How to Use Live Streaming to Generate Leads and Drive Sales

Live streaming has been a favored type of content since before the pandemic. 

However, due to quarantine, people began to use the Internet 70% more, which led to a 12% increase in interest in live broadcasts. 

So, why not use this communication option for your business?

What does live streaming digital marketing give you? 

Why is it considered a good global content marketing strategy? 

It allows you to get as close to your audience as possible and increase their loyalty. 

You will provide people with positive emotions, exclusive information, and backstage insights rather than polished marketing shots. 

And going online from an event will make your viewers feel like they’re part of it.

What can you broadcast about? 

For example, you may invite a blogger or brand representative to talk with subscribers, present new products, answer questions, or run workshops.

Launching a live stream is very easy. 

All you need is to choose the time, platform, and topic. 

The largest social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok, support the function of live streams, so you don’t need any technical knowledge and complex equipment.

Let’s take a look at how live broadcasts work. In this article, we will share tips on which platform to choose and how to increase online sales with live streams.

Live Streaming Digital Marketing Advantages

1. Attracting a New Audience and Leads

Live streaming works better than traditional posts and stories in terms of emotional connection between viewers and hosts. They create a feeling of affection. People see a specific person talking about a particular product or service in real-time. They get the chance to immediately ask questions and get answers increasing the time spent with the brand.

2. Improving Relationships with the Target Audience

Attracting new customers is undoubtedly essential. But you would also want to retain and make the existing audience more loyal, right? You can use live broadcasts to show your understanding of the topic. If you are a guest in a joint live stream, it’s a sign of your trustworthiness among other people, bloggers, and brands from different spheres.

3. Drawing Media Attention

The more often you broadcast live, the more experienced and confident you become. You will demonstrate your readiness to cooperate with the media. Journalists and guest editors will know that they can invite you on air and ask for comments. And it means growth of awareness and a new audience.

Platforms for Live Streaming

Instagram Live

Starting a live stream on Instagram needs very little effort. To do this, click “Live” in the launching story tab. You can share the live stream in stories, upload it to IGTV, or download the recording to your device.

The advantage of this platform is the algorithm of showing streams to users. You can find them at the very beginning of the streak of stories. It means that more viewers will see your broadcast. In addition, you can track the statistics during and after the event. You can communicate with each viewer directly during the broadcast in the comments section.

In addition to online dialogue, you can conduct joint broadcasts with other Instagram users. However, the duration of a live broadcast can be no more than an hour.

For example, MAC Cosmetics invited their director of makeup, Romero Jennings, to host an Instagram live stream. He gave some tips on their new lipstick. Then, he attached the link to the website that pops up during the video to tap on it and get straight to the product page, which really helps to sell on Instagram. 

MAC Live Stream
Screenshot taken on the official MAC Cosmetics Instagram account

The further purchase success depends on your website performance. After all, no one would waste time staring at a blank page. Thus, many eCommerce stores optimize their websites to become progressive web apps. 

Facebook Live

When you start a broadcast on Facebook, a special icon appears on the screen. Next to the icon, you will see the word “Live” and the number of viewers.

What if someone missed your stream or is unable to see it on time? You can save the recording of the event on your company’s page. It will allow others to see it later.

In addition, Facebook provides an opportunity to subscribe to the broadcasts. This way, subscribers will receive a notification about new broadcasts on their profile.


A live broadcast on Facebook can last no more than eight hours, but you usually don’t need more time. This amount is even enough for broadcasting conferences, festivals, and other long-term events.

Sephora traditionally hosts online events on Facebook. They invite their brand representatives who share their makeup tips while viewers can buy featured products during the live stream. You can see an example of such a preview below.

It’s an announcement about a new episode of Live Shopping with Sephora’s content creator Carla Cassandra. They also add a sense of uniqueness by talking about a special surprise for the viewers.

Facebook Live event example
Screenshot taken on the official Sephora page


YouTube ranks second among social networks in terms of the number of active users.

Most popular social networks by active users
Image credit: Statista

To start live streaming on Youtube, you need to have a verified Google or Youtube account. You can launch the live stream in different ways. Press the “Go live” button to do it instantly. Or schedule your broadcast ahead of time to invite viewers and remind them about the upcoming event.

You can make both public and private live streams, which will be available only via the link. Like on other platforms, you can create joint broadcasts, and viewers can communicate in an online chat.

What sets Youtube apart from Facebook, for example, is that it promotes your streams itself.


TikTok is one of the world’s fastest growing social media platforms. It was the most downloaded app in 2021. It has a huge global audience and is a great platform to interact and engage with your followers and customers. You can make short videos and conduct live streams to interact with your customers.

To start live streaming on TikTok, go to the Create New Clip page in your account. Next, select the Live option, and the broadcast will begin. Subscribers and some users (for example, new users or friends of your friends) will receive a notification about the broadcast’s start.

What you need to remember: you can’t save the broadcast in the video, and it can only be viewed in real-time. Are there any limits on the number of subscribers or time? To create it, you need to have at least a thousand subscribers. The duration of the broadcast is unlimited.

How to Use Live Streaming Digital Marketing to Generate Leads and Sales

What to Do Before Live Streaming

  • Decide what you will talk about.
    Don’t go on air without a clear understanding of what you want to tell the audience and what message to convey.

  • Make a plan.
    Write the text of your speech, highlight the main theses. Check the numbers and definitions. Mistakes will ruin your presentation.

  • Choose a time.
    To attract as many viewers as possible, determine when your audience is most active. However, the broadcast is gaining the main views in the recording.

  • Think about the people watching you.
    Don’t waffle; maintain a good quality of communication and clear presentation.

What to Do During Live Streaming

1. Offer a Benefit at the End of the Stream and Keep the Conversation Going

Let’s say you present a new product on-air or give important information. You would want the audience to stay with you until the end, wouldn’t you? Tell people what you will be talking about before live streaming.

Explain to them why this live stream is valuable, what’s the use of staying until the end. For example, your viewers can get a link to a free guide at the end. It will encourage your spectators to stay with you.

To increase engagement with your audience, provide feedback during the broadcast. These can be questions with simple answers, such as “yes” or “no”, or questions about viewers’ interest in a product or service.

Engage with your audience in various ways. People who interact with you during the broadcast are more likely to purchase the product.

2. Give Discounts and Promotions

Video presentations work better for online sales than images. Provide incentives to buy a product in the video, for example, discounts and promotional codes. People like the exclusivity of the offer, so why not take advantage of this idea to increase sales?

3. Demonstrate Products

You don’t have to wait until the end of the stream to sell a product. When can you show the benefits of your offer if not live? No, I don’t mean to turn the entire broadcast into a boring product presentation. Instead, tell people what is impressive about your product, how it will help your audience, and provide valuable practical information.

Accompany your story with video popups to direct your viewers to the product pages. Don’t let your viewers get bored, and don’t impose a product. Consider how you can balance the product offering and provide valuable information because your ultimate goal is to get viewers to buy.

What to Do After the Live Steaming

First thing to do after a successful live stream is to give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done it!

After the live stream, there are a couple of things you can do to maximize the value out of your live streaming video. 

For example, you can take the live stream recording and host an automated webinar out of it. On these occasions, you should use the best webinar platforms, so you can capture even more leads and drive sales. 

Summary of Live Streaming for Lead Generation

Live streaming is a great way to find new leads. 

Promote your live broadcasts to grab the attention of your audience. 

Add an attractive title to them, shoot videos on topics that interest your target audience, and try offering discounts and other great deals during the live stream. 

Use different promotional strategies while streaming. 

By combining various tactics, you will profit from your investment in live streaming digital marketing.

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