25 Best Sales Podcasts: How Top Sales Reps Skill Up in 2024

Step into the world of sales mastery with this indispensable guide to sales podcasts. 

This article is more than just a list; it’s your secret weapon in the competitive sales arena, meticulously curated to connect you with the wisdom of sales gurus and industry disruptors

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What Are Sales Podcasts?

Sales podcasts are dynamic audio resources offering expert insights and strategies for enhancing your sales skills, now also available in video formats for a more engaging experience.

What Are Sales Podcasts
What Are Sales Podcasts

They cater to a broad audience, from beginners to seasoned professionals exploring different selling podcast themes. These podcasts, ranging from tech sales discussions to B2B sales podcasts, provide a unique blend of wisdom from famous sales trainers and practical sales tips and tricks from experienced sales reps. 

They continue to be an essential tool for salespeople eager to excel, following their recent surge in popularity. Whether you’re commuting or working out, tuning into sales podcasts is like having a personal coach in your ear, guiding you to become a top sales performer.

Audio vs Video Podcast

In the world of podcasts, you’ve got two great choices: audio and video. 

Audio podcasts are perfect for multitasking; listen while you’re on the move, whether you’re hitting the gym or commuting. They’re like having a personal soundtrack of knowledge, with episodes from the best sales podcasts Spotify has to offer, fitting seamlessly into your busy life. 

On the flip side, video podcasts add a visual element that brings content to life. Imagine seeing your favorite sales trainers in action, making it feel like a more interactive experience. These are great for visual learners who thrive in video format, giving you insights not just through words but also through expressions and gestures. 

Whether it’s a tech sales podcast or a sales leadership podcast, the choice between audio and video depends on what suits your style and schedule. Just plug in, tune in, and watch your sales skills soar.

The Role of Podcasts in Sales Training

Podcasts have become a game-changer in sales training, offering a convenient way for you to learn and grow. Picture yourself soaking up knowledge from the best sales podcasts, whether you’re at home or on the go. 

They cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, with topics ranging from B2B sales to tech. These podcasts turn your commute or workout into a productive learning session, filled with insights from experienced sales professionals. 

They’re not just about techniques but also cover mindset and strategy, keeping you updated with the latest in sales. With podcasts, your journey in sales is continuous and ever-evolving, keeping you at the top of your game.

Best Sales Podcasts for Beginners

Starting your journey in sales? Dive into these handpicked podcasts perfect for beginners. They’re not just packed with essential sales knowledge but are also engaging and easy to follow. 

Covering everything from basic strategies to insights on sales psychology, these podcasts are your ideal companions as you embark on your sales career. Get ready to learn from the best in the business and kickstart your path to becoming a successful salesperson.

The Sales Evangelist (Host: Donald Kelly)

For beginners in sales, “The Sales Evangelist” is an ideal launchpad. Host Donald Kelly offers an engaging platform where sales leaders and entrepreneurs share their journeys, struggles, and triumphs. This podcast provides a rich blend of storytelling and practical advice, making complex sales concepts accessible to newcomers. 

It’s like having a mentor who brings together a community of experts, offering guidance on everything from sales prospecting to closing deals. Each episode is a learning opportunity, ensuring you’re not just listening, but evolving as a sales professional.

The Sales Evangelist Podcast on Spotify
The Sales Evangelist Podcast on Spotify

Selling Made Simple and Salesman Podcast (Host: Salesman.com)

Starting in sales? “Selling Made Simple” and the “Salesman Podcast” from Salesman.com are ideal starters. They break down the sales process into clear, actionable steps, covering everything from pitch crafting to negotiation skills. 

Each episode is filled with expert advice and practical tips, giving you the tools to confidently close deals. Tune in to fast-track your sales skill development with insights from leading sales professionals.

Selling Made Simple and Salesman Podcast on Spotify
Selling Made Simple and Salesman Podcast on Spotify

Sales Strategy & Enablement (By Revenue.io)

Hosts Howard Brown and Alastair Woolcock take you on a deeper exploration of sales in “Sales Strategy & Enablement.” This podcast is a goldmine of information on the nuances of sales enablement and the psychological aspects of selling. It’s particularly beneficial for those who are keen to understand the strategic side of sales. 

The hosts engage in insightful conversations with industry leaders, offering a blend of theory and practice. This is where you learn not just how to sell, but how to think like a salesperson, making it a valuable resource for anyone serious about mastering sales.

Sales Strategy & Enablement Podcast o YouTube
Sales Strategy & Enablement Podcast o YouTube

30 Minutes to President’s Club (Hosts: Nick Cegelski, Armand Farrokh)

“30 Minutes to President’s Club,” hosted by Nick Cegelski and Armand Farrokh, is a power-packed podcast for ambitious sales reps. This show is all about actionable tactics that can catapult your sales performance. Each episode is a mix of practical advice and inspiring stories from those who’ve excelled in the field. 

The hosts focus on real-world tactics that can be immediately implemented, from effective prospecting to closing techniques. It’s an ideal podcast for those who are not just looking to learn but are eager to apply these learnings to smash their sales targets.

30 Minutes to President’s Club on Apple Podcast
30 Minutes to President’s Club on Apple Podcast

The Failure Factor (Host: Megan Bruneau)

Megan Bruneau’s “The Failure Factor” takes a unique and refreshing approach to sales training. This podcast stands out by highlighting the importance of failures in the journey to sales success. It’s an honest conversation about the setbacks and challenges that even the most successful salespeople face. 

The show offers a blend of storytelling and expert advice, showing listeners how to learn from failures and turn them into stepping stones for success. It’s especially encouraging for beginners who might be intimidated by the ups and downs of a sales career, providing a perspective that fosters resilience and growth.

The Failure Factor Podcast on Spotify
The Failure Factor Podcast on Spotify

Best Sales Podcasts for Team Leaders

For team leaders in the sales arena, staying informed and inspired is key. This selection of top sales podcasts caters specifically to your needs as a leader. They cover a range of topics essential for effective sales leadership, including advanced prospecting, team management, and sales psychology

Each podcast offers valuable insights and strategies, making them ideal resources for enhancing your leadership skills and driving team success. These are your go-to guides for leading your sales team with confidence and innovation.

The Sales Engagement Podcast (Hosted by the Outreach.io team)

For team leaders looking to enhance their team’s performance, “The Sales Engagement Podcast” is a valuable resource. Hosted by the Outreach.io team, this podcast dives deep into the art of prospecting and mastering conversion strategies

It’s particularly beneficial for sales development reps aiming to boost their skills in engaging and converting leads. The episodes are filled with practical tips and insights from experienced sales professionals, making it an ideal learning tool for any team leader focused on driving sales efficiency and effectiveness.

The Sales Engagement Podcast on SoundCloud
The Sales Engagement Podcast on SoundCloud

Sales Gravy (Host: Jeb Blount)

“Sales Gravy” with Jeb Blount is more than just a podcast; it’s a comprehensive guide for sales team leaders. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, including advanced sales management techniques and the importance of emotional intelligence in the sales process, Jeb brings his extensive experience to the table. 

Each episode is designed to provide actionable advice that can help you improve team dynamics, enhance sales performance, and develop a deeper understanding of what drives sales success.

Sales Gravy Podcast on Spotify
Sales Gravy Podcast on Spotify

The Pavilion Podcast (Host: Brandon Barton)

Brandon Barton’s “The Pavilion Podcast” is a treasure trove for sales executives. It stands out with its focus on networking and professional development, crucial for any team leader in today’s competitive environment. 

The podcast offers insights into building strong professional networks and developing leadership skills that resonate in the modern sales landscape. It’s an excellent platform for sales leaders who are keen on continuous learning and professional growth.

The Pavilion Podcast on Apple Podcast
The Pavilion Podcast on Apple Podcast

The B2B Growth Show (Hosts: James Carbary, Benji Block)

“The B2B Growth Show” is an indispensable resource for team leaders focusing on business growth. This podcast covers a wide range of topics, from innovative sales and marketing strategies to actionable tips on expanding your business. 

The hosts bring unique perspectives and valuable insights that can help sales leaders navigate the challenges of growing a business in the B2B space.

The B2B Growth Show on Apple Podcast
The B2B Growth Show on Apple Podcast

Sales Culture Redefined (Host: Lance Cooper)

“Sales Culture Redefined” delves into the often-overlooked psychological aspects of sales. This podcast is particularly relevant for team leaders who are interested in understanding and shaping the sales culture within their teams. 

It covers a variety of topics that help sales leaders develop strategies to enhance team performance, build a positive sales environment, and understand the psychological drivers that impact sales processes.

Sales Culture Redefined Podcast on Spotify
Sales Culture Redefined Podcast on Spotify

Best Sales Podcasts for Keeping Team Motivation

Aside from sales motivational quotes, sales podcasts are also a good tool to keep your sales team motivated and at the top of their game. Each one is packed with insights and strategies, ranging from sales playbooks to the psychology behind successful selling. 

They offer a mix of practical advice and expert opinions to help you create an engaging and dynamic sales environment. These podcasts are perfect for any sales leader looking to boost team morale and drive performance.

The Sales Way (Host: Contemsa)

“The Sales Way” is your team’s guide to a wide array of sales strategies. It’s not just about sales playbooks and social selling; this podcast dives into the nuances of sales leadership and team dynamics. Each episode is a blend of theory and practice, providing your team with actionable insights. 

Whether it’s honing their social selling skills or understanding the intricacies of sales playbooks, “The Sales Way” is a comprehensive tool for maintaining team motivation and staying ahead in the competitive sales landscape.

The Sales Way Podcast on Spotify
The Sales Way Podcast on Spotify

Sales Mavens (Host: Nikki Rausch)

“Sales Mavens” stands out as a podcast focused on the growth and development of sales professionals. Hosted by seasoned sales coach Nikki Rausch, it offers a series of insights and strategies gleaned from some of the top figures in the industry. 

This podcast is a reservoir of inspiration, packed with stories and tips that motivate and guide in refining sales representative’s skills and techniques. It’s an ideal source for teams looking to stay energized and grow professionally.

Sales Mavens on Apple Podcast
Sales Mavens on Apple Podcast

Make It Happen Mondays (Host: John Barrows)

In “Make It Happen Mondays,” John Barrows tackles a variety of key topics ranging from the latest in sales strategy to the psychological aspects of selling. This podcast is particularly beneficial for teams seeking a mix of motivational and tactical content

With discussions on everything from handling objections to building resilience, it’s a weekly dose of encouragement and practical advice that keeps sales teams engaged and motivated.

Make It Happen Mondays Podcast on Spotify
Make It Happen Mondays Podcast on Spotify

Sell or Die (Hosts: Jeffrey Gitomer, Jennifer Gitomer)

Jeffrey and Jennifer Gitomer’s “Sell or Die” is a dynamic and engaging podcast that covers a spectrum of sales topics. It’s not just about the hard skills of selling; this podcast delves into the soft skills that are often crucial in shaping a successful salesperson

From communication techniques to emotional intelligence, “Sell or Die” provides valuable insights that keep sales teams motivated and equipped to tackle various sales challenges.

Sell or Die Podcast on Spotify
Sell or Die Podcast on Spotify

Sales Influence - Why People Buy! (Host: Victor Antonio)

Victor Antonio’s “Sales Influence – Why People Buy!” is a deep dive into the psychology behind sales. Understanding why customers make their buying decisions is crucial, and this podcast sheds light on these insights. 

It’s an excellent tool for teams looking to enhance their persuasive skills and build stronger connections with clients. The podcast offers a fresh perspective on sales, focusing on the psychological triggers that influence buying decisions, making it a key resource for keeping your team motivated and insightful.

Sales Influence - Why People Buy! Podcast on Spotify
Sales Influence - Why People Buy! Podcast on Spotify

Best Sales Podcasts for CEOs

For CEOs looking to elevate their company’s sales performance, this selection of sales podcasts offers a wealth of knowledge and strategies. Tailored specifically for top executives, these podcasts feature insights from successful CEOs, leadership advice, and the latest in sales techniques and strategies

They’re the perfect resource for any CEO aiming to refine their sales approach and lead their team to success in a competitive market. Each podcast is packed with actionable tips to help you achieve your sales and business objectives efficiently.

CEO Sales Strategies (Host: Doug C. Brown)

“CEO Sales Strategies” is not just another podcast; it’s a masterclass for CEOs by CEOs on scaling sales. Doug C. Brown conducts deep-dive interviews with CEOs who have led their companies to remarkable sales achievements. 

Listeners get a front-row seat to the strategies that have propelled companies forward, from building effective sales teams to leveraging technology for sales acceleration. It’s an essential listen for CEOs eager to replicate such success in their own companies.

CEO Sales Strategies on Apple Podcast
CEO Sales Strategies on Apple Podcast

B2B Revenue Leadership (Host: Brian Burns)

Brian Burns’ “B2B Revenue Leadership” provides a comprehensive look into the world of B2B sales from a leadership perspective. This podcast is a mixture of strategy discussions, leadership advice, and insights into the B2B market dynamics

Burns leverages his vast experience to offer CEOs actionable advice on navigating the complexities of B2B sales, making it easier for them to lead their teams to success in a competitive environment.

B2B Revenue Leadership Podcast on Spotify
B2B Revenue Leadership Podcast on Spotify

The IMPACT Sales Podcast

“The IMPACT Sales Podcast” focuses on delivering actionable strategies that CEOs can use to boost their company’s sales performance. This podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics, from optimizing sales processes to adopting the latest sales technologies

It’s designed to give CEOs the insights needed to make informed decisions that will directly impact their sales bottom line, making it an invaluable resource for any CEO looking to make a significant sales impact.

The IMPACT Sales Podcast on Spotify
The IMPACT Sales Podcast on Spotify

Advanced Selling (Hosts: Bill Caskey, Bryan Neale)

With “Advanced Selling,” hosts Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale offer a refreshing take on the sales world, combining decades of sales experience with a sense of humor. 

This podcast is perfect for CEOs who value not only the technical aspects of sales strategies but also the importance of creating a positive sales culture

The episodes range from discussions on advanced selling techniques to how to foster a motivated and successful sales team, all presented in an engaging and accessible way.

Advanced Selling Podcast Website
Advanced Selling Podcast Website

Sales Secrets (Host: Brandon Bornancin)

In “Sales Secrets,” Brandon Bornancin uncovers the tactics and strategies behind the most successful sales campaigns. This podcast serves as a blueprint for CEOs looking to understand what drives sales success

Bornancin interviews top sales professionals, unpacking their secrets to uncover what really works in today’s sales environments. For CEOs, this podcast is a goldmine of strategies that can be adapted and applied to their own companies for explosive sales growth.

Sales Secrets on Apple Podcast
Sales Secrets on Apple Podcast

Best Sales Podcasts for Enhancing Sales Skills

Elevate your sales skills with these standout podcasts, carefully selected for their rich insights and actionable advice. From B2B strategies and negotiation tips to empowering industry voices, these shows are tailored for sales professionals aiming for excellence. 

Dive into expert discussions, success stories, and practical guidance to refine your approach and boost your sales performance.

Sales Pipeline Radio (Host: Matt Heinz)

“Sales Pipeline Radio,” hosted by Matt Heinz, is an essential listen for anyone eager to master the nuances of B2B sales. Each episode, Matt unpacks the elements of a successful sales pipeline, from lead generation to closing deals. 

With insights drawn from personal experience and interviews with industry experts, this podcast is a comprehensive guide for sales professionals looking to refine their strategy and drive more consistent sales results.

Sales Pipeline Radio Website
Sales Pipeline Radio Website

Conversations with Women in Sales (Host: Lori Richardson)

Lori Richardson’s “Conversations with Women in Sales” is a pioneering platform that shines a light on the experiences of women in the sales field. 

It tackles a variety of topics, from overcoming industry challenges to career advancement strategies, providing a source of inspiration and empowerment for female sales professionals. 

The podcast also delves into the importance of diversity and inclusion within sales teams, making it a rich resource for insights and best practices.

Conversations with Women in Sales Podcast on Spotify
Conversations with Women in Sales Podcast on Spotify

Your Sales MBA Podcast (Hosts: Jeff Hoffman, CeCe Aparo)

The “Your Sales MBA Podcast,” hosted by Jeff Hoffman and CeCe Aparo, is targeted at sales professionals seeking to navigate complex sales scenarios with confidence. 

The hosts share their expertise on everything from effective communication techniques to overcoming sales objections and sealing the deal. Their practical advice is grounded in real-world experience, making this podcast a valuable tool for salespeople looking to elevate their negotiation skills and close rates.

Your Sales MBA Podcast on Podchaser
Your Sales MBA Podcast on Podchaser

Sales Success Stories (Host: Scott Ingram)

Scott Ingram’s “Sales Success Stories” podcast is a compilation of firsthand success stories from top-performing sales professionals. 

By focusing on the habits, strategies, and mindset that contribute to their success, Scott provides listeners with actionable insights that can be applied to their own sales processes. This podcast is a source of motivation and strategic advice for salespeople determined to achieve their own version of success.

Sales Success Stories Podcast on Spotify
Sales Success Stories Podcast on Spotify

The Tim Ferriss Show (Host: Tim Ferriss)

Although “The Tim Ferriss Show” hosted by Tim Ferriss spans a wide range of topics, its episodes contain nuggets of wisdom applicable to sales professionals. 

Tim’s interviews with successful entrepreneurs, authors, and thinkers offer diverse perspectives on efficiency, productivity, and performance. Sales professionals can glean insights on personal development, time management, and strategic thinking, all of which are crucial for excelling in sales.

The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast on YouTube
The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast on YouTube

How to Choose the Right Sales Podcast

Choosing the right sales podcast can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. With so many options out there, it’s important to find one that aligns with your goals, interests, and current sales career phase. 

Here’s how to narrow down your choices and select a podcast that will truly benefit your sales journey:

By following these steps, you can streamline your search and find a sales podcast that not only educates and informs but also motivates you to reach your full potential in the sales world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Podcasts

Got questions on making sales podcasts work for you? Dive into our streamlined FAQ section. 

Here, we address key concerns like putting podcast insights into action, pinpointing podcasts tailored to your industry, and figuring out a listening routine that sharpens your sales acumen.

How can I integrate lessons from sales podcasts into my daily sales routine?

Integrating lessons from sales podcasts into your daily routine involves a few strategic steps. First, actively listen by taking notes during episodes that resonate with your sales goals. This could be strategies for improving your cold calling techniques or tips for better CRM management. 

Next, set actionable goals based on these insights, such as implementing a new follow-up strategy or testing a recommended script modification in your next sales call. 

Finally, review your performance regularly to assess the impact of these changes and adjust accordingly. The key is to experiment and refine continuously based on podcast insights and your own sales experiences.

Are there sales podcasts that focus on specific industries, like tech or pharmaceutical sales?

Yes, there are sales podcasts that cater to specific industries. To find them, search for podcasts using keywords related to your industry, such as “tech sales podcast” or “pharmaceutical sales insights.” 

These specialized podcasts offer targeted advice, trends, and strategies relevant to your field, featuring experts and top performers who share their experiences and successes. Listening to industry-specific sales podcasts can provide you with a competitive edge by offering deeper insights into your market’s unique challenges and opportunities.

How often should I listen to sales podcasts to see improvement in my sales skills?

The frequency of listening to sales podcasts can vary based on your personal schedule and learning capacity, but consistency is key to seeing improvement. 

Aim to listen to at least one or two episodes per week, choosing times when you can be attentive and reflective, such as during your commute or as part of your morning routine. Over time, you’ll accumulate a wealth of knowledge and insights. 

Remember, the goal isn’t just to consume as much content as possible but to thoughtfully apply what you learn to your sales practices. Regular listening combined with application and reflection can lead to noticeable improvements in your sales approach and outcomes.

Key Takeaways on the Best Sales Podcasts

Sales podcasts are invaluable for every stage of your sales career, offering tailored advice for both beginners and seasoned leaders. 

The real benefit comes from actively applying what you learn; implementing strategies, assessing their impact, and refining your approach turns theory into tangible outcomes. 

Integrating podcasts into your daily routine not only enhances your sales skills but also keeps you motivated and up-to-date with industry trends. 

In the dynamic world of sales, staying informed and adaptable is essential. Podcasts are key, providing a steady stream of inspiration and cutting-edge strategies. 

They’re more than just listening material; they’re your roadmap to excelling in sales, pushing you to continually advance.

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