4 Guest Post Email Templates with Highest Reply Rates + Stats

Ever felt like your guest post outreach emails were on a solo mission to the Bermuda Triangle, never to be seen or replied to again?

Maybe they’re chilling with Atlantis residents, discussing your genius ideas.

Trust me, it’s not you; it’s the email. (Okay, maybe a teeny bit you.)

But fear not! We’ve brewed a magic potion that’ll transform your guest post email template into a captivating masterpiece.

With this guide, your emails will not only come back from their mysterious journey but will return with a golden ticket—a confirmed blog spot.

So, put on those reading glasses, grab your favorite snack, and get comfy.

Why Email Outreach for Guest Posting Matters

Email outreach for guest posting isn’t just another buzzword; it’s the linchpin of successful digital marketing. When you dive into guest post outreach, especially with a tailored guest post email template, you’re unlocking doors to new audiences and opportunities.

Think about it: a well-crafted guest post outreach can land you a spot on a reputable blog, giving your content exposure to its vast readership. Using a blog outreach email template that resonates can make all the difference between a nod of approval and a quick trip to the trash folder.

10 Benefits of Guest Blogging
10 Benefits of Guest Blogging

And when you nail that guest post on Forbes or any other high-authority platform, it’s like gold for your online credibility. Plus, as you’re spreading your expertise through guest posts on various blogs, you’re also building backlinks, which are SEO gold.

In essence, mastering your blogger outreach template and strategy means more eyes on your content and a boost in your website’s authority. So, it’s not just about writing a guest post; it’s about the strategic moves you make before hitting the ‘send’ button on that outreach email.

Key Elements of a Perfect Guest Post Email Template

Ready to level up your guest post outreach game? Let’s talk about the secret sauce: a spot-on guest post email template. This isn’t just any ordinary email; it’s your golden ticket to visibility. Here’s what should be in it:

Elements of a guest post email
Elements of a guest post email

Remember, the essence of these elements isn’t just about ticking off boxes. It’s about building a genuine connection and proving your value in a sea of emails. Every component should be geared towards establishing trust, showcasing value, and making collaboration seamless and enticing.

3 Strategies of Guest Post Outreach with Templates

Navigating the intricate world of guest post outreach can sometimes feel like deciphering a maze. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that complex.

With the right strategies in your arsenal, coupled with tailor-made templates, you can not only find the right doors but also know the secret knock. Let’s dive into three powerful outreach strategies to get your content the spotlight it deserves.

1. Write For Us Outreach

The “Write For Us Outreach” strategy is a game-changer. Picture this: you discover a website that’s actively scouting for fresh, authentic voices like yours, simply waiting for the right pitch. 

Here’s the playbook to make it count:

With this approach, you’re not merely knocking on their door; you’re setting the stage for a lasting partnership. Go on, give it a shot!

Here’s an email template to help you get started:

Subject line: Content gaps in your blog? Let me help

Hey [name]

You have covered a wide array of topics in your niche. Well done!

However, you haven’t covered some important keywords.
I can help you fill that gap by writing a blog article for you.

Some of your content gaps that I can write about for you:

  • [topic1]
  • [topic2]
  • [topic3]

I always aim to make my articles practical, data-backed and optimized for SEO.
I’ve written articles for high authority websites, like [hyperlink to your guest post 1], [hyperlink to your guest post 1], [hyperlink to your guest post 1] and more.

Let me know which of my suggested topics you like the most.
Or suggest any other topic in your niche.

Let me know either way

[Your signature]

Write For Us Outreach Sample Email
Write For Us Outreach Sample Email

2. Competitor Content Gap Outreach

This strategy is like being a detective in the vast digital landscape. You investigate a site by comparing it to two close competitors and analyzing what content it might be missing. Here’s how it works:

With this strategy in your toolkit, you’re offering more than content; you’re presenting a roadmap to potential growth.

Here’s an email template to help you get started:

Subject line: Organic keywords where [company] is missing out

Hey [first name]

You’ve covered a lot of insightful topics on your blog, but you still have a couple of blind spots.

After running a bit of keyword analysis on Ahrefs, I found that your competitors [competitor 1] and [competitor 2] have covered important topical keywords that you haven’t. [screenshot link or file]

I’m happy to cover these content gaps for you in a new article. More specifically, I can write on any of these topics and target keywords:

  • [topic 1]
  • [topic 2]
  • [topic 3]

I’ll be sure to target the chosen keyword, include internal links, relevant statistics and illustrative images. This will ensure the best SEO value to maximize your organic traffic potential.

Which topic do you like the most?

[Your signature]

Competitor Gap Outreach Sample Email
Competitor Gap Outreach Sample Email

Here’s a sample content gap analysis screenshot:

Content Gap Analysis Screenshot
Content Gap Analysis Screenshot

3. Recently Linked to Competitors

Ever stumbled upon a site and thought, “Wait a minute, didn’t my competitor just guest post here?” That’s the “Recently Linked to Competitors” strategy in action, and trust me, it’s a goldmine.

You can find out if a website has recently added external dofollow links by looking at the Outgoing links in Ahrefs. Filter for “dofollow” and “in content” links:

Recently Linked to Others Analysis
Recently Linked to Others Analysis

When you notice a site cozying up to your competitors with fresh guest posts, it’s a green light. They’re already open to collaboration, and that’s your cue to jump in. Now, don’t reinvent the wheel. Stick to the trusted outreach method you’d use for the “Write For Us” strategy.

Tailor your email, highlight the unique value you bring, and showcase those stellar articles you’ve penned. The key difference? Make sure to subtly hint that, while their recent guest post was great, you’ve got something even more enticing up your sleeve.

Seal the deal with your signature flourish, and voilà, you’re in the game, poised to offer a fresh perspective they didn’t even know they needed.

Guest Post Outreach Follow Ups

Alright, fellow content creator, so you’ve sent that pitch-perfect outreach email, and the suspense of awaiting a response is palpable. Here’s the deal: persistence often pays off. Let’s dive into those essential follow-up strategies that can get your foot in the door.

First Follow-Up

Now, if you’re thinking one week has passed since your first guest post outreach email with no word back, it’s time to gently nudge them again. In this email, turn up the charm and emphasize the myriad benefits they stand to gain from your guest post.

Think of it as presenting a golden opportunity they shouldn’t miss. And hey, don’t forget to circle back to your initial suggestions, asking them to pinpoint the topic that aligns best with their blog. It’s all about making it simple for them to say, “Yes!”

Here’s a follow-up email template:

Which of these topics did you like the most?

I’d like to emphasize that my article will be targeting a specific keyword and optimized with SurferSEO.

I would also include relevant images and an internal link to one of your own blog articles.

This would give you maximum SEO value for this article.

Just pick the most suitable topic and I’ll start writing right away.

[Your signature]

Sample Guest Post Outreach First Follow-up
Sample Guest Post Outreach First Follow-up

Second Follow-Up

Another week goes by, and it’s time for plan B. This is where you introduce the enticing idea of a link exchange proposal. Paint them a vivid picture of the mutual benefits that come with linking arms (or, in this case, links).

Emphasize how this link exchange isn’t just an ordinary transaction but an avenue for amplified visibility and mutual growth. Remember, it’s not about pushing, but about presenting a win-win scenario.

Here’s an email template you can use:

Are you open to link exchange instead?

I have several high DR sites that I’m currently working with. If you’re up for it, I can link to your site from them.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the sites

[Your signature]

Sample Guest Post Outreach Second Follow-up
Sample Guest Post Outreach Second Follow-up

Guest Post Outreach Stats

Alright, content champ, let’s chat numbers. When diving into the world of guest post outreach, you can’t wing it; you need those solid, fact-based stats to guide your journey.

By delving into guest post outreach stats, you’re essentially peeping behind the curtain, gaining insight into what’s working and, perhaps more crucially, what’s not. Take a moment to consider how many outreach emails lead to published guest posts, or how often your first email gets a reply compared to that second or third follow-up.

These aren’t just random figures; they’re your roadmap to refining your approach. And hey, when you weave SEO guest posting into the mix and align your efforts with those hard-hitting stats, you’re basically setting the stage for success.

Armed with these insights, you’re not just another blogger reaching out; you’re a strategist, a visionary, making every email count.

Statistics for Write for Us Outreach

Ever wondered about the real-life numbers behind the “Write for Us Outreach” strategy? Well, let me share a bit of our adventure.

After channeling our efforts and reaching out to a whopping 346 sites, the echoes in the digital realm varied. A solid 73% of our efforts met with radio silence. Yep, no word back. But don’t be disheartened! A promising 27% did strike up a conversation.

Write For Us Outreach Statistics
Write For Us Outreach Statistics

Here’s where it gets interesting: of those who took a moment to chat, a tight-knit 2% gave our guest post a thumbs up, 5% decided it wasn’t their jam, and a significant 20% kept us in suspense, neither jumping on board nor declining.

Write For Us Outreach Accept and Reject Rate
Write For Us Outreach Accept and Reject Rate

These figures aren’t just numbers; they’re the beats of our outreach symphony. And remember, every response, whether a go-ahead, a decline, or a maybe, is a step forward in the grand dance of outreach.

So, with each email you craft, know that you’re part of this vast, unpredictable, yet oh-so-rewarding dance.

Statistics for Competitor Gap Outreach

We tried to measure the Competitor Gap Outreach strategy, and it was an enlightening expedition. Embarking on this journey, we targeted a solid 190 sites, each brimming with potential.

But here’s the kicker: the vast majority, a staggering 91%, didn’t even bat an eye. Silent as the night! Yet, hope wasn’t lost, for 9% did grace us with their attention.

Competitor Gap Outreach Statics
Competitor Gap Outreach Statics

Now, breaking down that curious 9%, here’s the scoop: 2% were all in, embracing our pitch, another 2% graciously bowed out, and the remaining 5%? They’re still out there, weighing their options, leaving us on our toes.

Competitor Gap Accept and Reject Rate
Competitor Gap Accept and Reject Rate

What this tells you is that while the Competitor Gap Outreach might seem like navigating a maze, every echo, every whisper, is a clue, guiding your way. So gear up, because every outreach campaign is a step closer to decoding the enigma!

Statistics for Recently Linked to Others Outreach

Let’s switch gears and delve into the “Recently Linked to Others Outreach” territory. You know, playing detective and reaching out to those who’ve given a nod to our peers?

We aimed our outreach lasers at a cool 439 sites, eager to see who’d join the conversation. The result? A chunky 78% chose to stay hushed, not letting out a single reply. But hold onto your hat, because 22% did come alive, sparking up a chat.

Recently Linked to Others Outreach Statistics
Recently Linked to Others Outreach Statistics

And within this lively bunch? A notable 3% were all about joining the guest posting party, while 5% politely shut the door. The suspense is real with the remaining 14% — they’re out there, mulling things over, keeping us in eager anticipation

Recently Linked to Others Accept and Reject Rate
Recently Linked to Others Accept and Reject Rate

It’s all part of the thrill, right? So, as you embark on this approach, remember: it’s a mix of strategy, persistence, and a touch of mystery. Every engagement, every silence, is a story in the making.

What Did we Learn After Reaching Out to Almost 1000 Websites

Embarking on this expansive quest of reaching out to almost 1000 websites taught us quite a bit about the dynamics of the digital outreach realm. We weren’t merely casting lines; we were making notes, taking cues, and refining strategies.

So, itching to know the lessons we picked up on this odyssey? Here’s the rundown:

The realm of guest post outreach is intricate, demanding a mix of strategy, patience, adaptability, and yes, a dash of charisma. Every response, every silence is a masterclass in how to finesse our approach.

So, when you’re prepping for your next outreach escapade, keep in mind: it’s not about firing off countless emails, but about the precision, relevance, and timing of each one.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Successful Guest Post Outreach

Alright, my outreach superstar, ready to amp up your game? I’ve gathered some dynamite tips to skyrocket that guest post outreach of yours. Trust me; with these in your arsenal, you’ll be turning heads in no time.

Alright, now you’re armed and ready. Go on, get out there, and make some outreach magic happen!

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Guest Posting Outreach

Eager to get that guest post published, and then…crickets. Or worse, a big, fat “no.” But don’t fret, here’s the lowdown on what might be going wrong. Sidestepping these blunders can be your game-changer:

Common mistakes in guest post outreach
Common mistakes in guest post outreach

So, keep these pitfalls in your rearview mirror and pave the way for some successful guest posting outreach. Cheers to making fewer mistakes and more connections!

Frequently Asked Questions on Guest Post Emails

So you’re diving deep into the world of guest post outreach, and it’s a maze, isn’t it? It’s totally cool to have a ton of questions. We’ve been down that road too! Here are a few queries that often pop up, and they might just be the ones dancing in your head:

Is it okay to use cold email tools to automate the outreach process?

Absolutely, many digital marketers and bloggers turn to cold email tools to streamline their guest post outreach. These tools are brilliant for saving time and ensuring consistent follow-ups. But while they offer efficiency, it’s essential not to compromise on the personal touch.

Tailoring your emails to each recipient is crucial to avoid coming off as impersonal or generic. Automation can surely enhance the outreach process, but remember to use it wisely.

Prioritize personalization, monitor deliverability rates, and steer clear of tactics that might flag your emails as spam. In essence, when used thoughtfully, automation tools can be a valuable asset in your outreach strategy.

How often should I follow up on a guest post email?

It’s a fine balance. While you want to stay on the radar, you don’t want to be that annoying bug buzzing around their ear. Generally, after sending your initial blogger outreach template, waiting a week before the first follow-up is a good rule of thumb.

If there’s still no response, give it another week and then send a second follow-up. But after that? Maybe it’s time to move on.

What if my guest post gets rejected?

Ouch, that stings, doesn’t it? But hey, don’t take it to heart. There could be a myriad of reasons – maybe it doesn’t fit their content calendar, perhaps it overlaps with a post they’ve already got in the pipeline, or it could just be Tuesday.

Take feedback if they give any, refine your approach, and try elsewhere. Remember, even J.K. Rowling faced numerous rejections before Harry Potter saw the light of day. So, chin up, and keep pitching!

Can you use an AI writing tool to generate your outreach emails?

Certainly, AI writing tools have made strides in streamlining the outreach email process. When you use an AI writing tool to craft your outreach emails, you’re leveraging technology to generate data-driven insights and templates tailored for your audience. It’s a game-changer, especially for ensuring consistency and efficiency.

However, while it can give a solid foundation for your guest post email template, it’s vital to add a personal touch. Even the smartest AI can’t replicate the genuine human connection, so it’s best to use AI as a starting point and then infuse the email with your unique style to ensure authenticity.

Key Takeaways on Guest Post Emails

Guest post outreach isn’t just about shooting a quick email and hoping for the best; it’s an art and science rolled into one.

Throughout this article, we’ve journeyed through the intricate dance of making that first connection, from the ideal email templates to strategies tailored for specific outreach methods.

Whether you’re approaching a site with an open invitation to write or zeroing in on a competitor’s gaps, the key remains: personalization, relevance, and value. We’ve also pulled back the curtain on the stats, giving you a peek into the numbers that drive success.

It’s not just about reaching out; it’s about following up, offering something of value, and dodging those common pitfalls.

And as with any tool, automation has its place, but it should always serve the purpose of enhancing genuine human connections, not replacing them.

As you venture into your next outreach, armed with these insights and strategies, always remember the power of a personal touch and the true value you’re bringing to the table. Happy guest posting!

To achieve the best results with email outreach, we recommend using a professional email automation software

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