How To Host A High-Converting Virtual Recruitment Event

Virtual recruitment events are all the rage right now. Everyone’s doing them, but not everyone’s doing them right!

If you’re exploring the idea of hosting a virtual recruitment event for the first time, then you’re about to gain access to a global talent pool while streamlining the process of finding, hiring, and onboarding new employees

However, you’re also likely to encounter challenges and obstacles in creating the perfect event. You may even risk overlooking key considerations for lead-converting virtual recruitment events.

That’s why it’s worth having a solid understanding of hiring in a digital setting before beginning planning your event. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed introduction to hosting your own virtual events and outline our best-practice strategies for increasing conversion rates for these events.

An Introduction To Virtual Recruitment Events

The virtual recruitment event emerged as a pivotal solution in the contemporary job market, transforming the way companies seek out talent and candidates pursue career opportunities. 

They offer a dynamic and efficient alternative to traditional hiring practices, leveraging technology to efface geographical barriers between employers and job seekers.

Virtual recruitment is the new preference
Virtual recruitment is the new preference

By understanding what these events are and how they work, employers can reach more potential employees, sift through candidates quicker, and increase the likelihood of securing top talent.

What Are Virtual Recruitment Events?

Virtual recruitment events are online platforms or gatherings where employers and job seekers come together to explore job opportunities, network, and engage in recruitment-related activities

The key difference to traditional in-person career fairs or hiring events is that virtual recruitment events take place entirely online. Leveraging digital tools and video-call technologies, they facilitate interactions between employers and candidates in a virtual environment.

The best part is, you can use them at any point during your recruitment funnel, from the initial Awareness stage to the Hiring stage.

How Do Virtual Recruitment Events Work?

A virtual recruitment event operates through specialized platforms or software that simulate the experience of an in-person event in a digital environment. These platforms typically offer a variety of features like virtual booths, chat rooms, presentation spaces, and tools for scheduling interviews or one-on-one meetings.

On these platforms, employers create virtual booths or profiles where they can list job openings, showcase company culture, and post other relevant information. 

Job seekers then explore these booths, interact with company representatives, and submit their applications for vacancies directly through the platform. 

In addition to real-time interactions, virtual recruitment events may also include pre-recorded presentations, videos, or other informational materials. These extra materials are especially important when hiring from international talent pools, as they allow candidates to engage with event content asynchronously, accommodating different schedules and time zones.

What Are The Different Types Of Virtual Recruitment Events?

As mentioned, virtual recruitment events encompass a variety of formats and structures, each suited for different purposes and needs. Here are some common types of virtual recruitment events:

What Are The Benefits Of Hosting Virtual Recruitment Events?

The main reason you need to know how to host virtual recruitment events is because of their ever-increasing popularity. They are quickly becoming the standard method of recruitment and companies neglecting these opportunities are missing out on top talent.

Global Online Recruitment Market 2022-2032
Global Online Recruitment Market 2022-2032

However, there’s also a few reasons you should be excited to start hosting virtual recruitment events. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect when you do:

Virtual Events Statistics
Virtual Events Statistics

What Are The Strategies For Effective Virtual Recruiting?

In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, virtual events have emerged as indispensable tools for connecting employers with top talent. To ensure the success of these events, employing effective strategies is paramount. 

Here are some of the key strategies you’ll want to employ when hosting your own virtual recruitment event:

Choose The Right Virtual Platform For Your Needs

Lagging calls, lost connections, and counter-intuitive interfaces can cause big problems in your search for new talent. Finding the right video-calling platforms and the best webinar software is instrumental to the success of virtual recruitment events.

You’ll also want to choose virtual recruitment platforms with interactive features specific to your needs. For example, you might place more value on asynchronous multimedia content or interactive elements like Q&A sessions and questionnaires. 

By creating an immersive and dynamic virtual environment, you can set the right tone for your events and avoid the biggest obstacles to virtual recruitment event success. 

One more thing: if you’re planning a large-scale virtual recruitment event, it’s well worth investing in a proper applicant tracking system.

Who Uses Applicant Tracking Systems
Who Uses Applicant Tracking Systems

Customize Your Presence

If you’ve chosen a platform that allows full customization, make sure your virtual booths include key branding elements, such as company colors and logos. Tie this in with the design of any presentations you make as part of the event, not forgetting your registration page.

Add an eye-catching CTA button at the end of the presentation (and in your promotional emails) to send attendees directly to the application form. You should also customize the form if possible, again using company branding, and include questions that are relevant to the role and the organization’s values.

Personalize Engagement

Fostering a sense of connection and engagement will have a significant impact on conversion rates for your virtual recruitment event. So, whenever possible, tailor your interactions with candidates

Use candidates’ names during conversations, reference specific aspects of their resumes, and personalize your messaging to address their individual career goals or interests. Showing this genuine interest in getting to know candidates and will make them more keen to join your organization.

Offer Multiple Engagement Opportunities

As we mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of virtual recruitment is the increased flexibility for candidates. With that in mind, virtual recruitment events should comfortably cater to different preferences and communication styles and accommodate any disability or accessibility requirements. 

Provide a variety of engagement opportunities, including one-on-one chats, group discussions, informational webinars, and networking sessions. Recording webinars also increases accessibility for candidates, allowing them to engage with events asynchronously. 

Allowing candidates to choose the format that best suits them ensures they have ample opportunities to connect with you and showcase their strengths and experience, and will have a significant impact on conversions too.

Promote Your Event

There’s no point planning the perfect virtual recruitment event if no one turns up. Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy is vital for promoting webinars and other virtual recruitment events effectively. 

Understanding the target audience’s demographics, interests, and preferences is key to tailoring messaging and outreach efforts. Knowing your target audience will help work out which social media platforms and recruitment channels to prioritize to raise awareness and generate interest.

What candidates use in job search
What candidates use in job search

Streamline Application Processes

You want to make it as easy as possible for candidates to attend your events. Simplifying the application process is one of the best ways to minimize barriers for candidates

To do this, integrate online application forms directly into the virtual recruitment platform, allowing candidates to easily submit their resumes and relevant documents with just a few clicks. Then, provide clear instructions on how to navigate the application process and address any technical issues that may arise promptly to ensure a seamless experience for candidates.

Virtual Recruitment Event Best Practices

Here are some tips for hosting successful events as part of your virtual recruitment strategy.

Ensure a Smooth Experience

For a professional event experience, test all technology beforehand and make sure the hosts and speakers know how to use them. Issue clear instructions to attendees on how to log in and participate, and have a backup plan in case any technical issues occur during the event. 

It’s important that your presentations, webinars, or workshops don’t overrun—you don’t want people’s attention to wander. A clear agenda with time estimates will help you keep things concise. List the main concepts and activities, and share it with participants and speakers ahead of time. Remember to leave time for questions if it’s a live event.

Record The Event

It’s handy to have a recording of the event for various reasons. 

You can send it to anyone who couldn’t attend, plus participants can watch it again if they missed anything due to technical issues at their end. It also helps you to review the event and identify possible improvements. 

What’s more, it’s prime content marketing material. You can turn event content into a blog or social media post or add the questions people asked to your FAQs.

Follow Up Promptly

Interest drop-off can be a real conversion killer in the virtual recruitment process. To mitigate this, follow up with candidates after events to express appreciation for their participation and interest in your organization. 

This is a valuable opportunity to provide feedback on their applications or interview performance, if applicable, and clearly communicate next steps in the recruitment process. Maintaining regular communication with candidates throughout the hiring process helps to keep them informed and engaged, boosting the event’s conversion rates.

Use Analytics And Feedback

You can gauge the success of your event by using analytics, such as tracking demographics and ROI.

It’s also a good idea to ask for feedback on how applicants found the experience. This way, you can measure engagement and iterate the process for future events. Don’t forget to ask your guest speakers—and any current employees involved—for their input.

Key Takeaways for Hosting Virtual Recruitment Events

Hosting a successful virtual recruitment event hinges on strategic planning, clear communication, and engaging interactions

By leveraging the right platforms and strategies, you can attract top talent and drive meaningful connections. 

With these strategies in place, you can host a high-converting event that leaves a lasting impression on candidates and sets the stage for long-term success for your organization.

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