Sudowrite Review: AI Novel Writing Co-Pilot for Authors or Hype?

Dive into this SudoWrite review to make an informed choice about enhancing your writing with AI. 

As you unravel each section, consider how SudoWrite could be the ally you need in your writing endeavors. 

This isn’t just another review; it’s a crucial piece of your decision-making puzzle, crafted to help you weigh the benefits of welcoming an AI companion into your creative process. 

Will SudoWrite be the tool that transforms your writing? 

Let’s find out.

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What is Sudowrite?

SudoWrite is an AI-driven writing assistant designed to enhance fiction writing. It offers innovative features like a Chapter Generator, diverse AI models for varied writing styles, and a Feedback tool capable of analyzing extensive text.

What is Sudowrite
What is Sudowrite

The platform also includes customizable Plugins, adding versatility to your writing process. Tailored for different writer needs, SudoWrite’s credit-based subscription system ensures flexibility and value across its varied plans. 

Whether you’re a budding writer or a seasoned author, SudoWrite is one of the best AI novel writing software that streamlines and enriches your creative journey.

Who is Sudowrite For?

SudoWrite is crafted for a diverse range of writers looking to harness AI in their creative process. Whether you’re a novice exploring short stories or a professional crafting novels, SudoWrite’s toolkit adapts to your unique style. It’s perfect for:

Who is Sudowrite For
Who is Sudowrite For

With SudoWrite, you can break creative barriers, refine your craft, and discover new storytelling possibilities.

Key Features of SudoWrite

Step into the realm of SudoWrite, where key features are designed to elevate your writing from good to unforgettable

Each tool is a stepping stone to finer storytelling, whether you’re sculpting the perfect sentence with AI Rewrite, painting vivid imagery with Describe, or seeking the ultimate narrative path with AI Write. 

Let’s dive into these features that stand ready to transform your written word into a masterpiece.

AI Models

The ability to choose an AI Model stands out as a game changer for writers like you. You now have access to a range of models including Balanced, Most Accurate, Best Prose, Unfiltered, and Fastest, each designed to cater to different writing needs.

Sudowrite AI Models
Sudowrite AI Models

The unfiltered models are particularly exciting for fiction writers, offering unrestricted creativity in your storytelling. These new experimental models, available in the Chapter Generator, bring fresh perspectives as they are less sanitized compared to traditional models. 

Plus, with the new credit system, these advanced options are more affordable, with some even being free. This flexibility allows you to choose the perfect model for your writing style in the Write feature.

AI Write

SudoWrite’s AI Write feature is like having a co-author who’s in tune with your story’s heartbeat. It detects the existing text and context, understanding the nuances of your narrative. 

Sudowrite AI Write
Sudowrite AI Write

As you use this feature, it analyzes the previous text, seamlessly picking up where you left off, ready to expand your story with coherent and creative continuations. 

It’s the perfect companion for those moments when you’re looking for just the right words to carry your plot forward, ensuring that the AI’s contributions blend smoothly with your unique storytelling voice.

SudoWrite’s AI Write offers three distinct modes to enrich your writing experience:

Sudowrite AI Write Modes
Sudowrite AI Write Modes

These modes are your tools to fine-tune the voice, pace, and style, allowing your words to resonate with the exact feeling you want to convey. With SudoWrite, you have the power to bring your stories to life in ways you’ve always imagined.


AI Rewrite, a standout feature of SudoWrite, is your personal editing wizard. It’s designed to refine and vary your writing by offering multiple alternatives for any segment of text. Now, with the flexibility to choose up to six different rewrites, you can explore a spectrum of stylistic and tonal choices. 

This tool reimagines your sentences, ensuring they align with your narrative’s voice and direction, giving you the power to select the best fit from a rich array of options

With AI Rewrite, enhancing your manuscript is as simple as clicking a button and watching the magic unfold.

Sudowrite Rewrite
Sudowrite Rewrite


SudoWrite’s “Describe” feature is your literary paintbrush, adding color and texture to the objects in your story. Pick out any item from your narrative canvas, and this feature will drape it in descriptive prose. 

It doesn’t just tell what’s there—it invokes the five senses, making your reader feel the smoothness of silk or the jagged edges of a broken glass. It’s all about turning the mundane into the magnificent, giving your writing that vivid quality that keeps readers hooked and immersed in the sensory details of your world. 

It’s all about adding layers to your story, inviting your readers to not just read, but to feel, smell, hear, and see your world through vibrant, sensory-rich descriptions.

Sudowrite Describe
Sudowrite Describe

Brainstorming with Sudowrite

Brainstorming with SudoWrite feels like unlocking a treasure chest of ideas for your writing. You get to shape rich dialogues that feel as real as conversations over coffee. 

Watch your characters grow from shadows into people you’d swear you’ve met. Build worlds that readers can almost walk through. Twist your plots with turns that will keep everyone guessing. 

It’s all there at your fingertips, ready to turn that spark of an idea into a firestorm of creativity.

Here’s what you can explore:

Sudowrite Brainstorm
Sudowrite Brainstorm

Sudowrite Plugins

Embark on a journey of enhanced creativity with SudoWrite’s eclectic mix of plugins. This section showcases a curated selection of tools that promise to enrich every aspect of your storytelling. 

From refining plot twists to deepening character arcs, the featured plugins are specially designed to elevate your writing. There’s a universe of options available, and they’re all at your disposal to explore and integrate into your writing workflow.

Shrink Ray (Beta)

Shrink Ray, a neat plugin from SudoWrite, is like your personal editorial assistant. It’s designed to take your full-length draft and distill it into the essence of what your story is about. Whether you need a catchy logline, a back-cover blurb, an in-depth synopsis, or a clear outline, Shrink Ray has you covered. 

It’s perfect for getting to the heart of your narrative and preparing your work for pitches, presentations, or just giving it that polished edge. Plus, it’s smart about your credits, only using what’s necessary to transform your prose.

Sudowrite Shrink Ray
Sudowrite Shrink Ray


Twist is the SudoWrite plugin that’s like a secret passageway for your story. It’s here to nudge your narrative into alleys you never saw on the map. Just select your genre, give a snapshot of your tale, maybe a hint of your characters, and hit Submit. 

Then, watch as Twist serves up fresh, unexpected turns, making your story stand out. It’s like having a compass that points to true north and then some, ensuring your writing journey is anything but predictable.

Sudowrite Twist
Sudowrite Twist


Characters in SudoWrite brings your cast to life. Pop in a few names and traits of your characters, and like a backstage crew, it whips up new faces to populate your story’s world. It’s not just about filling in spaces; it’s about creating beings that breathe, desire, and dream

You can even venture beyond people to places and potions, crafting a universe brimming with detail and wonder. Each character comes out ready to play their part on the stage you set.

Sudowrite Character Generator
Sudowrite Character Generator


The “Poem” plugin in SudoWrite is your canvas for creating contemporary free verse poetry. Just choose a topic, maybe a title, and if you like, seed it with a line or two. Then, let the magic happen. 

Remember, crafting poetry is a delicate process, so give it those few seconds to stir up the words. It’s not about rhymes or predictable rhythms; it’s about the free flow of words painting your thoughts. So, steer clear from repetition and let your creativity roam free with “Poem.”

Sudowrite Poem Generator
Sudowrite Poem Generator


Visualize in SudoWrite is like a sketch artist for your words. Pick at least ten sentences from your story and watch as it crafts an image that captures the essence of your text

It’s a window into the world you’re weaving, turning your descriptions into visuals that can inspire and refine your writing vision. With Visualize, see your words leap off the page and come to life in vivid detail.

Sudowrite Visualize
Sudowrite Visualize

The Plugin Store

The Plugin Store in SudoWrite is your go-to hub for boosting your writing process. Here, you’ll find a wide range of plugins, from refining your beats to bringing characters to life. Each plugin is like a new superpower for your storytelling arsenal. 

And if you’re feeling inventive, you can even create and add your own plugin to the mix. It’s all about customizing your writing experience to fit your unique style and needs.

Sudowrite Plugin Store
Sudowrite Plugin Store

Support and Customer Service

SudoWrite’s customer service team is pretty hands-on, ready to guide you through any issues with a helpful spirit. They typically get back to you in under five hours, which is decent, though instant support would be the cherry on top. A couple of things to note:

These points aside, the team does a solid job at being there for you when you need them.

Sudowrite Updated Pricing

Stepping into SudoWrite’s updated pricing, let’s explore how each tier is crafted to support your writing journey:

Sudowrite Pricing
Sudowrite Pricing

Each tier is a testament to SudoWrite’s commitment to nurturing all levels of writing aspirations, from curious beginners to full-fledged authors.

Free Trial

Embark on your SudoWrite journey with the free trial, offering a generous 10,000 credits to try every feature. There’s no need for a credit card, and you can cancel anytime, ensuring a commitment-free experience. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to see how SudoWrite’s unique AI models and the dynamic Plugin Store can elevate your writing, all without any strings attached. This trial is your gateway to exploring the full potential of SudoWrite at your own pace.

How Does the Credit System Work?

SudoWrite’s credit system is your key to unlocking its features, and it’s designed with flexibility in mind. Credits are the currency of the realm here, but they don’t match up one-to-one with AI words. 

Think of them as arcade tokens. Some features are like the air hockey table, needing more credits, while others are like a classic game of Pac-Man, just needing a few to get going.

Sudowrite Estimated Credit Cost Per Feature
Sudowrite Estimated Credit Cost Per Feature

The value you get per credit varies, depending on whether you’re describing a scene, writing, rewriting, generating an outline, or creating a whole new chapter. Each feature consumes a different amount of credits, giving you the control to use them where they count the most for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on this Sudowrite Review

Navigating through this Sudowrite review, you might have questions popping up about how it all works. Here are three common questions you might be wondering about:

How does Sudowrite handle different writing styles?

Sudowrite’s AI is like a chameleon, easily adapting to the unique flair of your writing, whether it’s the intricate world-building of fantasy or the sharp dialogue of a modern thriller. The tool aligns with your genre-specific nuances, enhancing your writing rather than overshadowing your voice.

Can I use Sudowrite for my screenplay?

For screenwriters, Sudowrite is a valuable ally, offering features that can bring your script’s dialogue and characters to life with depth and authenticity. It’s like having a script consultant on demand, one who helps you refine each line for that blockbuster impact.

Does Sudowrite support multiple languages?

Writers from around the globe can rejoice, as Sudowrite isn’t just monolingual. It supports multiple languages, making it an international writer’s aid. 

This means you can craft your prose in various languages and still benefit from all the nuanced help Sudowrite offers. Whether you’re writing in Spanish, crafting in French, or storytelling in German, Sudowrite breaks the language barrier, helping to bring your global tales to life.

Key Takeaways from the Sudowrite Review

SudoWrite is an AI-powered writing companion that’s revolutionizing the way writers craft their stories. With its updated credit-based pricing system, it offers plans tailored to every writer’s needs, from beginners to professionals. 

The Plugin Store is a treasure trove, offering a variety of tools for narrative enhancement, character development, and more, with the flexibility to create your own plugin. 

As you dive into your next writing project, SudoWrite stands ready to help you refine your craft, whether you’re penning a novel, a screenplay, or nonfiction. It’s an exciting time to be a writer with such technology at your fingertips.

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