Remote Work Guide:
Boost Work Efficiency & Satisfaction

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In the post-covid times, multiple things are changed, and many are transforming with time. COVID presented us with many uncertainties, but it also benefited us in numerous ways. Pandemic brought many families closer; it aided the environment. It impacted the technology and gave a boost to its use. 

In the context of businesses, many things and policies are modified across every sector. However, the most emerging element that can be discussed now is remote work culture. Numerous workers are forced to operate from home. 

Fortunately, the world has a resource of technology that can be helpful to handle this crisis. Advanced HR software can be an asset to execute remote operations & lessen the burden of management. Here is a guide that can be helpful furthermore. 

Remote Work Adoption is the New Normal

Though virtual work is trending nowadays, it was introduced before the pandemic. However, few organizations applied the policy because it can cut costs and provide many other benefits.

remote work growth trends
Remote Work Growth Trends

In the new era, a large number of companies permanently accepted WFH policy for their employees. According to a survey held by The Indian Express in November 2021, 70% of organizations are expecting to opt for a long-term hybrid model. 

A hybrid work model means a worker can choose when and where to work. Some employees chose the office over the home, and some chose their home. Every employee works in their own respective flaw. 

Some feel they can be better dynamic in the morning, and some are in the dusk- all these aspects are considered in a hybrid work model, which gives much flexibility to the workforce. Following the lifting of lockdowns worldwide, companies are looking for practical remote or hybrid work modules.

Frequent Challenges with Remote Work

Though a significant number of adoptions of WFH policy, there are numerous obstacles that an organization has to go through. 

remote work struggles
Struggles with Remote Work

Lacking In-Person Supervision

Supervisor and their subordinates both face this issue in virtual work. Managers/supervisors feel that workers will not do the job as quickly as they were working before. 

On the other side, many workers fight with lower administrative support. They feel that they are out of their supervisor’s help, and they can not express their needs appropriately.


Probably this is the most challenging issue of WFH. Solitude is the most common objection that employees make. 

Many miss their social interactions at the office. There is an opinion that extraverts can suffer more from quarantine, leading to mental damage. In addition, in the long-term virtual work, employees can feel less belonging to their company in the long-term virtual work, increasing the employee turnover rate.

Interruptions Happen at Home

On the other hand, we always imagine the WFH working on a PC/laptop or computer and carrying a child. But this is not just enough as we imagine because family and house needs can significantly impact the work. 

In addition, unexpected parental responsibilities can occur for a worker and may permanently distract from work. So remote work transition should not be done in a quick manner. And also, employers should make sure that their employees have a devoted and sufficient place for job operations separately.

The Harmony Between Professional Life and Personal Life

The staff may be busy with their tasks even on the holidays. Or they may feel like their boss thinks they are not working at home. Possibly they mix up their job with their personal life. Thus, they opt to work even when they should be enjoying it, resulting in frustration. 

Technical Issues

Workplace technology is usually business-grade & quick. But the home place data network and automated devices may not be as reliable, and it can create an issue. 

For a more reliable wokrplace setup, employers could consider allowing all employees to rent hardware in their local area. This type of rental costs are easy to expense and it ensures reliable workstation for all workers. 

So employers should make sure that their workers have efficient appliances as per the work requirements. And also, if a group collaborates on a project, all the members should be on the same platform for collaboration and work.

Solutions That Should be Implemented

Luckily, the solutions to multiple problems are available and discussed. 

Remote Socialization

Socializing remotely can be essential for the remote working organizer and their personnel. But first, managers should construct methods to collaborate with workers socially. 

For instance, they should communicate informally and ask workers about their weekends or other information. This type of behavior by the manager can reduce the feeling of isolation and promote a sense of belonging.

Establish an Organized Structure

Managers should establish an organized structure where they call every worker operating from home with little upfront notification. This can take the formation of a setup of one-on-one calls.

The difficulties of work, following tasks, or new experiences of quarantine are various things to be discussed with the authorized person. Therefore, subordinates know that they can consult their seniors about their troubles and queries.  

New Technology Adoption

Using only email as a form of communication is inadequate for virtual work. 

Video conferencing can be an accurate solution to attach with the employees. For smaller teams, it is most advantageous. It lessens the feeling of isolation among the staff. And video is also helpful for complicated or sensitive discussion; it feels more secure than written or audio transmission. 

Webinars can be a great source of knowledge for the workforce. There are numerous webinar platforms available in the market. Employers should provide their workers with the latest devices and technology, and they should be using modern & advanced platforms for video conferencing or verbal texting.

Use a Secure VPN Connection

When working remotely from cafes, coworking spaces or other public places, you never know about the security and trustworthyness of the WiFi connection. For that reason, it’s important to use a secure VPN connection. 

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic, making it more difficult for others to intercept and access your data.

In addition to that, a VPN can help to protect your privacy by masking your IP address and making it more difficult for others to track your online activity.

Lastly, a VPN can help to improve your online experience by allowing you to access websites and content that may be blocked or restricted in your location.

For example, if you’re working from Canada and you need to access a certain website or service that is otherwise restricted for your area, you should pick the best VPN for Canada and use that to access the service or website you need. 

Motivation And Emotional Assistance

Managers should acknowledge their employees’ frustration or concern issues and try to listen to them. They should sympathize with their struggles. In fact, 65% of millenial workers consider company culture to be more important than salary

If an authorized person asks workers about their health or ongoing problems, they feel motivated and confident. Or they can enable appraisals to the workers for their achievements. 

This solution keeps the workforce hooked towards the company and provides them with a sense of relaxation. Relieving the frustration in front of a person can help, which is a sign of excellent mental health.  

collaboration activity comparison chart
Collaboration Activity Comparison Chart

Reasons Why Remote Work Is The Future Of Organizations

Reduce Expenses

One of the most significant causes is cost reduction. For example, the organization saves a vast amount in real estate expenses through the virtual work policy. 

Additionally, the business doesn’t need much space for the workers as they are performing from home, and the amount the organization spends on the workplace can be utilized elsewhere. 

Finally, it saves money on office upkeep, electricity, and other costs that a business needs to run operations smoothly. 

Hiring Top Talent

Managers have to confront complexities to hire many employees with expertise and potential anywhere the business is located. In the metro cities, hiring top talent is an arduous task, and in the smaller towns or villages, it can be tough to convince people to change their lifestyle according to the job. 

However, WFH policy gives a lot of flexibility to the company as they can hire top talented workers across the whole world. 

High Employee Retention

WFH is generally regarded as a benefit for multiple employees because of flexible time schedules and productivity improvement

Working remotely definitely impacts workers’ loyalty towards their employers. In addition, virtual work results in higher employee retention and takes the organization to a whole new level of productivity. 

Job seekers opt to do a job from home to work skillfully and live a life that suits them. Working from home is beneficial for all the employees, especially women who are working during pregnancy and managing household work. It is also great for travel enthusiasts, digital nomads, and people who are working in more than one job.

Increased Productivity

WFH policy can benefit productivity as the organization hires the best and most talented employees across the globe. 

Virtual work is preferable by employees to comfortably work at their homes. Employees can balance their work-life and efficiently manage time schedules for work. These benefits can bring employee satisfaction, and it may grow their productivity. 

Reduce Commute Stress

Workers commuting to their distant job from one place to another can be a waste of time. Commuting for more than 30 minutes every day can harm employees’ mental health. 

It lessens their enthusiasm and makes their life more boring. WFH does not have to deal with commuting issues, and the workforce can work at their home place with full enthusiasm and energy

It gives mental and physical health advantages to the workforce.  

Employee And Manager Relations

Virtual functioning employees are happier and more dedicated to their job. In addition, they can give enough time to their hobbies and enhance personal relations. 

Additionally, the personal relations of workers and supervisors can be established without disturbances or the politics that lie in the office. 

Freedom to Schedule

Workers admire their freedom. They can organize their day to fit their professional life and personal life. They have enough flexibility to manage individual duties, and work based on your comfort can be very satisfying to employees. 

They do not have to request for leaves or early-going and late-coming. Managers are also free from their approval duty. 

remote working benefits
The Benefits of Remote Work

Customized Workplace

The workforce can enjoy the job with their own customized workplace. The traditional workplaces can be noisy or uncomfortable for some staff members. 

Remote work lets workers arrange the place according to their likes and personality. This is about to make the workplace yours totally. They can make their workplace as bright or plain as they want. 

Healthy Environment

We live in a world where global warming increases more than the total population every year. WFH enables the reduction of commuting workers. This can save from greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere. 

Virtual work lessens the carbon footprints in the world and benefits the environment. It keeps the atmosphere healthy and less polluted.

Key Takeaways from the Remote Working Guide

Many organizations have implemented WFH policy to execute business operations; they need an ideal module for managing remote activities

Software companies have made their WFH software to establish an organized system to run activities. Many tech giants introduced video-conferencing platforms for the better efficiency of WFH. 

As we discussed the challenges, solutions, and reasons for emerging virtual work, it can be considered in applying a WFH module.