10 Effective Methods to Skyrocket Your Webinar Sign-ups

One of the most popular online marketing strategies today is by hosting high-quality webinars consistently. 

Let’s see how you can maximize the benefits of webinars by increasing your webinar sign-ups

A webinar is an upgraded version of offline gathering/meeting where the host and audience can connect together through a video-conferencing platform.

However, what makes a webinar so interesting is not the explicit marketing commotion that people can identify at first glances, like commercials and other forms of marketing material. 

It’s the idea of presenting business ideas or introducing the latest products without being overly promotional.

Webinars are closely related to professional and educational terms that people can quickly associate a free webinar with additional knowledge or information

That being said, most marketers agree that using a webinar can help build brand awareness and potentially boost conversion rates as people are eager to join the video conference in the first place.

Speaking of the audience, getting them on board is quite challenging. 

Even when you offer free discourse with qualified speakers, few will sign up for your webinar.

Fret not. 

Here are a few tips you can do to increase your participants and get more webinar sign-ups.

1. Pick Interesting Topics

Topics are a crucial element when making a webinar as well as promoting your webinar after setting the date. 

If you propose a webinar title where little to no people (general audience) understand it, you will find it difficult to attract a large audience. 

Make sure to choose a topic that connects with your marketing intention and the audience’s interest.

For example, if you want to promote a language service, you can come up with a topic like ‘how to learn French within 8-week’ or something around that. 

People interested in learning French will be more intrigued to sign up for your webinar.

Webinar target audience statistics
Webinar target audience statistics

2. Make Videos to Increase Sign Ups

49% of B2B buyers engage with video content before buying. Another great way to increase webinar sign-ups is by using a video as a lead generator. This can be done by offering a free video in exchange for an email address or by creating a video that explains the benefits of your webinar and then providing a link to register.

For example, you could create an explainer video that explains what your webinar will be about and how it will benefit people. Then you could include a link in the description for people to register for your webinar. This will allow you to convert more traffic into leads and increase the number of people registering for your event.

3. Create an Inviting Webinar Description

When creating a webinar, marketers should always keep in mind that the webinar description should be inviting and intriguing. It should be descriptive enough for people to decide on whether or not they want to sign up for the webinar or not. 

A good webinar description is one that will make people say, “I have to join this!”. If a visitor has this feeling, then it it will definitely increase your webinar sign-ups. 

Posting a webinar topic alone isn’t enough to attract people to join your video conference. It’d be more appealing if you put more ‘WHY’ the audience should sign up for your webinar and explain the benefits they will earn by the end of the program.

Webinar description will make it different in your attendee numbers. It helps explain what the whole online seminar is about and how it answers the audience’s questions or problems.

4. Make It Easy to Register

It may sound simple, but making it easy for potential participants is one of the most overlooked factors during webinar promotion and production. A simple registration form with clear instructions can be very helpful in getting more people on board than you have expected in the first place.

Keep in mind that no matter how interesting a webinar topic is, the gate to a full attendance is from the registration. People with less experience in joining webinars or simply are not tech-savvy often find it difficult to fill a registration.

Unless you’re targeting a specific audience with an interest in tech or related, providing a QR code as a registration gate is a bad idea. You will lose a lot of webinar sign-ups this way. 

Not many people are used to scanning QR codes, and some may have the older version of mobile phones. Providing only one registration method can decrease the number of potential participants in your webinar.

Building a beautiful-looking and conversion-optimized webinar landing page is easy when you’re using the best webinar software platforms. This functionality is often included and easy to set up.

Demio Registration Page
Demio Registration Page

5. Keep the Promotions Going

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, don’t stop promoting your webinar. Make sure you keep up with the momentum by continuing to build your social media following and sharing more valuable information and resources.

These are effective ways to leverage social media to promote your virtual events. It will help you sustain interest in your webinar and get more people interested in signing up.

If it’s possible, you can opt for paid advertising to increase your reach. Advertising on social media helps you connect with a large audience beyond your reach.

6. Provide a Replay or Notes

A replay is an audio file or video recording of your webinar that allows attendees who could not attend live to catch up on what was discussed. You can upload this file to a platform such as YouTube or Facebook so that people can access it at their own convenience, at any time.

Webinar replays are also useful for attendees who missed your webinar altogether due to technical difficulties or other reasons. Use a webinar follow-up email to send the webinar recording link. 

Offering a replay session should make your webinar different from others. As you’d know, the actual number of attendees in your live webinar isn’t the same as the number of listed attendees. 

One of the common reasons is the unavailability to attend the webinar due to sudden events, which often upset the audience because they miss your presentation.

You can take this chance to improve your promotion by providing another replay session for those missing the actual date of webinars. This will attract more webinar sign-ups as they rest assured to get another chance to check on your material. 

If you’re looking to sell online courses or products during your webinar, the webinar replay could be another chance to close the sales

EasyWebinar replay
Timed offer launched during webinar replay

7. Offer an Uplifting Experience

The reason why many people hesitate to sign up for webinars is that they don’t know what to expect from the event itself. As such, it’s important that you make an effort to put them at ease by offering a solid explanation of why they should attend and what they can get from it.

You can share testimonials from your previous attendees on how they feel about your webinar. Testimonials work best if you want to target new audiences who barely know about your product or service. This is why it’s important to keep in touch with past participants as they will make a great social proof for your business.

8. Use an Effective Landing Page

An effective webinar landing page is essential to the success of your webinar. It will be where your attendees register and attend the event. A crucial component of getting webinar sign-ups. You can build a website using Unbounce or any other page builder. 

An effective landing page should include a brief description of the webinar and a CTA (call to action) for attendees to register.

The page should also include information about what they can expect during the webinar and give them the opportunity to ask questions if they have any before attending. Basically, if you make a social media promotion of your webinar, you’ll need a sales page where people can register right away by filling out the form.

If your landing page is interesting enough for people, they won’t give a second thought to joining your webinar. It’s advised to polish your page as enticing as possible by including visual aspects or elements, like a countdown timer, to give a sense of urgency to the visitors.

BigMarker Registration Page
BigMarker Registration Page

9. Give Incentives for Referrals

It is always recommended that you give incentives to those who invite their colleagues and friends. This works especially well if you are running a webinar series or if you have any additional products or services that you can offer as an incentive.

For example, you could offer a discount on your product or service to anyone who invites at least 5 of their friends to the webinar.

10. Use a Well-known Moderator

A webinar needs to have a moderator to ensure the event runs smoothly. This person should be familiar with the topic and be able to keep the discussion going while monitoring time and answering questions. Make sure you assign someone who is passionate about your webinar topic, as this will make it more effective. 

Well-known moderators are great because they are already famous in their field and most likely have a number of followers or people recognizing them. 

Besides high-quality speakers, many participants are also attracted to the moderator because they know how the expertise of this person when discussing a certain subject. 

If you have a guest joining, make sure to prepare questions to ask your guest speaker

Host moderating the chat room
Host moderating the chat room

Key Takeaways to Get More Webinar Sign-ups

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to promoting your webinar and maximizing your webinar sign-ups. 

The best way to promote your event depends on many factors, including what kind of topics you are offering to the audience, the benefits and knowledge attendees would get from attending your webinar. 

Use a professional webinar platform to achieve the best results.

Make sure to include the important thing that attracts your potential attendees aside from getting new knowledge from your online conference. 

One of the most popular takes is giving an incentive for those referring your webinars to others

Providing a reward system can also urge new audiences to take on the opportunity and not to miss such benefits simply by offering the webinar to their closest ones.

To achieve the best results with webinars, we recommend using a professional webinar platform

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Erkki Muuga

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