8 Best Free Webinar Software
Platforms of 2022 [Real Examples]

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Over the last two years, webinar marketing has become increasingly popular. As the world has gone online, it’s no surprise that choosing the appropriate webinar software is considered a key decision for so many organizations.

The best webinar software makes remote communication and event management, such as virtual conferences, training, lectures, and seminars, quick and easy. Unlike traditional panels, webinar technology is mainly used to reach a large number of participants at different locations at once. 

In this article, we’ll look at the various free webinar software options available to help you keep your head above water during these trying times. By looking into our list, you should be able to choose which of the offered solutions is the best for your specific needs – all free of charge.

LiveWebinar room example
LiveWebinar webinar example with slideshow (attendee view)

LiveWebinar is a powerful platform for hosting webinars, web seminars, online lessons, and other online gatherings. Breakout rooms, surveys and assessments, whiteboards, webinar recordings, and other features in this adaptable cloud-based program help users build connections and participate in group activities.

Customize your space with your trademarks and decorations to make your webinar consistent with your company’s brand. LiveWebinar is simple to use: there are no downloads or plug-ins required, and it works with all major browsers. You’ll also have full access to tech support.

LiveWebinar Upgrade Packages

Zoho live webinar room
Zoho live webinar room (attendee view)

Zoho Meeting is the smoothest and inexpensive online web video platform for enhancing workplace communication and display sharing, audio, and video conferencing. It allows individuals and small and large businesses to organize safe and low-cost online meetings quickly and easily. Arrange new releases, product presentations, trade shows, user learning webinars, and online conferences straight from your computer.

You can use any browser or computer OS to host safe, reliable web sessions and share your screen with your group. By enabling real-time online meetings, Zoho Meeting saves time, travel, and funds. You can schedule cost-efficient sales and marketing meetings in a blink of an eye. Present your products and services to potential customers and provide after-sales assistance. Optimize your sales cycle with a web presentation, hold discussions for business development and promptly connect to your customers anywhere, at any moment.

Zoho Meeting Upgrade Packages

Google Meet session
Google Meet session

Users can make calls lasting up to 24 hours using Google Meet’s unrestricted call function. For Google Meet free users, this was restricted to 60 minutes. But, since last year and the Covid-19 pandemic, Google allowed anyone with a Gmail account to hold Google Meet calls for up to 24 hours for free using the extension. Given the number of new Covid-19 cases around the world and people actively working from home, this will be quite beneficial.

Users will have to subscribe to the Google Workplace plan in order to use the additional Google Meet features. You can add up to 250 people to a call, record sessions to Google Drive, and use tools like hand raising, surveys, Q&A, breakout rooms, attendee reports, and smart noise reduction.

Google Meet Upgrade Packages

Livestorm webinar presentation
Attendee view: Livestorm webinar presentation

No matter if you want to promote products or achieve better company’s internal communications, Livestorm has everything you need. This platform allows you to set up brief meetings and webinars to help you get things done efficiently – and all of that free of charge.

Because of its user-friendly interface, you can organize webinars and conferences with such ease. Once you’ve got everything put in place, send people the link so they can register and connect to the webinar straight from their browser.

You can create multiple sorts of webinars (live, on-demand, and automated) to meet your company’s demands. Webinar content can be prepared ahead of time and uploaded and displayed live, or a combination of the two. If you want to make things interesting, you can co-host with another organization.

Livestorm Upgrade Packages

adobe connect live webinar room with slideshow
Adobe Connect live webinar room with slideshow

Adobe Connect’s network, in classic Adobe tradition, emphasizes the creation of aesthetically attractive content that delivers a consistent story. Adobe Connect 11 was recently released, making it more open and providing a better consumer experience with modern HTML browsers and a new Windows desktop version.

The UI has been simplified, made more straightforward, and efficient. With improved host settings, you can better organize breakout sessions, create layouts, and save clean recordings.

Personalize your space with practical windows named Pods. You can design digital storyboards called Layouts by simply adding a label, a placement, and a dimension. Adobe Connect includes a range of custom apps that you can use to boost the performance of your Layouts or develop your own applications, thanks to their new HTML SDK.

Adobe Connect Upgrade Packages

Zoom live webinar room
Zoom live webinar room

As probably the most popular and extensively used video conferencing software, Zoom is already a star.

It connects people in a clean and secured space in order to prosper and be more effective. This easy and innovative global platform offers video meetings, audio, webinars, and chat across all devices and environments. From solopreneurs to corporations to schools, Zoom can support any form of online video demand across all business levels.

This great platform allows you and attendees to have public and private conversations throughout a webinar; you may add comments and respond to inquiries for everyone to see or have one-on-one discussions if needed. It covers various integrations with numerous tools, from safety to training and development to performance tracker. One of the great features is that people can join meetings and webinars with just one click. The best thing is, people without internet connectivity can still participate via phone call. And all your sessions can be recorded stored in the cloud (1 GB of storage space), so you can save room on your hard disk and retrieve your recordings later for assessment.

Zoom Upgrade Packages

Live Stream on Youtube
YouTube Live with live comments

Although you might not think of it as a free webinar platform, YouTube can host webinars. As a matter of fact, YouTube is used in the background by several professional webinar systems.

By using YouTube’s event creation tool, you can book and unlist your webinar, ensuring that only the crowd you want to see sees it. You can also embed the video on your own website and also you can use a YouTube converter if you want to convert audio from video and save it in mp3 format for your site needs.

Thanks to their enormous servers, you can have as many attendees as you want (even though the participants are view-only). Also, you can decide if you want to publish your video after you’re done streaming it.

Pricing for YouTube Live

Facebook Live example
Facebook Live with live comments

Facebook Live is a free webinar software solution, and as practically everyone has a Facebook account, it’s rational to employ Facebook Live.

To stream a discussion, presentation, Q&A, or online event, go live on Facebook. When you broadcast live, your audience can participate in the conversation by asking questions, commenting, reacting, or simply watching in real-time.

Once you’ve finished broadcasting, the video can be posted on your Facebook page or profile, which ensures it will continue to spread your message once your webinar has ended. In addition, you can control who accesses your webinar by limiting it from your news feed if necessary. You can also filter who sees your message based on their age, gender, location, or language.

Pricing for Facebook Live

Summary of Free Webinar Platforms

Massive groups of virtual guests require collaboration and implementation, and different free webinar platforms face different challenges.

The ideal webinar software will allow you to keep up with customers, employees, and other audiences by providing a user-friendly video conferencing platform. After you’ve gone through our webinar software review, it’s time to get started arranging your chosen webinar. Read carefully, choose wisely and enjoy some quality time with your attendees!

Choosing a Professional Webinar Software

It has to be noted that the marketing and engagement features on the free webinar software platforms are quite limited. They’re limited in terms of webinar session length, amount of attendees allowed and follow-up features. 

They are great for getting a feel of the platform and trying it out, but at some point you have to take your webinar game to the next level and subscribe to a professional webinar software. Keep an eye out for upgrade packages when choosing your webinar platform. 

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