Substack Review: Can it Replace Your Email Marketing Platform?

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What is Substack?

Substack is a platform that allows you to publish and distribute newsletters easily. It’s a place where writers can build a subscriber base and share their content directly with readers. 

It is a user-friendly tool designed for creators. Substack offers features like custom domains and easy-to-use templates. You can start writing on Substack without worrying about technical details. It’s perfect for blogging, sharing updates, or even launching a podcast.

Substack landing page
Substack landing page

Substack is free for writers to start using. You can sell your content through a paid subscription model, allowing readers to subscribe for exclusive access. When readers purchase a paid subscription, Substack charges a small fee for the platform. 

This setup helps you monetize your work effectively, making Substack great for anyone looking to share their voice with the world.

Substack Features and Usability

Substack offers a range of features designed to enhance your content creation and distribution experience. From easy newsletter creation to flexible subscription options, Substack makes it simple to connect with your audience. 

Let’s explore the key features and usability aspects that make Substack a powerful tool for writers and creators.

Easy Newsletter

Creating a newsletter on Substack is a breeze. You can easily write articles and add visuals like images, thanks to its rich text editor. You can style your texts with different fonts and colors, making your content engaging and visually appealing.

Substack post editor
Substack post editor

Once you publish the article, it will be posted into your Substack publication and sent as an email newsletter to your subscribers. You also have the option not to send it via email if you prefer. 

This flexibility and ease of use make Substack a great choice for anyone looking to share their voice and connect with their audience.

Subscription Options

Substack offers flexible subscription options that let you tailor your publication to your needs. You can keep your posts and media free with a free publication, allowing everyone to access your content. 

If you’re looking to monetize your work, you can implement a paid subscription model. This means readers need to subscribe before they can access your premium content. You can set different pledge amounts for monthly, yearly, and founding subscriptions.

Substack payment settings
Substack payment settings

Plus, you still have the option to publish free content alongside your paid offerings. This flexibility makes it easy to attract a wide audience while generating income from your dedicated readers.

Custom Domains

Substack allows you to enhance your branding by using custom domains. You can connect your own domain to your Substack publication, giving it a professional and personalized touch

Adding a custom domain will cost you a one-time fee of $50, separate from your domain registration fee on your domain registrar. This feature makes it easy to maintain a consistent brand identity across all your online platforms. 

Using a custom domain also improves your visibility and credibility, making it easier for readers to find and trust your content.

Substack domain settings
Substack domain settings

Subscriber Management

Substack makes subscriber management easy and efficient. You can import and manage your subscribers directly from the platform. You can add contacts to groups or change their subscription types with just a few clicks. 

The subscriber analytics provides valuable insights into your audience, helping you track growth and engagement.

Substack subscriber analytics
Substack subscriber analytics

You can also embed a sign-up form into your website to grow your subscriber base. However, note that the customization options for the sign-up form are limited. This streamlined approach to subscriber management allows you to focus on creating quality content while effectively maintaining your audience.


Substack provides comprehensive analytics to help you understand how your newsletter is performing. You can track the performance of your content and monitor traffic directly on the platform.

Substack Traffic Stats
Substack Traffic Stats

This includes detailed email stats, showing delivery rates, open rates, and engagement metrics. You can see where your views are coming from and how your audience interacts with your posts.

Substack Email Stats
Substack Email Stats

This data helps you optimize your content strategy and improve your engagement with subscribers. With Substack’s analytics, you have all the information you need to make informed decisions and grow your readership effectively.

Podcast Hosting

Substack makes podcast hosting simple and accessible. You can easily start a podcast channel for free, giving you a platform to share your audio content with your audience. You can even distribute your podcasts across different platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Substack Podcast
Substack Podcast

Just like with the newsletter, you have the option to create paid content, allowing subscribers to choose a paid subscription for exclusive episodes. 

The podcast editor is user-friendly and similar to the newsletter editor, making it easy to use even if you’re new to podcasting. You can upload your recorded podcasts or record new ones directly on the platform.

Substack Podcast post editor
Substack Podcast post editor

This seamless integration allows you to diversify your content and reach your audience through multiple formats, enhancing both your engagement and monetization opportunities. With Substack, expanding your reach with podcasts is straightforward and effective.

Substack Use Cases

Substack offers a range of use cases for both writers and readers, making it a versatile platform for content creation and consumption. Let’s explore how Substack can benefit both creators and their audiences.

Substack for Writers

Substack offers versatile use cases for writers, making it a valuable platform for various types of content. You can utilize Substack to build and monetize your audience, whether you’re focusing on informational blogging, marketing newsletters, or sales podcasts

It provides an easy-to-use interface and flexible monetization options, allowing you to concentrate on your craft. Here are some specific use cases for writers on Substack:

These use cases make Substack a powerful tool for writers looking to expand their reach and generate income from their work.

Substack for Readers

Substack offers numerous benefits for readers, making it a valuable platform for discovering and engaging with content. Here are some specific use cases for readers on Substack:

These use cases make Substack a fantastic tool for readers looking to enrich their knowledge and stay connected with their favorite content creators.

Pros and Cons of Substack

Substack is a powerful platform with many advantages, but it’s essential to consider both the pros and cons before diving in. It offers numerous features for writers and readers, making it a versatile tool for content creation and consumption. 

However, there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons of Substack:

Pros of Substack

Substack provides numerous advantages for writers and creators, making it an attractive platform for content creation and distribution. Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy with Substack:

Overall, Substack offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that can help you grow your audience and monetize your content effectively. Whether you’re a writer, podcaster, or educator, Substack provides a robust platform to support your creative endeavors.

Cons of Substack

While Substack offers many benefits, it’s also important to consider some of its limitations. Here are some of the cons associated with using Substack:

Understanding these drawbacks can help you better navigate the platform and make informed decisions about how to maximize your success on Substack. While it has its challenges, the benefits can outweigh the cons if you strategically approach your content creation and audience engagement.

Who is Substack For?

Substack is a versatile platform ideal for a wide range of creators. Whether you’re a writer, journalist, blogger, or podcaster, Substack offers tools to share your content and engage with your audience. 

It’s perfect for anyone looking to monetize their writing or build a community around their work. You can easily start for free and expand your reach with paid subscriptions. Here’s who Substack is for:


Substack is a fantastic platform for writers looking to share essays, articles, and stories. You can connect with your readers directly and build a loyal following. The platform’s easy-to-use interface allows you to focus on your writing without worrying about technical details. 

You can share a variety of content, from personal reflections to in-depth analysis, making it an ideal space for writers of all kinds.


For journalists, Substack offers a space to report news and provide in-depth analysis. You can bypass traditional media gatekeepers and reach your audience directly. This freedom allows for more authentic and personalized reporting.

Whether you’re covering local news or global issues, Substack enables you to deliver timely and impactful journalism that resonates with your readers.


Bloggers can benefit greatly from Substack by publishing regular blog posts and updates. The platform supports multimedia content, making it easy to enhance your posts with images, videos, and links. 

You can also monetize your blog through paid subscriptions, allowing you to turn your passion into a sustainable income stream. Substack’s analytics tools help you understand your audience and refine your content strategy.


Substack is not just for written content; it’s also an excellent platform for podcasters. You can host and distribute your podcasts, reaching your audience in a new format. 

Substack’s tools make it easy to manage and promote your podcast episodes. You can also offer exclusive episodes to paying subscribers, creating additional revenue streams and rewarding your most loyal listeners.

Fiction Writers

Fiction writers can use Substack to serialize stories and novels. This format keeps readers engaged and coming back for more. You can release chapters on a schedule, building anticipation and a dedicated readership.

Whether you’re writing a thriller, romance, or science fiction, Substack provides a platform to showcase your creativity and build a fan base.


Educators can create and share tutorials, lessons, and guides on Substack. The platform allows you to reach students and learners directly, offering valuable educational content. You can also monetize your lessons through paid subscriptions. 

This makes Substack an excellent tool for teachers, trainers, and experts looking to share their knowledge and generate income.

Niche Experts

If you’re an expert in a specific field, Substack helps you build a dedicated audience around your interests. Share your insights, tips, and knowledge with people who are eager to learn from you. The platform’s flexibility allows you to tailor your content to your niche audience. 

Whether you’re into technology, health, finance, or any other specialized area, Substack lets you connect with like-minded individuals and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Substack Pricing and Costs

Substack makes it easy and affordable for you to start sharing your content. It’s free to start writing, making it accessible to everyone. If you choose to keep your publication free, there is no platform fee; you can continue using Substack absolutely for free.

However, if you decide to monetize your content with paid subscriptions, Substack charges a platform fee of 10% for each successful payment. This fee structure allows you to start for free and scale your earnings as your audience grows, making Substack a flexible and cost-effective choice for content creators.

Frequently Asked Questions on this Substack Review

In this Substack review, we’ve covered a lot, but you might still have some questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you understand Substack better.

Can anyone start a Substack?

Yes, anyone can start a Substack. It’s designed to be user-friendly, so you don’t need any technical skills. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, Substack makes it easy to create and share your content.

You can sign up for free and start publishing right away. The platform provides simple tools and an intuitive interface, allowing you to focus on your writing without worrying about the technical aspects of setting up a website or managing a blog.

How does Substack handle payment processing?

Substack handles all payment processing through Stripe. When you set up paid subscriptions, your readers can easily subscribe using their credit cards. Substack automatically manages the payments and transfers the earnings to your bank account. 

This seamless process ensures that you can focus on creating content while Substack takes care of the financial details. The integration with Stripe also ensures that payments are secure and reliable, providing peace of mind for both you and your subscribers.

Does Substack offer support for content creators?

Yes, Substack offers robust support for content creators. There are detailed guides and FAQs on the Substack website to help you get started and troubleshoot any issues. Additionally, Substack provides a support team that you can contact for personalized assistance. 

This support ensures that you have the resources you need to succeed on the platform. Whether you need help with technical issues, understanding analytics, or optimizing your content strategy, Substack’s support team is there to assist you every step of the way.

Key Takeaways From This Substack Review

In this Substack review, we’ve explored whether Substack can replace your current email marketing platform. We delved into its user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to start publishing without technical skills. 

Substack is free to start, with platform fees applying only when you monetize your content through paid subscriptions.

We highlighted the pros, such as straightforward content creation, direct audience engagement, versatile content formats, custom domains, and comprehensive analytics. 

However, there are some cons, including limited customization, platform fees, dependency on email deliverability, and a competitive market.

Overall, Substack stands out for its ease of use, flexible monetization options, and direct engagement with your audience. It’s a powerful tool for sharing your voice, building a community, and generating income from your content. 

Substack can indeed replace your email marketing platform, offering additional useful features for creators

However, if you are mainly in sales and marketing, you might find it lacks marketing features essential to your business. In that case, a specialized email marketing tool is what you need.

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