Livestorm Review: Low-Cost
Platform for Webinars + Meetings?

Livestorm is a webinar software bundled with a video conferencing platform.

If you’re regularly hosting webinars and running regular video meetings, this might be the perfect solution for you. 

In this Livestorm review, we’ll comprehensively answer 3 big questions: 

  1. How well can the Livestorm registration funnel convert webinar registrations?
  2. Do the live webinar interaction tools actually help you sell? 
  3. Is the free Webinar Basic plan worth it?

Live & Automated Webinar Sessions

Livestorm is mainly for one-time live webinars.

The webinar setup is simple – just add a description & the starting time and you’re done.

It’s possible to schedule multiple sessions for a webinar, making it a recurring webinar.

Recurring webinar sessions
Recurring webinar sessions

Basically, you can host automated webinar sessions on Livestorm as well, but you can’t add any automatic audience interaction features.

On automated webinar events on Livestorm, you can just:

That’s it.

Livestorm automated webinar session example
Livestorm automated webinar session example

Livestorm also includes the Meeting software. It’s convenient to have your webinar software and your meeting software in one place.

However, the free package only gets you up to 4 meeting participants, so you’ll probably want to upgrade if you’ll start using it more frequently to host meetings.

Webinar Funnel Pages

On the webinar registration page, you can customize: 

Here’s how a customized registration page would look like for the attendee: 

Livestorm registration page
Livestorm registration page (attendee view)

As a first step, the attendee fills in their email and clicks the call-to-action button. After that, the registration pop-up appears. Then they can fill in more info:

Registration form pop-up
Registration form pop-up

On the right-hand side, there’s the quick access to webinar registration page, as the attendee sees it.

If you want to integrate the registration widget to your own website, you can grab the registration widget snippet.

You can set up custom registration fields on the registration page. That’s useful for asking specific questions from your registrants, so you can prepare better and tailor your webinar contents specifically to your audience.

A unique feature for Livestorm is the “Only company emails” checkbox.

Company emails only
"Company emails only"

Livestorm Email Tools

The cool thing is that the design you set up in the webinar registration page will automatically reflect in the webinar reminder emails as well:

Livestorm webinar reminder emails
Livestorm webinar reminder emails

The scheduling of reminder emails is not very flexible. You can set up the reminders to be sent out:

The webinar confirmation email has all the essentials:

For the post-webinar follow-up emails, you can segment the registrants who attended and the ones who didn’t attend. You can create separate emails for these segments.

The user interface in the webinar emails setup is really intuitive. Setting up these emails was one of the smoothest parts of this Livestorm review.

You can easily preview how the emails would look like for the attendee and you can edit the contents of any email.

email preview
email preview and editing options

That includes changing the email texts, adding shortcodes, editing the button texts and colors.

Audience Interaction Tools

In the setup, you can set the chat as public or private (attendees can only talk to you).

You can Show/Hide the “Peoples” tab to make the attendee list visible to everyone.

A unique feature is that you can make the slideshow immediately available to download as a PDF file to all the attendees.

That’s a useful feature, because often attendees want to get the slides to review the material later on.

Livestorm has polls and call-to-actions, but you can’t pre-configure them in the webinar setup.

pre-configuring the polls
pre-configuring the polls

To set them up earlier you’d have to go to the webinar room and set them up before you start the webinar and “Save as draft”.

The poll will not pop-up or launch automatically. The attendee has to navigate to the Polls tab and vote on the poll there.

Attendee voting on polls in Livestorm webinar
Attendee voting on polls in Livestorm webinar

As a host, you can set up call-to-actions during the webinar. This is where you make your offer to the attendees and where the sales start coming in.

The call-to-action includes a description, button text and button link. Unfortunately, you can’t add an image or a countdown timer

Livestorm call-to-action offer
Attendee view: Livestorm call-to-action offer

A huge problem with the call-to-action is that it opens as a pop-up. And once the attendee closes it, there’s no way to bring it back up again.

Webinar sales take time and persuasion. So, when a pop-up appears, you can’t expect everyone to click it immediately. Instead, they’d want to close the pop-up at first, listen to you speak, show testimonials, list out all the benefits of the offer again.

As you’re doing that, you’ll start winning the attendees over.

The call-to-action should be visible all the time, tempting and inviting the attendees to click.

Unfortunately, Livestorm call-to-action is pretty bad at doing that.

However, Livestorm has nailed the Q&A feature.

Livestorm Q&A upvoting
Attendee view: Upvoting on questions on Livestorm

Attendees can ask questions and upvote each other’s questions as well. 

So, when you’re taking questions at the end of your webinar, you’ll know exactly which ones are the most interesting questions to your attendees. Answer them first.

Webinar Video Engine & Support

The video quality on Livestorm webinars is above average. On my 1080p webcam the graininess is barely noticeable.

Livestorm webcam video quality
Livestorm webcam video quality

In case some of your attendees are experiencing bad video quality, they can run the connectivity troubleshooter.

It’s an easy way to fix some common issues with the connection quality, browser or the audio.

Livestorm webinar connectivity troubleshooter
Livestorm webinar connectivity troubleshooter

Regarding getting help and support of Livestorm – Do it yourself.

There’s the Livestorm Documentation page, which is essentially a knowledge base.

You can email their support and ask for specific questions, but the live chat is reserved only for Enterprise customers.

Livestorm customer support tiers
Livestorm customer support tiers

Also, they don’t have a Facebook community.

Livestorm Webinar Presentation Tools

As you’re starting to present, you’ll very soon notice that there’s no slideshow upload feature.

You can only share your screen and show your slides that way. That’s a downside, because this slightly decreases the slideshow quality. 

One strange thing about the presentation tools is that the webcam is mirrored for the attendee for some reason.

Livestorm webinar presentation
Attendee view: Livestorm webinar presentation

At any point during your webinar presentation, you might want to show a video to your attendees. With Livestorm, you can do that.

You can add a video clip from YouTube or choose a video file from your computer.

video injections
video injections from YouTube or file

Joining the Webinar on Mobile Devices

The first thing that I noticed when testing the mobile experience during this Livestorm review, was that there’s a 15-second video delay on mobile devices.

However, the polls launch instantly.

This might cause a brief confusion for your mobile attendees.

However, joining on mobile is very smooth. Everything is perfectly mobile responsive and joining the webinar was seamless.

The webcam and the slideshow presentation are clearly visible.

Livestorm on Android - webcam
Livestorm on Android - webcam
Livestorm on Android - slideshow + webcam
Livestorm on Android - slideshow + webcam

The chat and all the interaction tools would appear below the webinar video.

The call-to-action would also appear at a slight delay, but it doesn’t bother me.

Livestorm on Android - Polls
Livestorm on Android - Polls
Livestorm on Android - Call-to-Actions
Livestorm on Android - Call-to-Actions

What bothers me again, though, is that once the attendee dismisses the call-to-action, they can’t bring it up again.

This is perhaps the biggest flaw I noticed during this Livestorm review.

Webinar Replay Recording

By default, the live webinar recording is shared with everyone who registered for the webinar.

You can change that in the webinar setup. And you can upload your own custom video for the webinar replay.

In fact, after the webinar is over, the recording start playing automatically for all the attendees.

Livestorm replay recording
Livestorm replay recording example

The recording will start for the host as well. While you (as the host) are watching the webinar recording, there’s a “Download recording” button.

Download webinar recording
Host view: Download webinar recording

A great feature about the webinar replay recording is that attendees can ask questions.

The questions will be emailed to you, so you can engage with the attendees who couldn’t make it live, but are still interested in what you have to say.

Attendee view: Asking questions during the webinar replay recording
Attendee view: Asking questions during the webinar replay

In general, the Livestorm webinar replay recording interface is extremely well built for engaging attendees during the replay.

During the webinar replay, attendees can:

What’s missing is the call-to-actions during the webinar replay. However, if you’re in the webinar replay (as the host), you can launch the call-to-actions manually to anyone who’s watching at that moment.

Another way to go is sending the call-to-action link in the chat.

The replay engagement features are one of the most positive surprises I had during this Livestorm review.

Livestorm Analytics & Exports & Integrations

Livestorm integrates with: 

With Zapier, you can create countless integrations with other systems:

Livestorm + Zapier integrations
Livestorm + Zapier integrations

Under the “People” tab, there’s the Livestorm webinar analytics dashboard to learn the most important insights about your past webinars.

Livestorm webinars analytics dashboard
Livestorm webinars analytics dashboard

In the analytics dashboard you can learn:

You can also download Excel reports. These reports include:

However, Livestorm analytics still has some room for improvement. For example, you can’t learn:

In conclusion, the webinar dashboard gives you the most important data – the webinar registration conversion rates and sources and the continuous attendance tracking.

Is Livestorm Free? What Does it Cost?

Livestorm is a free webinar platform.

With the Free Webinar Basic package, you can have: 

As you can imagine, these limitations don’t really enable you to host actual webinars. The free package is just for trying out the software and deciding if it fits your needs.

If you want to remove those limitations, you’d have to subscribe to the Webinar Premium package, which allows you to:

Livestorm webinar pricing
Livestorm webinar pricing

To accommodate more attendees, you’d have to pay a bit more:

Attendees in webinarPrice per month
100$ 109
250$ 218
1000$ 338

Like with most webinar software pricing packages, you’ll get a discount if you opt for the annual subscription.

Livestorm Review Conclusion

To conclude this Livestorm review, here’s a summary of the Pros and Cons: 

Can host automated webinar sessionsCan’t schedule polls and offers in automated webinars
Registration page is easy to customize, has a clean UICan’t change the registration page layout
Can add custom questions to the registration pageOnly 1-hour and 5-minute email reminders, can’t add or change
Can enable “Only company emails” in the registration formNo slideshow injections, have to screen share the slides
Can add a product image or a product video to the registration pagePolls & offers have to be pre-configured in the webinar room
Email editing is smooth & easy. Beautiful designWhen the attendee closes the call-to-action, they can’t bring it up again
Attendees can ask questions and upvote on each other’s questionsNo automatic call-to-action during the webinar replay recording
Can insert and launch videos from YouTube or from fileThe free plan is not that useful for hosting actual webinars
Webinar recording is shared with all attendees automatically
People can ask questions even when watching the webinar replay recording
The analytics dashboard has clear conversion statistics and attendance tracking