9 Best Free Webinar Software Platforms of 2023 [Free Plans]

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Over the last two years, webinar marketing has become increasingly popular. As the world has gone online, it’s no surprise that choosing the appropriate webinar software is considered a key decision for so many organizations.

The best webinar software makes remote communication and event management, such as virtual conferences, training, lectures, and seminars, quick and easy. Unlike traditional panels, webinar technology is mainly used to reach a large number of participants at different locations at once. 

In this article, we’ll look at the various free webinar software options available to help you keep your head above water during these trying times. By looking into our list, you should be able to choose which of the offered solutions is the best for your specific needs – all free of charge.

What are the Best Free Webinar Platforms?

Livestorm is the best webinar software that allows you to host webinars live or schedule on-demand webinars for free. 

It’s also possible to host an online meeting with your teammates. The user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to attend webinars. 

Livestorm Registration Page
Livestorm Registration Page

The webinar setup allows you to create a registration page with custom registration forms. Once you’ve set everything up, you can promote your webinar easily with a quick-access link, so attendees can join webinars easily. 

During the webinar, you can keep your audience engaged with interactive tools like polls and Q&A. The presentation tools include screen sharing capabilities and HD video feed of the event organizers. 

Livestorm live webinar room
Livestorm live webinar room

You can also automatically record webinars and schedule automatic follow-up emails with the webinar recording attached. Furthermore, you can create pre-recorded webinars out of these recordings. 

Livestorm Free Plan Features

Livestorm Upgrade Plan

Zoho Meeting is one of the best free webinar platforms on the market if you want to host online events. It’s a powerful webinar service and video conferencing software. 

It has a browser-based version, but you can also download the desktop webinar application for more stable webinar virtual events. 

Zoho Meeting Registration Page
Zoho Meeting Registration Page

The registration page is very clear and to-the-point. The free version of Zoho Meeting also allows embedding it to your own website, so you website visitors can have an incredibly easy access to your webinar. 

Once attendees register, you can set up automatic reminder emails to maximize attendance. 

Zoho Meeting live webinar room
Zoho Meeting live webinar room

To present your webinar content, there are abundant presentation tools available, like screen sharing, multiple video layouts and on-demand file sharing

Interacting with your target audience during the webinar is a breeze. To keep your audience engaged you can use the chat, meeting reactions, polls, the collaborative whiteboard and the raise hand feature

Zoho Meeting Free Plan Features

Zoho Meeting Upgrade Plan

LiveWebinar is a powerful browser-based tool for hosting webinars, web seminars, online lessons, training webinars and other online meetings. 

The marketing automation features, registration forms, webinar recordings, and other free webinar software features, as well as the online meeting capabilities make it one of the best webinar software solutions you can get for free. 

LiveWebinar Registration Page
LiveWebinar Registration Page

Customize your live webinar room with your trademarks and decorations to make your webinar consistent with your company’s brand. 

Other audience engagement features include triggering call-to-actions, whiteboard, screen sharing and document sharing are all included in the free plan. 

LiveWebinar live webinar room
LiveWebinar live webinar room

However, it must be said that the low limit of attendees per webinar session makes it more like a free trial. Also, there is no webinar recording with the free plan. 

LiveWebinar Free Plan Features

Livestorm Upgrade Plan

MyOwnConference is a webinar software that’s a bit rough around the edges in the design department, but it’s one of the cheapest webinar solutions available. It also has a free plan.

MyOwnCoference Registration Page
MyOwnCoference Registration Page

On the registration page, you can create a feeling of scarcity with the countdown timer and “Seats left” features. You can also add more custom registration fields to capture more information from your leads. 

To boost your webinar sign-up rate, you can include Facebook and Google sign-up, so that attendees can register with just one click

MyOwnConference live webinar room
MyOwnConference live webinar room

The live webinar room looks a bit outdated, but still has all the important presentation and audience engagement features. 

You can start screen sharing, initiate polls, surveys and Q&A, engage in the chat, and show a video clip.

MyOwnConference Free Plan Features

MyOwnConference Upgrade Plan

Zoom has been the most widely-used used video conferencing software for a long time. It’s free to use for online meetings, but the webinar tool costs extra.

Zoom Registration Page
Zoom Registration Page

It connects people in a clean and secured space in order to prosper and be more effective. Whether you need to host a webinar, an online seminar or an on-demand online meeting, Zoom can help you out. 

Over the years, Zoom has perfected its video engine and its downloadable desktop client can easily handle virtually unlimited attendees. Their pricing goes up to 10,000+ attendees, so they are very confident. 

Zoom live webinar room
Zoom live webinar room

The online meetings solution allows you to have public and private conversations, collaborate on the whiteboard and initiate screen-sharing. However, if you want to host a webinar, you have to pay extra

It covers various integrations with numerous tools, from safety to training and development to performance tracker. One of the great features is that people can join meetings and webinars with just one click. 

The best thing is, people without internet connectivity can still participate via phone call. And all your sessions can be recorded stored in the cloud (1 GB of storage space), so you can save room on your hard disk and retrieve your recordings later for assessment.

Zoom Free Plan Features

Zoom Upgrade Plan

Google Meet (formerly known as Hangouts) is a free software by Google, which allows you to host online meetings. 

Google Meet calendar join

Attendees can conveniently join a meeting via their browsers. One of the upsides for Google Meet is definitely its abundant integrations with Google tools, like Google Calendar and GMail. 

Google Meet session
Google Meet session

It’s not meant to be a webinar platform, but you can definitely configure it in a way to make it work as a webinar solution. You would just need to craft your own registration page, reminder emails and follow-up email sequences. 

Google Meet Free Plan Features

Google Meet Upgrade Plan

Adobe Connect’s network, in classic Adobe tradition, emphasizes the creation of aesthetically attractive content that delivers a consistent story. Adobe Connect 11 was recently released, making it more open and providing a better consumer experience with modern HTML browsers and a new Windows desktop version.

Adobe Connect Registration Page
Adobe Connect Registration Page

The UI has been simplified, made more straightforward, and efficient. With improved host settings, you can better organize breakout sessions, create layouts, and save clean recordings.

Adobe Connect live webinar room
Adobe Connect live webinar room

Personalize your space with practical windows named Pods. You can design digital storyboards called Layouts by simply adding a label, a placement, and a dimension. 

Adobe Connect includes a range of custom apps that you can use to boost the performance of your Layouts or develop your own applications, thanks to their new HTML SDK.

Adobe Connect Free Plan

Adobe Connect Upgrade Plan

Although you might not think of it as a free webinar platform. YouTube can host webinars. As a matter of fact, YouTube is used in the background by several professional webinar systems.

Live Stream on Youtube
YouTube Live with live comments

By using the event creation tool from YouTube Live, you can book and unlist your webinar, ensuring that only the crowd you want to see sees it. You can also embed the live video on your own website. 

Youtube live session
Youtube live session

Thanks to their enormous servers, you can have as many attendees as you want (even though the participants are view-only). Also, you can decide if you want to publish your video after you’re done streaming it.

YouTube Live Free Features

Facebook Live is not built as a free webinar tool, but you can definitely make it work as one. As practically everyone has a Facebook account, it’s rational to employ Facebook Live. And it’s free! 

facebook live webinar promotion
facebook live webinar promotion

To stream a discussion, presentation, Q&A session, or an online event, go live on Facebook. When you broadcast live, your audience can participate in the conversation by asking questions, commenting, reacting, or simply watching in real-time.

Facebook Live example
Facebook Live with live comments

Once you’ve finished broadcasting, the video can be posted on your Facebook page or profile, which ensures it will continue to spread your message once your webinar has ended. 

In addition, you can control who accesses your webinar by limiting it from your news feed if necessary. You can also filter who sees your message based on their age, gender, location, or language.

Facebook Live Free Features

Free Webinar Tools FAQ

How to Choose the Best Free Webinar Platform?

It has to be noted that the marketing and engagement features on the free webinar software platforms are quite limited. They’re limited in terms of webinar session length, amount of attendees allowed and follow-up features. 

Trying out any of these best free webinar software is great for getting a feel of the platform and trying it out, but at some point you have to take your webinar game to the next level and upgrade to a paid plan as you grow. 

So, it’s important to evaluate all the features of a webinar tool, so that it can support you once you’re growing and need to scale up to a paid plan. 

Summary of Free Webinar Platforms

There are many webinar platforms on the market. The best free webinar software allows you to organize webinars live or schedule on-demand webinars

The ideal webinar platform allows you to customize the registration page and get more webinar sign-ups. Then send them timely reminder emails to invite them to your webinar session. 

During the webinar, you can engage with them using various interaction tools and ultimately turn them into potential customers. If you’re hosting sales webinars, then the email follow-up sequence and the webinar recording software feature are crucial parts of turning attendees into customers. 

Full list of the overall best webinar software platforms.
Most of them have free 14-day trials available.