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In this GetResponse webinar review we will answer 2 big questions: 

  1. GetResponse has established itself as an email marketing platform. But can they really do entire webinar funnels with live webinar experiences and interactions?

  2. How much does it actually matter to have email marketing + webinar marketing at one place? Wouldn’t it get too expensive?

Setup & Webinar Types

GetResponse is a fully loaded all-in-one marketing platform, so you can:

Usually having your email lists, templates, webinars, analytics, data all included in one marketing platform is a good idea. Unless it gets too expensive.

In this GetResponse webinar review, we’ll be focusing on webinar funnels. More specifically, you’ll learn:

Live webinars become available from the Plus plan. You can host them natively on GetResponse or stream via YouTube Live or Facebook Live.

Youtube or Facebook live
Youtube or Facebook live

You can also run on-demand automated webinars with GetResponse, but only if you sign up with the Pro plan.

Is GetResponse Really Built for Webinars?

Hosting webinars is a lucrative marketing strategy. So, GetResponse has built the entire webinar experience functionality (Spoiler: It’s better than many other webinar software out there).

You can create a one-off webinar with minimum functionality or an entire webinar funnel:

one-off webinar or conversion funnel
Create a single webinar event or a Webinar Conversion Funnel

To really enjoy all the features, I suggest going with the Conversion Funnel for webinars.

One thing that got me confused during this GetResponse webinar review was editing my webinar settings after creating my webinar funnel.

I discovered that you have to go under “Webinars” and check all your webinars (Conversion funnel webinars are unchecked by default):

check all webinars

That’s an important thing to remember, because your “Join as presenter” links and webinar analytics are under there too.

GetResponse Webinar Funnel Page Builder

You can immediately tell GetResponse has gone above and beyond with the webinar funnel design and customization options. 

After creating a webinar funnel, it will be visualized right away.

GetResponse Webinar conversion funnel
Webinar conversion funnel

It’s crystal clear what steps your attendees will be going through.

And it will show exactly how many people have gone through each step. 

Webinar Registration Pages

There are loads of Registration Page templates to choose from.

GetResponse landing page templates
Registration Page templates

Some templates are designed specifically for webinars. There are also tons of free images you can easily implement into your landing pages. 

But you can take any template and just add the webinar registration form from the toolbox.

The rich toolbox and text editor give you powers to design the Registration Page exactly as you like. Here are some of my favorite tools from the Funnel Page editor toolbox:

The exit pop-ups will prompt the visitor to register. You can customize the message. Here’s an example:

GetResponse exit pop-up
Exit pop-up design

In the funnel view, you’ll see the exact statistics for the sign-up rate on the exit pop-up.

Built-in A/B Testing

You can add different variants of your Registration page and change a few aspects. For example, you can experiment with different texts and different call-to-actions. It would show equally (50/50) to visitors, so you’ll see which one converts better.

A/B testing variant B
Creating a variant B

You can create a variants C, D and so on…

Post-webinar Thank You Page

In your webinar funnel, after the webinar, there’s a specific sales-focused post-webinar thank-you page.

GetResponse post-webinar thank-you page
GetResponse Page Builder: Editing the Post-webinar Thank-you Page

The purpose of this page is:

You can create multiple variants of this page as well, so you can improve the conversions each time.

And if that’s not enough, you can add Facebook tracking pixel to the page, so you can re-target them.

This is one of my favorite parts from this GetResponse webinar review. It’s really a great full-fledged marketing-focused webinar platform.

GetResponse Website Builder

As of recently, GetResponse has launched a brand new product – the GetResponse Website Builder. It’s a AI-powered, code-free website generator, where you just specify your requirements and it creates the website design for you. 

After generating a website with your desired requirements, you can further fine-tune your pages to match your specific needs and design taste. 

Who is it for?

The GetResponse Website Builder is ideally suited for: 

How Does the Website Builder Work Exactly?

The GetResponse Website Builder follows a really simple setup wizard that guides your some choices about your new website. 

First, you can choose the type of business and the kind of website you want to build. 

Website Builder wizard (1)
Website Builder wizard - Choose type

After that, you can really easily choose the elements that you want to be represented on your website. You can choose to have a some very commonplace plugin that otherwise take a lot of time to include and design. For example, a contact form, FAQ list, sign-up form, cookie banner, live chat, testimonials and much more. 

Website Builder wizard (2)
Website Builder wizard - Choose website elements

After the main building blocks are set on the website, it’s time to add some design touch. GetResponse suggests some color desgin choices for your newly created website. 

Alternatively, you can upload your logo and the GetResponse AI detects the logo colors and creates a desgin theme that would match that. 

Website Builder wizard (3)
Website Builder wizard - Design options

Now the Website Builder generates some sample designs for you to choose. All the samples have different layouts, so you can preview and choose the design that matches best with your business. The website builder automatically includes important plugins, like: 

This solution is perfect if you want to include all the plugins and elements on your website that are nowadays commonplace. And if you want to do it without any coding skills. 

Of course, alternatively you can also build the entire website from scratch using the convenient and intuitive drag and drop toolbox. 

SEO-Friendly Pages & Analytics

The SEO settings are really useful if you want to attract organic traffic from search engines to your webinar sign-up page. You can configure the page title tags, meta descriptions and URL slugs. 

The GetResponse Website Builder also includes a performance analytics dashboard. The performance data includes traffic, devices, location, click tracking , basic form tracking and pop-up engagement tracking. 

Website Builder Pricing

The pricing for the GetResponse Website Builder is quite affordable. It starts with $15 per month.  Plus, there’s a 30-day free trial. The website builder is available with every pricing plan. 

Marketing Emails + Webinar Reminder Emails

An important thing to notice on the GetResponse webinar funnel is that there are 2 types of emails:

Let’s talk about each one separately.

Registration Confirmation Email

This email can be configured on the webinar funnel page.

There are tons of flashy templates you can choose from:

GetResponse email templates
Marketing email templates

There are also abundant customization options. 

At least 81% of all emails get opened on a mobile device.

So, the mobile responsiveness is especially important on all your emails.

That’s why GetResponse email editor is constantly showing a mobile preview on the right-hand side while you edit.

GetResponse email editor
GetResponse email editor constantly shows the mobile preview on the right-hand side

On the funnel, you’ll see real-time email insights for your marketing emails:

Webinar Reminder Emails

The webinar reminder emails can be configured under the webinar settings (not under the webinar funnel).

The reminders can be set up:

And there are 3 templates you can choose from:

GetResponse webinar email reminders
GetResponse webinar email reminder templates

Apart from choosing the email reminder theme, there’s no further customization you can do on those.

However, the reminder email includes an “Add to calendar” link and is generally well designed.

GetResponse webinar email reminder example
Webinar email reminder example

As I was doing this GetResponse webinar review, it wasn’t clear right away that I have to configure the confirmation email and the webinar reminder emails in separate places. 

Audience Engagement Tools for Live Webinars

To set up the polls, surveys and offers for the webinar, you’d have to just Join as Presenter into the live webinar room a bit earlier, so you can set up the interaction tools, the slides and get familiar with the controls.

Praparing the event choice
Option to prepare the even beforehand

Surveys are Perfect for Teaching Webinars

There are 2 types of surveys available in GetResponse:

Polls can be single choice, multiple choice or open-ended answers. 

You can even add images to each answer. 

The polls would look like this during the live webinar:

GetResponse Live webinar polls example
GetResponse Live webinar polls example

Tests surveys are polls with scores assigned to each answer. That’s just perfect for classroom-style teaching webinars.

You can randomize the question order and set a time limit for the test surveys.

Pre-configuring a test for the live webinar
Pre-configuring a test for the live webinar

Chat Features

One feature that I enjoyed during this GetResponse webinar review was the Raise Hand statuses.

These are shortcuts to technical statuses that the attendees can mark, like:

GetResponse raise hand statuses
Raise hand statuses that attendees can mark

So, you as the host will see the statuses next to the attendee names. 

If an attendee asks a question, GetResponse will automatically recognize it as a question.

You can also mark questions manually.

Once the time has come for Q&A, you can go to the “Question mode”, review and publish questions one-by-one:

Publishing questions
Host publishing Q&A questions

Once you (as the host) publish a question, it will appear on the main screen, so that all the attendee will see it.

This way your attendees won’t solely rely on hearing what the questions was – they can read it on the screen:

Host publishes the questions one by one
Host publishes the questions one by one

That allows you to go through all the questions one-by-one and the attendees can easily keep track of what question exactly you are answering.

Panel Discussion Mode

Sometimes simple questions aren’t enough. Sometimes you need to get really creative and interactive.

A unique feature that I discovered during this GetResponse webinar review is the Discussion Mode.

You can create an instant panel discussion with up to 10 attendees.

GetResponse webinar discussion mode
Discussion Mode with up to 10 attendees

Or you can invite a specific attendee to join with video and share their story.

GetResponse attendee as a guest with webcam enabled
An attendee has joined with their webcam


You can customize a call-to-action button with a time limit.

The time limit is a great way to create urgency and encourage attendees to act fast.

Offer as attendee
How the attendees will see the offers

For on-demand webinars there are polls, call-to-actions and a chat function, but no bots.

Video Quality & Tech Support

The webcam video quality is nothing special. It’s even below average, I’d say.

GetResponse webinar video quality
GetResponse webinar video quality

There is an option to set it to HD (720p actually), but I didn’t see any difference after switching to HD.

Switching to HD
Switching to HD

Lightning-fast Customer Support Chat, but No Community

Through-out this GetResponse webinar review, I’ve used the Customer Support chat on around 10 occasions. Doesn’t matter if it was early morning or late at night, or even in the weekend – the customer support people were always really helpful and answered my questions in under 2 minutes. So, two thumbs up for that.

However, it seems that there’s no official (or unofficial) Facebook community around GetResponse.

Presentation Tools for Live Webinars

The presentation tools are something I enjoyed the most during this GetResponse webinar review.

You can upload your slideshow straight to the platform, as you’d expect. I’d recommend you do that before starting the webinar.

And as you’re presenting, you’re seeing the next-slide preview, so you can create smooth transitions for your delivery.

GetResponse live webinar slideshow example
GetResponse live webinar slideshow example

If you’re a very hands-on person like me, then you’re going to love the whiteboard tool.

There’s a wide array of drawing tools you can use to emphasize some key points on your slides

GetResponse whiteboard tools
GetResponse: A wide range of whiteboard drawing tools

And – if you want, you can make these drawing tools available to all the attendees.

You can take a blank whiteboard and ask your attendees collaboratively sketch out their ideas.

And you can download the whiteboard drawing as a PDF afterwards.

Example whiteboard drawing
Example collaborative whiteboard drawing during live webinar (Sorry about the awful drawing skills)

This makes it an awesome webinar software for teaching and collaboration.

You can also share YouTube videos during your webinar.

The playback is smooth for the attendees, you can pause the video and resume it easily.

Youtube Example
Example of inserting and playing YouTube video during a live webinar

As you’d expect, you can also easily share your screen.

If you grant the “Presenter Role” to any of your attendees, they can do the same.

As you’re sharing your slides, video, whiteboard or screen, you might want to pause for a moment and switch to your webcam as the main screen to explain something or to emphasize a point.

You can easily do that, by just clicking on the “AV View” in the top left corner.

webcam AV view
Switching between slides and webcam is quick

And swiftly switch back. 

This type of directing the focus is an important presentation method, but most other webinar platforms have failed to implement it smoothly.

The rich and engaging presentation tools were something that surprised me the most during this GetResponse webinar review. They’ve really done a fantastic job here. 

Mobile Attendee Experience

While you’re building your Webinar Funnel, you’ll notice that all the pages and emails are mobile responsive. The emails even have a mobile preview, so you can constantly see how your emails would look like on mobile.

The attendees can even join the webinar on their phones.

In the webinar room, the slideshow and video will all be shown to the mobile attendees, just like on desktop.

GetResponse mobile attendee webcam
GetResponse attendee view: Only webcam
GetResponse mobile attendee webcam and slides
GetResponse attendee view: Slides

However, there are a couple of downsides to the mobile experience.

For example, part of the polls will be partly blocked by the webcam video. The mobile attendees would have to minimize the webcam video if they’d want to see the poll in full.

The tiny gray arrow will bring up the chat window. However, it’s extremely hard to tap on the mobile screen.

GetResponse Mobile webinar polls
Attendee view: Polls on Mobile
GetResponse mobile webinar chat
Attendee view: Chat on Mobile webinar

Overall, the mobile attendee experience is good enough. The chat and engagement features could be presented in a better way, but it gets the job done.

GetResponse also has an app specifically for webinar

GetResponse Webinar Recording and Replay

The GetResponse webinar replay will record:

Here’s an example of a webinar replay video:

But setting up the webinar follow-up email is not that smooth, to be honest.

GetResponse will not host the webinar video file, so you’ll have to download the webinar video file, upload it somewhere, get the link and use it as a replay link in the webinar follow up email.

Since you don’t know the webinar link beforehand, you have to set up the webinar follow-up call-to-action in your email manually after the webinar has ended.

Other webinar software, like WebinarJam have a built-in webinar follow-up emails. They would generate the webinar replay and send it to all the attendees automatically after the webinar.

Not in GetResponse.

In GetResponse, you can still send webinar follow-up emails, but you have to set it up in a rather complicated way:

  1. Turn on the Recoding during the live webinar
  2. After the webinar, export the webinar replay as an mp4 video file
  3. Upload the webinar video to Vimeo or YouTube
  4. Set up a Newsletter email in GetResponse (as a follow-up email)
  5. Set the Newsletter recipients as the attendees of your webinar
  6. Get the video link and insert it into the Newsletter
  7. Send out the Newsletter email

This is quite a hassle, to be honest and probably the most clunky aspect of this whole GetResponse webinar review.

GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics & Data Exports

The GetResponse webinar funnel gives you a really clear overview of how many people reached each step of the webinar funnel:  

GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics
Example of GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics

You can learn detailed info about your webinar funnel, for example:

The Registration Page A/B testing is available on all packages.  

Since GetResponse is an email marketing and automation platform, you’ll have really detailed analytics about the emails.

After the webinar has happened, you’ll see the details about attendance:

Webinar attendance statistics
Webinar attendance statistics

After the webinar, you can download some file exports, like:

The detailed webinar analytics report includes information like:

The GetResponse webinar funnel and event analytics are quite abundant, all you need to analyze and improve on your webinars.

GetResponse Webinar Pricing Plans

To access all the webinar features, you’ll have to go with at least the Plus Package.

Here’s a comparison of different GetResponse pricing packages and their webinar features:

All the packages will include:

Considering that you’ll get a complete email marketing software by nature integrated with your webinar software, I’d say it’s a very good deal.

Granted your email list size doesn’t expand through the roof.

For each package, you can choose how large email list you’d want to go with. It goes from 1 000 all the way up to 100 000, so it’s very scalable.

GetResponse Pricing
GetResponse Pricing Plans

The final pricing very much depends on your desired email list size. So, I’d suggest you keep that as low as possible.

I recommend using tags instead of lists, because the same email contact will be counted as multiple contacts if they’re in different lists. This way you won’t reach your limit that quickly.  

GetResponse offers a 30-day trial, which includes hosting webinars.

Note that you can only add up to 10 webinar attendees during the trial. And there’s no webinar recordings nor on-demand webinars during the trial.

GetResponse Webinar Review Conclusion:
Is it Worth it?

Let’s summarize the pros and cons from this GetResponse webinar review.

GetResponse is one of the most popular marketing software out there. They’ve certainly improved a lot over the years.

The webinar solution that they’ve built is definitely one of the best I’ve seen, when it comes to webinar presentation and audience engagement tools.  

If you’re looking for a stable webinar marketing software with everything built in, so you don’t have to mess around with integrations, I recommend trying it out.

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