12 Best Practices to Increase
Online Sales [Powerful Methods]

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Online shopping has been a favorite solace to many people worldwide especially after the against-Covid-19 measures by the policymakers that oblige people to eliminate their at-the-store shopping. 

As we know, these regulations are no longer in force but no one knows what will happen in the coming days regarding new cases. 

Moreover, people have changed many of their pre-Covid-19 habits including shopping and as they have seen how facilitated it is to buy products and services online, it is almost unlikely that they get back to their old habit of traditional shopping.

As a result, it is important for you as a business owner or marketer to find the best ways to sell more online which requires you to learn the best practices to increase online sales.

How to Increase Online Sales

As a marketer or business owner, you are fully aware that marketing strategies need time and constant effort to turn out fruitful. Therefore, whatever marketing strategies you choose from this post to promote your online sales should be effective if you give them time and be consistent in implementing them. Here are the best tips to increase online sales.

1. Know Your Target Audience

You must know your prospects before you start any actions to generate leads. Knowing your target audience would clear the air about making the best decisions about your products and marketing efforts. If you do not know who you are marketing your products or services for, all your marketing efforts would be in vain.

You can identify purchasing habits and preferences by employing analytics tools in your online business and point-of-sale (POS) system. 

In addition, you can use your social media channels to see what buyer persona is attracted to your products and services. Since there is no physical contact between you and your future customers or clients, you should use every online tool that is best suited to your business niche to know your target audience. 

2. Use Analytics Tools to Promote Sales

If you want to increase your online sales, it is better to focus your marketing efforts by using analytics tools like Google Analytics to investigate how customers find their way to your store

For example, if a blog article drives a lot of traffic to your store, you should publish more content on that topic or similar topics. If a particular advertising channel leads to many sales, it is wiser to invest more in that channel instead of many useless channels with near-zero ROI.

3. Improve Customer Experience

Customers should be able to find and purchase what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. If your analytics suggest that a large number of people are viewing your site but not purchasing, it’s possible that your user experience needs improvements.

Analyze the heatmaps on your online store or website to finally realize what is it that keeps your generated leads from completing their order. 

If there is a technical issue, you have to fix that as soon as possible. In addition, try to facilitate the customer journey on your online store or website and stay away from complicated designs that both confuse and frustrate your prospects.

4. Add Customer Reviews to Product Pages

One great way to increase your sales is to add customer reviews to your product pages. People may think that you just want to sell your products or services, but they will make the final decision if they read the honest reviews of your customers as the reviews are written by users like themselves. 

Reviews are also great for knowing the shortcomings of your products and services because they may include negative facts too. As a result, you can improve your items and satisfy your customers or clients. 

This is how Kiko Milano adds customer reviews to its product page. 

kiko reviews
kiko reviews

5. Pay Special Attention to Customer Service

You may never know but it’s your post-order services that can determine your retention rate. Your goal is not just to sell; your goal should be to keep your customers satisfied so that they find the encouragement to come back to you and place more orders.

In addition, According to a Zendesk survey, 84% of respondents said customer service is a major element in selecting whether or not to buy something. So, you should also know that efficient customer service is not useful only after your customers made their purchases. 

Your generated leads may have questions even before placing their orders. For instance, they may want to choose to get their package at a pick-up point but they need to know the maximum number of days they can go to that particular pick-up point to get their order perhaps because they are out of town. 

If you have not already answered questions like this in an FAQ list, your customer service is responsible to be available 24/7, or else you will lose your future customers.

6. Create SEO Content to Stand Out

When you decide to sell online, you should help your target audience find you and buy from you. You should focus on enhancing your search engine ranking for terms that your customers or clients use to find you. This is called Search engine optimization (SEO). 

According to a 2019 Statista report, online organic and paid search accounted for 65% of all eCommerce sessions. Accordingly, you should optimize your content and website as a whole for search engines.

When someone has a query, they go to Google to find an answer. You can use SEO to help people find your eCommerce store by providing content that is entertaining and relevant to your target audience. Rather than merely writing about your products or services, address problems that your target audience may have and offer a solution.

Look at the search result for the ‘Perfume for Women’ keyword and see how the online shops that appeared here have optimized their content for Google.

example of search engine results page
Example of search engine results page

7. Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

You can increase your online sales by increasing your brand awareness across your social media channels. According to Hootsuite, public social feeds still account for 52% of all online brand discovery. 

Depending on your buyer persona, you should first choose the best social media platform for your business and then start to gain organic followers who care about your products and services. Providing useful, entertaining, and interactive content on social media can generate a lot of leads to your online store and increase your online sales.

8. Host Targeted Live Webinars

One powerful strategy you can use to increase your online sales is to host webinars. Since webinars can provide a real face of you or any other expert from your company, people would trust your brand more when taking part in your webinar. 

Since trust is shaped, they are likely to buy from you but trust is not everything. During your webinars, you should use different strategies such as storytelling, announcing a new product release or a recent upgrade for your services, offering a new promotion, etc. that encourages your participants to buy from you. 

If you think that hosting webinars take a lot of time and effort, you can simply use the best webinar software platforms

9. Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing has a surprisingly high ROI. During a 2020 survey carried out among marketers worldwide, it was found that for every US dollar invested in email marketing, brands earned 36 US dollars. You can simply communicate new offers and promotions as well as new releases with your customers if you use an eCommerce platform that saves email addresses automatically. 

If you need more email addresses for your email marketing campaigns, one solution is to provide a subscription option or a discount coupon on your blog. In addition to email marketing campaigns, you can also consider starting an email newsletter to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis.

10. Reduce Shipping Costs

With so many huge companies providing free delivery, customers frequently overlook shipping costs until they reach the checkout page. Many customers leave their shopping carts due to additional expenditures such as shipping. 

Build delivery expenses into your products as much as possible so you can provide free shipping. If that isn’t an option, try giving free shipping with a minimum order or a fixed shipping charge upfront.

Look at how Zara uses free shipping with a minimum order of 50 euros:

example of ecommerce shipping fee
Example of ecommerce shipping fee

11. Align Your Team to a Common Goal

Most important of all is to align your team and control everything that is going on inside your company. Increasing online sales does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort and collaboration with every department in your company to make that come true. 

Aligning your team can be much easier if you use a project management tool that helps you assign tasks to the responsible team members, add time tracking to each task, create productivity reports, communicate with team members, and finally keep all employees on the same page.

When everything is under control in your company, there would be no or few logistics issues, delayed deliveries, technical issues, customer support problems, and dissatisfied customers.

12. Create Engaging Content

Before you do any of the tips listed above, make sure the content you’re putting out into the world is high quality and grabs potential customers’ attention. You’ll also need lots of it! But who has time to write new and original content to put out on a consistent schedule? 

With an AI assisted copywriting tool, that part is taken care of. All you have to do is input the details about your product, and AI writing tools will automatically generate content that you can use for blogs, product descriptions, web copy, and over 75 other use cases. 

For anyone in e-commerce looking to increase their online sales, they even have tools for persuasive bullet points, Amazon product features, and Google ads. This will help you not only boost sales, but scale your entire business with ease. Remember: content is key!

Summary of Increasing Online Sales

All in all, you can increase your online sales if your team is working efficiently on the smart strategies and goals that you’ve set. The above-mentioned best practices to increase online sales are some strategies that you can use to promote your online sales. The most important point is to tailor the content for your specific target audience. That includes the tonality, length, format and channel of your content.