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Key Features

Intent signals

Intent-based campaigns

Outreach emails to high intent prospects we source for your outreach campaign

Industry-specific signals

A scanner that identifies signals of high intent in your specific industry

Done-for-you service

We can assign a dedicated SDR to execute the outreach campaign on your behalf for an additional fee

Email accounts

Unlimited email accounts
Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook accounts for sending emails
Master inbox
A unified inbox to which all the recipients' replies will be routed to
Sending email rotation
The smart sender account rotation uses all the email accounts equally to spread out the sending patterns

Email automation

AI personalization
Each outreach email is unique and generated based on the recipient's personal and company details and the campaign's call to action
Email enrichment
All the recipient emails are enriched with their personal and company data, which the AI uses for personalization
Automated follow-ups
When the recipient doesn't reply, unique follow-up emails are generated and scheduled automatically
Advanced scheduling
Each outreach email and follow-ups are scheduled to be delivered within the office hours of the recipient
Auto-reply recognition

The follow-up sequence automatically recognizes an out-of-office auto-reply and postpones further follow-ups


Deliverability report
The deliverability report each sender email account's DNS records against best practices for deliverability
Global block list
Each sender accounts is being checked against 55 global block lists and immediately alerted, if present in any
Plain text emails
All of the outreach emails are in plain text, to avoid the spam filters and the Promotions tab of diferent email clients
Verify all recipients
Each recipient's email is automatically verified and only choosing verified emails to reach out to

Outreach analytics

Campaign analytics
A detailed overview of your outreach campaign current state at any point in time
Sentiment categorization
AI algorithm that accurately determines which recipient's reply indicated interest and which did not
Campaign report exports
Ability to export your campaign statistics in a CSV file or an analytics graph image format

Support & help

Email support

Email support straight from the Product team who responds in 1 business day

Email outreach guides
Hundreds of helpful guides and articles that teach you the best practices of email outreach

Frequently asked questions and answers

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about influno email outreach

Who is Influno best suited for?

Influno is ideally suited for B2B software companies looking to automate their outreach and customer engagement. This includes products like:

  • analytics tools
  • customer support software
  • marketing automation tools
  • landing page builders
  • affiliate marketing software
  • project management software
  • HR software
  • sales software
  • CRM systems

However, if your B2B company is not in this list, then you can still get in touch. 

Influno stands out by activating automatic outreach sequences based on industry-specific intent triggers, rather than relying on imported lead lists.

We proactively source leads for you, specifically targeting prospects currently in the market for the type of software you are selling, ensuring a higher relevance and conversion potential.

We gather intent signals through a diverse array of channels to ensure we capture the most relevant and timely data.

Although we don’t explicitly disclose our intent channels, we ensure they are based on different levels of recent intent signals. 

Yes, you can use the AI generator to automatically generate a personalized email to any recipient email.

You can then send it immediately or schedule for the best time according to the recipient’s local time.

Once you feel confident about the AI tonality and style, you can automate your outreaches

The best sending time is calculated based on the recipient’s local time and the typical “working hours” in that time zone

Scheduling the email for the best sending time improves engagement, since the email will land on top of the recipient’s inbox while they are at their desk. 

Explicit template logic isn’t used. However, you can specify phrases, sentences, key points, offer details, or call to action details you wish to include during the campaign setup to guide the AI’s content generation.

Instead of templates, Influno utilizes AI to generate a unique outreach message for each prospect based on all of the factors:

  • their personal data
  • their company data
  • intent signal that triggered the outreach
  • your campaign custom details

These factors make the email generation very flexible to any prospect and intent signal. 

The outreach emails are generated using GPT 4 LLM. The outreach message generation accounts for several variables: 

  • the lead’s intent signals, which triggered the outreach
  • lead’s personal and company information
  • your personal and company information
  • campaign’s purpose and main call-to-action
  • campaign’s specific prompt instructions

The cost of Influno’s services varies based on your desired volume, expected results, and specific industry needs.

To try it out and receive a personalized offer that fits your needs, create your free account or send an email to erkki@influno.com

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