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Are you tired of spending hours writing and optimizing your blog posts? Tired of crafting each email and social media post? 

Behold…Rytr, an AI writing software that promises to change the game and save you time. 

Rytr is one of the most popular AI writing tools. It has a rich SEO integration with SEMrush as well as keyword generator and blog post outline creator.

You can also generate creative content for social media ads, posts, emails and much more. In fact, there are more than 40 different use cases for Rytr. 

In this Rytr review, we’ll dive into all the most important features and pricing. Ultimately, we’ll evaluate if Rytr is an AI writing software worth trying or not. 

There are tons of AI copywriting tools available. We’ll learn what makes the content creation with Rytr so seamless and easy.

Evaluation Criteria for an AI Writing Tool

As we were reviewing the Rytr, we evaluated the most important aspects of choosing an AI writing tool. There are:

The best AI writing tools offer a balance of these features and are tailored to your specific needs. In this Rytr review, we’ll explore how well this AI writing tool performs in these feature areas.

SEO Features

Rating for SEO Features


Rytr can also be used for developing persuasive landing page copy, product descriptions, and SEO-optimized texts

One of the most notable features is the Blog Idea & Outline feature which lets you generate article topics and blog outline structures using the AI writing assistant. 

This feature helps you come up with unique and engaging ideas that will help your content stand out and rank higher in search results.

rytr blog post outline
rytr blog post outline

Rytr also offers the Blog Section Writing feature which allows you to write articles, section paragraphs and engaging introductions. This feature ensures that you only create content that is well-structured, optimized for organic search and has high content quality for the reader as well. The easy-to-use user interface really simplifies all aspects of content creation. 

To further enhance the SEO capabilities of your content, Rytr also offers features such as SEO Meta Description and SEO Meta Title

These features allow you to write SEO optimized meta descriptions and meta titles for any page, blog, or website. This helps search engines to understand what your content is about and rank it accordingly.

rytr meta description generator
rytr meta description generator

Another important SEO feature offered by Rytr is the Keywords Extractor. This feature allows you to identify main keywords, keyphrases, and questions in any text using Rytr. This helps you understand the keywords that are important for your content and ensure that they are included in your text.

rytr keyword extractor
rytr keyword extractor

Rytr also offers a Keywords Generator feature. It helps you generate related keywords and questions using Rytr’s AI writing assistant.

rytr keyword generator
rytr keyword generator

Although Rytr does give you the keywords, there is no interactive component of how many of those keywords are already covered and which ones should you include more in your content.

Use Cases and Templates

Rating for Use Cases and Templates


Rytr is a versatile AI writing tool that can be used for a variety of use cases. Some use cases include creating engaging blog articles and compelling emails, crafting compelling social media posts and recruiting materials. 

Additionally, Rytr can be used to generate video descriptions. Keep in mind that having an optimized video description is good for YouTube SEO. Rytr can also generate video scripts. This makes it one of the best AI writing tools for creating videos with captivating dialogue. 

Below is a comprehensive list of the use cases that Rytr covers.

Long Form Content Use Cases

SEO Use Cases

Social Media Use Cases

Landing Page Use Cases

Hiring and HR Use Cases

Ecommerce Use Cases

Productivity and Communication Use Cases

General Use Cases

Here’s an example how Rytr can generate an email based on the key points to include:

Rytr email generator use case
Rytr email generator use case

Commands and Rephraser

Rating for Commands and Rephraser


There are many different tonalities you can use with Rytr, depending on what type of content you’re creating. Ryter includes convincing, enthusiastic, funny, inspirational, urgent and many more.

Rytr tones
Rytr tones

Creativity Level

As you’re giving the command to generate content, you can specify what creativity level you’d like Rytr to generate its text in. 

The creativity level ranges from factual to creative. An excellent way to generate creative content.

rytr creativity level
rytr creativity level

AI Writing Assistant Text Commands

To write high quality content, you sometimes need to vary short sentences and long ones. Switch it up. Keep it interesting. 

Rytr content creator gives a variety of commands you can apply to adjust the length, content quality and readability. The commands include:

rytr expand
Rytr expand

These commands can be applied to any text and make it more polished and effective. You can apply these commands to long-form content like entire blog posts or short-form content like emails or social media posts.

Unique Feature: AI Image Generator

Rytr is an AI writer that in addition to written content creation, it can also be used to generate AI images based on a short text. It’s a unique feature to Rytr, as not many AI writing tools can do that. 

With Rytr, you can select a text between 15 and 150 characters, and the AI will generate a unique image based on that text. 

This feature can be particularly useful for illustrating blog articles or social media ads and posts with highly relevant and unique images

As I was reviewing Rytr, I tested this out and this is the AI image output it managed to generate:

rytr ai image
Rytr ai image

Although it looks a bit unrealistic it’s not really a power generator, but instead an AC device, I still think it did a good job by including the cold weather. 

The AI generated images can be a great way to stand out and make your content more engaging and visually appealing. This feature is a great way to add an extra layer of creativity to your content and make it stand out.

Integrations and Browser Extensions

Rating for Integrations


As I was reviewing Rytr as an AI writing tool, I also looked at which integrations and extensions it has in store. As the AI content will always need some input and it will always be an output to some other platform.

The Disappointing Chrome Extension

The Rytr Chrome extension is supposed to be a convenient tool for generating content on any web page. As I was doing some testing for this Rytr review, I tried it out.

rytr chrome extension
Rytr chrome extension

However, in my experience, it did not live up to its promise. The extension was supposed to help me quickly generate email content on GMail, but I couldn’t actually get the commands snippet to appear, even though the extension was enabled and allowed on mail.google.com. 

Overall, I was quite disappointed with the Rytr chrome extension. While it’s supposed to be a useful tool for generating content on Gmail, Facebook and Google Ads, in my experience, it didn’t work as I had hoped.

Rytr and Semrush integration

The integration between Rytr and Semrush allows users to access Semrush keyword insights directly from within the Rytr platform.

The integration between Rytr and Semrush works by allowing you to access Semrush keyword analysis directly from the Rytr’s rich text editor. This means that you can generate high quality content on the fly and easily optimize it for SEO using the tools provided by SEMrush.

rytr semrush integration
rytr semrush integration

Additionally, the integration also allows users to perform sentiment analysis and language detection on the generated content. 

The ability to write in specific tonality and language, allows Rytr to be used in a variety of different use cases. For example, it allows the creation of product descriptions, video descriptions, long-form posts for blogs or social media for different markets across the globe.

Rytr API

Although there are no plug-and-play integrations for Rytr, they do have an API, which you can use to create your own integration. 

The Rytr API provides access to a variety of features such as text generation, language detection, and sentiment analysis. The API is based on REST and can be accessed using common programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and C#.

The API allows you to generate text based on a provided prompt, it also allows you to perform a language detection on a given text and to analyze the sentiment of a given text. The API also gives some customization options such as specifying the tone, the style, and the length of the generated text.

It’s worth mentioning that Rytr also provides some documentation and code samples to help developers get started with the API. 

It also provides a testing console where developers can test the API before integrating it into their own application. This can be a useful feature for testing the API and understanding how it works before using it in a live application.

Customer Support and Community

Rating for Customer Support


When it comes to customer support, Rytr seems to be pretty great. From my experience during this Rytr review, I found that their team is fast and helpful in their replies. I haven’t had to wait long for a response, and the person on the other end seemed genuinely interested in helping me out. 

It’s always a plus when you don’t have to wait long for a response, especially when you have a question that needs to be answered quickly.

Another great thing about Rytr is that they have live chat support. It’s really convenient when you need a quick answer to a question and don’t want to wait for an email response. 

Rytr also has an unofficial Facebook community with 300+ members. It is a premium community of Rytr users. However, it doesn’t seem to be super active.

Supported Languages

Rating for Supported Languages


One of the most impressive features of Rytr is its ability to generate high quality content using your chosen tonality, active voice and language. 

This allows users to generate content that is tailored to their specific needs and target audience. Whether you need content that is formal or informal, serious or humorous, Rytr can do it all.

Additionally, Rytr supports 30+ languages, meaning you can generate content in multiple languages, which can be extremely useful for multilingual websites or businesses targeting different countries.

rytr languages
Rytr languages

Rytr’s ability to generate content in a specific tonality and language unlocks the ability to create blog posts, landing page copy, social media copy, and ad copy in multiple languages.

Grammar and Plagiarism

Rating for Grammar and Plagiarism


One of the features that Rytr offers is a plagiarism checker, which is powered by Copyscape, a well-known industry leader. 

This feature allows you to test the authenticity and uniqueness of the content you generate with Rytr. To use it, you simply need to select any text (between 100 to 1600 characters) and click the three dots to bring up the plagiarism checker.

rytr plagiarism checker
Rytr plagiarism checker

If any plagiarism is detected, you’ll see sources in a pop-up, and you can click on each one to check out the original content. It’s worth noting that there’s no additional cost for this feature, and it’s included in all Rytr plans. 

The characters that are processed will count against your monthly usage and there’s a limit of 50,000 characters per month. It’s a useful feature that can help you ensure that the content you generate is unique and original.

Passing AI Detection

Rating for AI Detection


As a part of this Rytr review, I’ve put Rytr’s AI generated blog article content to the test by using three different AI content detection tools. The results were mixed, with the content passing in one of the tools, but being deemed mostly or all AI generated by the other two.

rytr ai content detection results
rytr ai content detection results

This suggests that while Rytr’s AI generated content is of high quality, it still requires some editing to pass as human-written content. 

It’s worth noting that this is a common issue with AI generated content and it’s not unique to Rytr. The content generated by AI software is often quite good, but it may not be completely indistinguishable from human-written content. 

Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that when using Rytr or any other AI copywriting tool, some editing is required to make the content pass as human-written.

Overall, while Rytr’s AI generated content is of high quality and can be useful, it’s important to understand that you need to edit the generated content to make it appear more human-like. With a little bit of extra work, Rytr can be a powerful tool for generating high-quality, unique and engaging content.

Rytr Pricing

Rating for Pricing


There are several plans available when you want to start using Rytr as an AI content creation tool. These plans are:

Free Plan

This plan is free of charge and allows users to generate up to 10k characters per month. You can use all the 40+ use cases, in combination with 20+ tones and 30+ languages

The free version also includes a built-in plagiarism checker and up to 5 AI generated images per month. Not many AI tools have that.

Saver Plan

With the Saver Plan you can pump up your character count to 100k per month for just $9 per month. It includes all the features in the Free plan, but up to 20 AI generated images per month.

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan includes exactly as the name says – unlimited characters. It will also increase your AI generated image count up to 100 per month. 

You’ll also get your dedicated account manager and priority customer support. All this becomes available for a monthly subscription of $29.

rytr pricing
Rytr pricing

Needless to say that access to the premium community and chat support is available on every plan. 

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s no long-term contract or commitment required and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

Rytr FAQ

How Can I Write an Entire Blog post with Rytr?

Writing complete articles with Rytr is pretty straightforward. To create long form content, it’s recommended first to divide your content into sections. The process of content writing becomes a lot easier and you’ll eliminate writer’s block as well. 

Here’s a step-by-step process that you can follow to write long-form content:

Alternatively, you can use the blog post option by selecting the “Blog Section Writing” use case and input your section topic and keywords to get the same results.

What are the Best Rytr Alternatives?

Jasper AI and Writesonic are two great alternatives to Rytr if you’re looking for AI copywriting tools that can also help you create SEO-optimized high quality content

Both of them have Surfer SEO integrations which makes it easy to optimize your content for search engines. 

Jasper AI has more templates and features but it’s more expensive. Jasper can also create beautiful AI art. Read this Jasper AI review for a more detailed overview. 

Writesonic is just as affordable as Rytr, but it also has the Surfer SEO integration. It also has a WordPress integration which saves a ton of time. Read this Writesonic review for a full overview. 

So, it depends on your budget and the features you need.

Key Takeaways from the Rytr Review

In summary, Rytr is an AI writer that simplifies the entire writing process and completely eliminates your writer’s block. 

The content writing tools offer a balance of features that can be tailored to specific needs. Rytr can create high quality content in just a few seconds. It’s a really easy to use tool for AI copywriting that can create content for landing pages, YouTube video description, or long-form content like entire blog posts

This includes SEO features that can help optimize your content for search engines, templates and use cases, commands and rephrases and plagiarism checkers

Rytr’s integration with SEMrush is an added advantage as it allows users to access SEMrush keyword insights right on the user interface of the Rytr’s rich text editor. This allows users to generate text on the fly and easily optimize it for SEO using the tools provided by SEMrush.

Another impressive feature of Rytr is its ability to generate AI images based on a short text. This feature can be particularly useful for unique images for blog posts and social media posts. This is available even on the free plan. 

However, if you’re looking to scale your content writing and create long-form articles, generate unlimited characters and have a dedicated account manager, then you’re best suited with the “Unlimited” plan, which is also quite affordable. 

It’s worth reiterating that Rytr has a built-in plagiarism checker that uses Copyscape, which is one of the industry leaders, to test the authenticity and uniqueness of the content. Plagiarism checker is vital for AI copywriting tools. 

Finally, Rytr’s pricing plans make it probably the cheapest AI writing tool on the market for generating SEO optimized content, especially for those who are already using SEMrush.

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