WebinarJam vs GetResponse Webinars: Which is the Best?

WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars

WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars – which one is better? Which one to choose for hosting webinars?

That depends on which features are important to you.

In this review we’ll compare WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars side-by-side by the key webinar features. 

You’ll see the pro’s and the con’s for each of these aspects: 

Webinar Types & Ease of Setup

First and foremost – the main difference between WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars is that on WebinarJam you can only host webinars.

But GetResponse is a full-fledged marketing platform, which includes:

However, keep in mind that on GetResponse your webinar features depend on which package you choose:

On WebinarJam, there are only Live webinars. But they’re available with all packages.

The user interface looks very nice on both.

However, GetResponse gives a better overview of the whole webinar funnel.

GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics
Example of GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics

But the webinar setup is a bit complicated, since you’d have to configure it under “webinars”.

On WebinarJam, the setup takes you through all the pages and there’s more options to customize the webinar settings.

The plus side for WebinarJam is that all the webinar links and settings are clearly visible on the dashboard.

WebinarJam links and test webinar
WebinarJam links and test webinar

Winner for Webinar Types & Setup: GetResponse

The webinar setup flow is better on WebinarJam, but they don’t have on-demand webinars at all. You’d have to subscribe to EverWebinar for that.

GetResponse has live and on-demand webinars. And it has a super clear webinar funnel dashboard which gives quick insights about the conversion information you need about your webinar funnel.

WebinarJam: Webinar Types & Setup


GetResponse: Webinar Types & Setup


Webinar Funnel Pages

Regarding the webinar funnel pages (the registration page and the thank you page) – WebinarJam and GetResponse – both have done a great job here.

Here’s a feature comparison regarding the Webinar Funnel Pages:

WebinarJam has a lot of templates you can choose from. Templates have different layouts, some have product image placeholders, some have videos. 

WebinarJam Landing Page template 8
WebinarJam Landing Page template 8

However, the GetResponse page builder is more diverse and gives you more freedom for customizing your registration page and thank-you page.

GetResponse post-webinar thank-you page
GetResponse Page Builder: Editing the Post-webinar Thank-you Page

Winner for Webinar Funnel Pages: GetResponse

WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars – both have done a fantastic job with the funnel page design. Both have abundant customization options, a rich editor, tracking and A/B testing.

GetResponse has taken it the extra mile with even more customization options and the exit pop-ups.

WebinarJam: Webinar Funnel Pages


GetResponse: Webinar Funnel Pages


Email Reminders & Email Marketing Tools

WebinarJam has a very decent email editor. You can use shortcodes and customize the font styles and colors.

WebinarJam email customizer tool
WebinarJam host view: Customize your e-mail communication

A unique feature for WebinarJam reminder emails is the segmentation option.
You can segment the attendees based their attendance behavior:

This way you can target a specific segment of your attendees and make a special offer to them.

GetResponse webinar email reminders are quite plain.

You can choose between 3 different templates, but you can’t edit the contents.

Also, the scheduling options are limited.

GetResponse webinar email reminders
GetResponse webinar email reminder templates

But there’s more – GetResponse has marketing emails as well. And those are a totally different breed – you can fully customize those and there are tons of templates to choose from.
After all, they are an email marketing platform.

On the upside, the email editor is rich with templates and customization options.
There’s even a WYSIWYG email preview constantly visible.

GetResponse email editor
GetResponse email editor constantly shows the mobile preview on the right-hand side

The marketing emails can be the “Registration confirmation” email. These are set up under the webinar funnel. But the webinar reminder emails are set up under the webinar settings. These are configured under 2 different places in the interface. It’s a bit confusing to navigate between those at first.

Winner for Email Reminders: WebinarJam

WebinarJam grabs the medal here for 2 main reasons:

GetResponse has a plus side too – it shows very clear email open rates and click-through rates right in the webinar funnel.

Side note: WebinarJam integrates with GetResponse for sending marketing emails.

WebinarJam: Email Tools


GetResponse: Email Tools


Audience Interaction Tools

The audience interaction tools comparison between WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars is a tough one. That’s because both have crafted a superb audience engagement experience for the live webinar room.

WebinarJam and GetResponse both have:

Some pros for WebinarJam interaction tools are: 

How the WebinarJam live interface looks like for the host
How the WebinarJam live interface looks like for the host

Some pros for GetResponse webinar interaction tools are: 

GetResponse live webinar slideshow example
GetResponse live webinar slideshow example

Winner for Audience Interaction Tools: GetResponse

GetResponse seems to be more suitable for marketing and educational webinars.

Features like collaborative whiteboard tool, discussion mode and test surveys make it perfect for hosting a webinar for a classroom or for teachers.

Also, they’ve put extra thought into the Q&A – GetResponse can automatically recognize questions and mark them as such.

WebinarJam is also among the best webinar software in terms of audience interaction, but its Q&A tagging could be improved.

WebinarJam: Audience Interaction Tools


GetResponse: Interaction Tools


Video Engine & Tech Support

WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars video engines both have their one single flaw.

GetResponse could do better on the video quality. It’s not bad per se. But I found it to be slightly grainy at some points. There’s an SD/HD switch, but it doesn’t improve the quality at all. I’m not even sure if it works or not.

GetResponse webinar video quality
GetResponse webinar video quality

WebinarJam webcam video has a slightly better quality, but it has a 13-second lag for the webcam video. For example, if you launch a poll and at the same time say that you just launched a poll, your attendees will see it in 13 seconds. This is just something to keep in mind.

A unique feature for WebinarJam is the “Panic! Button”, which restarts the webinar room and reboots all the attendees, so it will eliminate any technical difficulties that may arise.

WJ panic button - reboot room
WebinarJam Host view: Pressing the Panic! button
WJ redirecting all attendees
WebinarJam Host view: Redirecting all attendees

How Should You Get Support?

GetResponse has an extremely fast customer support chat. I’ve contacted them on around 10 occasions and received a replay in under 2 minutes, every time.
Rest assured, all your questions will get a fast and comprehensive answer.

WebinarJam official support is not that fast. However, they have an extremely active Facebook Community with 40,000+ members. There are constant discussion on how to improve the webinar content and marketing tips to increase the registration conversion.

Winner for Video Engine & Tech Support: WebinarJam

In terms of webcam video quality, they’re quite equal – both have their minor flaws.

WebinarJam has built a brilliant “Panic! Button” feature, which can be a real lifesaver during your live webinar when you have dozens of attendees and you need an answer fast.

WebinarJam: Video Engine & Support


GetResponse: Video Engine & Support


Presentation Tools

WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars – which one has a better set of presentation tools?

First off, they’ve both done a great job here too. Its’ a difficult comparison in this aspect.

With both webinar software you can:

WebinarJam has a few unique features when it comes to presentation tools:

WebinarJam slide presentation controls for host
WebinarJam Host view: Injected slideshow presentation controls during live webinar session

GetResponse responds with their own unique features:

GetResponse whiteboard tools
GetResponse: A wide range of whiteboard drawing tools

Winner for the Presentation Tools: GetResponse

The presentation tools on GetResponse webinars are better for collaboration and sharing ideas. And a great presenter makes their attendees feel involved by creating a discussion. GetResponse presentation tools are better for doing that.

WebinarJam: Presentation Tools


GetResponse: Presentation Tools


Mobile Devices & Different Browsers

Both webinar platforms – WebinarJam and GetResponse support joining on any browser and on mobile devices without breaking a sweat.

But WebinarJam has solved it a bit better – everything looks more intact.

To even extend the mobile experience, WebinarJam allows you to send SMS text notifications as webinar reminders. So, your attendees can get the SMS and just join on their phones.

WebinarJam Android attendee Q&A
WebinarJam Android attendee - Q&A
WebinarJam Android polls
WebinarJam Polls on Android

GetResponse has a decent mobile experience as well, but there’s one annoying downside, in my opinion. The chat is separated and you have to hit a very narrow gray button on the right hand side to open it. My fingers are quite pointy and I still struggled.

Another slight downside was that the webinar video slightly blocks the poll, when launched.

GetResponse attendee view: Polls
GetResponse mobile attendee webcam and slides
GetResponse attendee view: Slides

Winner for Mobile Devices: WebinarJam

The webinar elements and features are placed in a more thoughtful way in WebinarJam.

The mobile experience just blends together and looks like it was intended to be this way.

GetResponse is also mobile responsive, but looks like the elements are kind of sewn together.

WebinarJam: Mobile Devices & Browsers


GetResponse: Mobile Devices & Browsers


Webinar Replay & Follow-up

WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars for replay – there’s a clear winner here.

WebinarJam has a very thoughtful replay experience – The Replica replay.

This give the replay attendees the experience of being in the live webinar. All the chats, polls, offers – every interaction is mimicked as they happened during the live webinar.

If replay attendees will ask their own questions, they’ll be emailed to you, so you can follow up with them.

WebinarJam webinar replay configuration
WebinarJam host view: Setting up the webinar replay

On GetResponse, the webinar replay is a video of the live webinar, which also records:

But they’re recorded as a part of the video, not as actual interactions in the live webinar room (like in WebinarJam).

But probably the most disappointing aspect of GetResponse is that there’s no integrated webinar follow-up. They won’t even host the webinar replay video.

You can download the webinar video and re-upload it to YouTube. Then send the YouTube link to your webinar attendees in the webinar follow-up email. But that takes a lot of work to create.

Winner for Webinar Replay: WebinarJam

WebinarJam is a clear winner here, because of their integrated webinar follow-up emails and because they host the webinar video, so your attendees can watch it on the WebinarJam platform.

Plus, they can interact with the polls, click on the offers. Basically, your marketing is effective, even during the replay

WebinarJam: Webinar Replay


GetResponse: Webinar Replay


Analytics & Data Exports

Another toughie between WebinarJam and GetResponse. Just because they both provide abundant data about the webinar funnel conversion rates, the emails and the webinar event itself.

For example, WebinarJam and GetResponse both have:

There are some unique features for WebinarJam, for example:

A downside for WebinarJam data export is that you can’t download the webinar video. You’d have to use a 3rd party tool for that.

WebinarJam webinar analytics
WebinarJam webinar analytics

In terms of analytics, the best feature on GetResponse is the webinar funnel dashboard. It already acts as an analytics tool, because you’ll see a very clear and concise overview of your entire webinar funnel conversions.  

The detailed webinar attendee analytics will be put on a comprehensive webinar report PDF.

Furthermore, there are some unique features on GetResponse as well, for example:

GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics
Example of GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics

Winner for Analytics & Data Exports: WebinarJam

They both track and give out webinar data in great detail.

The reason for WebinarJam won this round is because they actually took the time to design a comprehensive analytics section.

Whereas on GetResponse, you’d have to look for the data in the webinar funnel, under the webinar settings and in the webinar report PDF.

WebinarJam: Analytics & Exports


GetResponse: Analytics & Exports


Pricing & Trial

When it comes to pricing between WebinarJam vs GetResponse webinars, they both give out tons of bang-for-the-buck.

One major downside for WebinarJam is that it only offers yearly subscription plans.

But on GetResponse, webinars are not available with the cheapest (Basic) package.
You’d have to get at least the Professional package for hosting webinars.  

So, it’s fair to compare the yearly prices for the cheapest available plans where you can host webinars.

Winner for Pricing & Trial: GetResponse

As you can see, they’re both very similar in terms of pricing.

But GetResponse has a longer trial period (30 days) which gives you enough time to try out all the features, even the email marketing tools. Also, they’re a bit more flexible by offering monthly pricing plans.

WebinarJam: Pricing


GetResponse: Pricing


WebinarJam vs GetResponse Webinars: Conclusion

I recommend getting GetResponse if:

I recommend getting WebinarJam if: