your webinar and sending the replay link to your attendees is available on both platforms.

As well as using a custom video for the webinar replay. In case you want to go with a perfectly edited presentation video to use as the replay.

Or you can redirect them to your own webiste and have the webinar replay there, so you can present your offer better.

All these features are available for WebinarJam and WebinarNinja.

Where WebinarJam takes the lead is interaction during the webinar replay.

Attendees can ask questions even during the replay.

They will be emailed to you (host), so you can hit them up with a reply.

WebinarJam webinar replay Q&A
WebinarJam Host view: Setting up the webinar replay Q&A

WebinarNinja doesn’t allow any interaction during the webinar replay.

Winner for Webinar Replay: WebinarJam

A considerable chunk of your singups will not attend your live webinar.

Sad, but true.

They’ll watch the replay when it’s suitablefor them.

You still want to engage with them and answer their questions and doubts about your product.

WebinarJam: Webinar Replay


WebinarNinja: Webinar Replay


Webinar Analytics & Data Exports

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja – Both platforms have a generous webinar analytics dashboard with the most important webinar data visualizations.

So the webinar attendance tracking is pretty abundant with both of them.

WebinarJam has a more detailed tracking, though.

Here’s what it looks like:

WebinarJam engagement analytics
WebinarJam Webinar engagement analytics
WebinarNinja analytics dashboard
WebinarNinja analytics dashboard

You can download:

Winner for Webinar Analytics: WebinarJam

WebinarNinja has the option to download the webinar video, while WebinarJam doesn’t.

However, WebinarJam has a more detailed anatytics dashboard and continuous tracking. 

Which I think is a more important aspect to consider.

WebinarJam: Analytics & Exports


WebinarNinja: Analytics & Exports


Pricing & Package Scalability

Both have monthly and annual packages and you can upgrade when your webinars start taking off and you need to host more attendees. 

Winner for Pricing: WebinarNinja

For just trying out webinars as a marketing strategy, you’ll be better off with WebinarNinja.

However, most features are more sophisticated and nuanced on WebinarJam.

So, if you’re not just trying out webinars, but you’re serious about running webinars regularly, then I’d recommend going with WebinarJam.

WebinarJam: Pricing


WebinarNinja: Pricing

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