15 Ways to Make Your Webinar More Interactive and Engaging

Are you tired of delivering webinars where your participants seem disengaged and uninterested? 

You’re not alone. 

It can be challenging to keep people engaged when you’re delivering a webinar presentation. 

Engaging with your audience during a webinar is crucial if you want to create a memorable and impactful experience

Studies show that only 40% of webinar attendees are paying attention from the start to the end. 

The remainder drop out along the road. If you don’t interact with your webinar participants, you run the risk of losing their interest and attention.

Moreover, when your attendees are actively participating in your webinar, they are more likely to take action

This is especially practical for sales webinars, where your goal is to inspire attendees to make a purchase of your product or service.

In this article, you’ll learn practical tips for hosting more interactive webinars and how to engage people better.

1. Greet Your Audience when They Join

Greeting your audience and making them feel welcomed is a critical step in creating an engaging and interactive webinar. When you take the time to personally welcome attendees as they join. 

It serves as an ice-breaker and sets a friendly tone in the webinar room.

Addressing your attendees by name can help create a more personalized experience, making them feel valued and appreciated. This initial interaction will help alleviate any awkwardness and nerves that attendees may be feeling. It sets a friendly and inviting tone from before the webinar starts. It makes  them feel like everyone is in the same room.

2. Talk in an Engaging Way

It’s important to remember that effective communication is a two-way street, and encouraging feedback and interaction can help make your presentation even more engaging. 

Here are more tips that would help capture the attendee’s attention:

Remember, an engaging webinar is not only more memorable and fun, but it also makes your audience more likely to take action and attend your next webinar.

MyOwnConference live webinar room
MyOwnConference live webinar room

3. Promise Something by the End of the Webinar

Making some sort of promise can help you create a sense of anticipation and keep your audience interested throughout the entire webinar. This could be an assurance that at the conclusion of the presentation, something intriguing or exclusive would be revealed.

You can generate excitement and anticipation in your audience by dropping hints about what is to follow, which will assist keep them interested all the way through. As an alternative, you may extend a special deal or discount to those who join the webinar. 

This can serve as a significant incentive for participants to stick around and take part.

4. Encourage Commenting in the Chat

During the webinar, you can encourage audience members to share their own experiences or a personal anecdote related to the topic. This can really foster a sense of community and create an interactive experience.

Webinar Q&A chat
Webinar Q&A chat

Utilizing the chat function can help attendees feel more comfortable sharing their opinions, as they can do so anonymously or without interrupting the presentation.

Responding to these comments and questions can help build a rapport with your audience and create a more personalized experience that can lead to increased engagement and participation.

5. Use Slides, Photos and Videos

Incorporating visuals is a great idea to engage your audience and make your presentation more dynamic and interesting.

By using slides or videos to illustrate key points, you can help to reinforce the information you are presenting and create a visual context that can help the audience to better understand and retain the information.

WebinarJam live webinar room
WebinarJam live webinar room

Utilizing images and graphics can also be an effective way to break up text-heavy slides and make the presentation more visually appealing. Switching between different media can help to avoid monotony and cater to different learning styles of your audience.

Lastly, offering demonstrations or simulations can increase webinar engagement and reinforce the practical applications of the information you are presenting.

6. Make Your Webinar Interactive and Personal

Sharing personal anecdotes or stories will help you build rapport with the participants. I will make your points more relatable and memorable, and also connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

Personal experiences can help to establish you as an authority in your subject area, as they demonstrate that you have practical experience of what you are presenting. This can increase your credibility and make it easier for your audience to trust and engage with you. 

Additionally, sharing personal stories can help to inject some personality and warmth into your live webinar, making it more enjoyable and engaging for your audience.

7. Engage Your Audience with Live Polls

If you’re wondering how to host a webinar that keeps your audience engaged, incorporating interactive elements into your webinar is crucial. They keep your audience engaged and are a vital part of an interactive webinar.

Using live polls during a webinar is an excellent way to encourage audience participation while gathering real-time feedback. Interactive polls not only help to break up the presentation and keep the audience engaged, but they also provide valuable insights into what the audience is thinking and feeling.

Sharing poll results with attendees
Sharing poll results with attendees

By adjusting the content based on poll results, you can tailor the live event to the needs and interests of your audience, making it more relevant and engaging. This also shows the audience that their feedback is valued and encourages them to stay engaged throughout the presentation.

8. Use the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging your audience, as it helps to make your presentation more relatable and memorable. While there are other forms of storytelling besides just presenting your own. For example, sharing motivational stories about important personalities or significant events can enhance your presentation.

This makes your presentation more relatable and tangible for the audience by demonstrating the real-world relevance of what you are discussing about. Storytelling can help to build a connection with your audience by making your presentation more practical and true to life.

Using storytelling techniques in your webinar can make complex or abstract topics more accessible and easier to understand, while also creating a more personal connection between the host and the attendee.

9. Offer a Q&A Session

Encouraging attendees to ask questions during the virtual event is a smart move. This will keep them interested as they feel involved in the discussion.

You should provide clear instructions on how to ask questions so that there are no disruptions throughout your presentation. Using the chat tool or a dedicated Q&A feature is a good approach for your audience to ask relevant questions. The latter method is preferable since it allows for you to address unanswered questions at your own pace.

Q&A attendee

The good news is that most of the best webinar platforms already include a built-in feature to ask and answer questions. This will make it easier for you to organize questions without paying for an additional tool. Some webinar platforms like BigMarker and Livestorm even allow users to upvote questions. This is practically useful to determine the most popular and important topics to address in the webinar.

Livestorm Q&A upvoting
Attendee view: Upvoting on questions on Livestorm

10. Use Fun and Creative Visuals

Using fun and creative visuals during your webinar can be an effective way to keep your audience engaged and make your presentation more memorable.

Add eye-catching visuals, charts, graphs, or other visual aids into your slide deck. It can help simplify difficult ideas or concepts to demonstrate your main points. A personal touch and a crafted mood can be established by adding some humor or amusing touches. Just make sure the humor complements your business and the subject matter you are covering.

BigMarker playing videos during webinar
Play/Pause and seek YouTube videos

Utilizing distinctive and imaginative visuals can also assist you in differentiating your webinar from others and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

11. Make Your Webinar Mobile-Friendly

In today’s environment, the majority of people access the internet through their mobile devices, thus it’s critical that your webinar be mobile-friendly. This includes ensuring that all of the tools and materials you provide operate properly on smartphones and tablets.

webinargeek mobile cta
WebinarGeek mobile CTA
webinargeek mobile poll
WebinarGeek mobile poll

Check that your registration page, presentation materials, and webinar software are all easy to view and use on mobile devices. When your webinar is mobile-friendly, your audience may quickly engage with your material, resulting in a better user experience, especially for those using mobile devices.

12. Offer Exclusive Access to Resources

When you provide guests unique access to additional materials or information, you demonstrate that you are interested in their learning experience beyond the webinar. You can provide templates, ebooks, whitepapers, or other takeaways that they can use to reinforce what they have learned later.

This will not only benefit your guests, but it will also increase your credibility as an industry thought leader. Encourage your guests to provide their own resources or best practices, which will contribute to a more collaborative and engaging environment.

WebinarGeek call-to-action as attendee
WebinarGeek call-to-action as attendee

When you provide participants with additional materials, you indicate that you respect their participation and are prepared to go above and beyond to assist their learning.

13. Give a Temporary Spotlight to an Attendee

Have you ever considered shining a spotlight on one of your webinar attendees? It’s an excellent method to boost audience engagement and make them feel more connected.

Some webinar platforms, such as BigMarker, allow you to provide any attendee temporary presenter powers. This means you may allow an attendee to use their webcam and microphone for a limited time, such as 2 minutes, to share their personal experience or thoughts with the rest of the audience.

Make any attendee a temporary presenter
Make any attendee a temporary presenter

It’s an effective method to boost participation and foster a feeling of community among your participants.

14. Encourage Networking Opportunities

Attending webinars can be more fun if you get to know other participants. That’s why creating networking events or discussions can be helpful for sharing experiences and learning from one another. 

You can encourage attendees to participate in these networking activities, join groups, or follow-up after the webinar. This way, you can exchange ideas and best practices with other like-minded individuals. By connecting, you may even form new business relationships or open up opportunities for collaborations.

15. Invite a Guest Speaker to Co-host the Webinar

Bringing in guest speakers or experts to your live webinars might assist your audiences to gain new perspectives and ideas. Invite professionals to share their expertise, insights, and knowledge with your audience.

Example webinar with a guest
Example webinar with a guest using Demio webinar software

Organize panel discussions or debates with guest speakers and attendance to make the webinar more engaging. You may also employ a Q&A session to allow the audience to directly ask the guest speakers questions.

An interview with your guest is another technique to engage your viewers. You may ask them pertinent and thought-provoking questions that will assist deliver great insights to your audience. Make sure to inform your attendees about the topic of the interview ahead of time and urge them to come prepared with their own questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive Webinars

Which Webinar Platform Would Allow for Interactions?

There are several excellent solutions available if you’re seeking for a webinar platform that supports interactivity.

The most well-liked option for interactive webinars is Zoom, which provides features like breakout rooms, polls, chat, and Q&A capabilities. Another excellent tool that offers discussion, polls, hand raising, and Q&A sessions is GoToWebinar.

Consider platforms like BigMarker or Demio, which provide capabilities like virtual whiteboards, live on-screen annotations, and the capacity to invite audience members onto the stage with you, for more sophisticated interactions.

Here’s a list of different types of interactions you can use in a webinar:

You may provide your audience with an engaging and interactive webinar experience by combining the right tools and features for your webinar.

What are the Different Interactive Webinar Formats?

If you’re looking to create an interactive webinar, there are many different formats you can choose from to engage your audience.

To create a really engaging and interactive webinar experience, think about which of these webinar formats best suits your objectives and target audience. Each of these formats has its own distinct advantages.

Key Takeaways to Host an Interactive Webinar

Hosting interactive webinars is an excellent method to leave a lasting impact on your audience. 

You may make your presentation more fascinating and memorable by employing narrative tactics, personal tales, and creative imagery.

To host a successful webinar, encourage audience engagement via Q&A, chat, and polls. Change visuals in your slide deck. 

This will keep your audience engaged and interested in your presentation. 

Inviting guest speakers or specialists to participate in your webinar may also introduce a fresh viewpoint and bring new ideas to the table. 

By optimizing your webinar for mobile devices and providing attendees with access to additional resources, you can improve the overall user experience and make it more likely that they will attend your next event.

To achieve the best results with webinars, we recommend using a professional webinar platform

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