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Is it even possible to rank for really competitive keywords with AI generated content?

By the end of this Frase review, you’ll discover that it is

Frase is an AI writing tool that’s designed specifically for SEO optimization. The secret sauce is that it analyzes the top-performing content for target keywords and content outlines based on those headings. 

Frase is the ideal tool for crafting articles that are designed to rank

It also offers future-proofing – if Google would introduce AI content penalties at some point, Frase gives you a peace of mind. In fact, Frase has scored a perfect score in all three AI content detection tests. 

In this Frase review, you’ll learn exactly how to automatically produce content that will rank for competitive keywords.

Evaluation Criteria for an AI Writing Tool

In evaluating the characteristics of an AI writing tool, the most significant elements are:

The best AI writing tools have balanced the quality of those aspects and features. In this Frase review, we’ll investigate how well this AI composing instrument plays out these attribute territories.

SEO Tools and Features

Rating for SEO Features


Frase AI is specifically designed to help you with keyword research, content briefs and content writing. In fact, the AI writer automatically includes SEO keywords based on your target search query

It’s especially useful if the SERP you’re trying to rank for is very competitive. By analyzing top-performing content in the SERP, Frase provides you with all the top ranking competitors’ page content outlines

Frase really helps you to craft content that is designed to rank well in search results.

Visualizer SERP Metrics

Frase AI offers an exceptional visual overview of the top performing pages in the SERP, giving you a comprehensive look at what it takes to rank well in your niche.

The overview includes a comparison of the top 20 results for several key metrics, including:

This information provides a clear and easy-to-understand look at what makes top-performing web pages successful. It gives you some guidance to making informed decisions about the content you create and optimize.

frase serp visualizer
serp visualizer

One downside of this is that the backlink count is way off compared to Ahrefs.

backlink results in ahrefs
backlink results in ahrefs
backlink results in frase
backlink results in frase

The results were also off with Domain Rating. 

So, it’s better to stick to on-page metrics and analysis when using Frase. And leave the off-page heavy lifting to the other tools, like Ahrefs. 

Content Briefs

The content brief lets you select the aspects that you want to include and it generates a full briefing for the article.

frase content brief
content brief

That’s an excellent option if you want to send this to your content writer.

One of the most useful SEO planning features I’ve found during this Frase review is the Topic Clusters as a part of this content brief.

topic clusters
topic clusters

This ensures that you cover the target keyword thoroughly. By organizing your long tail keywords into topics, you can create a more focused and comprehensive content coverage. 

The topic clusters also help you identify related keywords that you may have overlooked, allowing you to create more well-rounded content that covers all aspects of a particular subject. 

Another useful output of the content brief is the statistics. It extracts the reference to data in each competitor’s article and outlines it for you, so it can refer to the same data.

frase statistics
statistics exported from content

Cherry-pick the Headings from Competitors

One of Frase’s core features is its ability to give you a unique edge in your SEO strategy. It gives a great overview of what top ranking results on that topic are talking about and what your target audience wants to know regarding this topic. 

In this view, you can analyze the content outlines of top performing blog posts for your target keyword and use that information to create your own optimized content outline.

This means you can cherry-pick the most effective headings from top-performing competitor posts and incorporate them into your own content.

frase content outline from top ranking posts
content outline from top ranking posts

This gives you a head start in creating high-quality, keyword-optimized content that is more likely to rank well in Google search results.

SEO Optimized Content with Long Tail Keyword Coverage

While doing this Frase review, I generated a long-form article and it automatically included 61% of the long tail keywords into the body already.

Frase long tail keywords already included
Frase long tail keywords already included

It also gives a comparison of how well you’ve covered the keywords, compared to other top results in the SERPs. This type of topic research is one of the most important inputs for content writing.

keyword coverage score when compared to others
keyword coverage score when compared to others

In case you really want to get nerdy with it, Frase AI also gives a Matrix-like view of the keywords, so you can compare which top performers have covered which keyword.

frase long tail matrics
long tail keyword matrics

This research process will help you create more helpful content for your target audience.

Use Cases and Templates

Rating for Use Cases


The different use cases Frase can cover and the templates it offers determines how much real world application this AI writing assistant has.

Long-Form Article Writer

In addition to the content optimization tool, it can also assist you in writing entire long-form articles that are based on the top pages in the SERPs. 

This means that you can use Frase to create comprehensive, in-depth articles that are based on the best-performing content in your niche. 

The “Write Draft” feature analyzes and incorporates the most effective elements from top-performing pages into the generated content.

frase write draft feature
write draft feature

It writes unique content that is actually valuable to the reader. And it’s basing its content on SERP pages that already rank and have proven to offer value to the readers

Although, the long-form content creator is not perfect. It leaves some paragraphs with a half sentence. In any case, it’s best to use the commands, rephrase tools and common sense to edit the article.

Marketing Use Cases

Frase AI offers a wide range of marketing use cases to help businesses create effective and compelling content. Some of the most notable include:

You can apply these use cases and commands to creating social media posts, optimizing for ad copy and for generating attractive product descriptions. 

Although, it has to be said that the list of marketing use cases isn’t as wide as with other AI writing tools.

Commands and Rephraser

Rating for Commands and Rephraser


AI written content is most likely going to need some human touch, if you want it to sound less robotic and more relatable to human readers. 

Luckily, Frase has several features to rewrite, paraphrase and adjust the generated content.

Rewriting Based on Facts

Frase’s “Write about this” feature has the ability to rewrite a competitor’s paragraph. It can keep the important facts and information while rephrasing the entire paragraph in your own words.

frase write about this
write about this
frase write about this output
write about this output

This not only saves you time in the content creation process, but it also helps to ensure that your content is original and fresh, giving you a competitive edge in search results.

Each time you click “Write about this” you’ll get a different output.

Automatically Summarize Key Points

The Summarize feature looks at all your headings in the content outline, scans the competitor’s paragraphs and generates a bullet list of the most important points that you should cover under that heading.

frase summarize feature
summarize feature

Then you can simply choose which points you want to include and it will paste them into the article, under that heading.

fraser summarized key points in the article
fraser summarized key points in the article

This gives you a nice overview of the key points that you should cover in your writing.

Q&A Writer

As you optimize content and keywords for your article, you want to cover all the relevant topics and important keywords in the article. In such cases, the FAQ section becomes handy. 

Creating an FAQ section at the end of your article helps you to cover more keywords, make the article more thorough for search engines and also make it totally cover a topic for the reader

Frase AI has some tools to help you with this. 

Explain why – This gives a thorough explanation to a question you input.

frase answers questions
frase answers questions

Bullet list answers – This helps you break up your content with bullet points.

frase questions
frase questions

You can vary the output length by either choosing the Paragraph Answer or Short Answer.


For any custom output, you can tell Frase what type of content you want to generate, adjust how much creativity (versus facts) do you want to include.

frase command
frase command

Frase AI generated this output for that particular command.

frase command output
command output

Paraphrasing Tools

Shorten paragraphs – The AI writer often creates sentences that are too long and dragging. For these cases Frase has the “Paragraph Compression” and “Summary bullets” commands.

frase shortened paragraph
shortened paragraph

Expand paragraphs – Select any text and make Frase write expand on the same idea. You can also give specifics about how to expand on an idea. For example, you can add contrasts, conditions or results based on the existing text.

frase expand sentence
expand sentence

Paraphrase and rewrite – Select any text and make Frase rewrite that particular text. As you’ve given the “Rewrite” command, you can select how creatively Frase would rewrite it. Then you can choose from several outputs.

frase rewrite sentence by sentence
rewrite sentence by sentence

However, the rewriter sometimes gave some unrelated suggestions, even when in Regular output mode.

frase being too creative
frase being too creative

It will suggest outputs, but at the end of the day, you have to be a common sense filter and make the decisions about which output is relevant and valuable and which is not.

Integrations and Browser Extensions

Rating for Integrations


There are a couple of really cool and unique integrations that this AI writing tool has that I explored during this Frase review.

Google Search Console Integration

Frase integrates seamlessly with Google Search Console. It gives you the trends for:

Additionally, it outlines opportunities for optimizing your existing content right away. By connecting Frase with Google Search Console, you can see how each blog post is performing in search results, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.

frase search console
frase search console

Right from there, you can open another Frase content editor and optimize the existing article that has opportunities for improvement.

In the editor, you can use the content gap matrix to identify each specific keyword that you are missing in your blog post. Inside the same AI writer, you can proceed to write content that patches up those content gaps. Frase tool will offer relevant suggestions for content optimization.

WordPress Integration

The WordPress plugin allows you to link existing or new articles with posts in WordPress admin. 

With the plugin, you can download an existing article directly into the Frase content creator, making it easy to optimize your content. The plugin also enables you to link a Frase content editor with a WordPress post, so any changes you make and publish in Frase are automatically loaded into the article in WordPress

This integration can really save you time and effort, and helps ensure that your website is always up-to-date with the latest SEO-optimized content.

Google Docs Integration

There is an SEO add-on for Google Docs that allows you to import all the keywords straight into the document editor. The convenient sidebar helps you with content  briefs and article outlines.

frase google docs add-on
google docs add-on

This is an excellent way to allow your content writers to create SEO optimized content outside of the app itself, in an editor that they’re already familiar with.

Frase Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension allows you to analyze the website content of any page or article. You can extract the content outline data that you can feed into your content briefs in the app.

Customer Support and Community

Rating for Customer Support


Here we evaluate how active the community is and how helpful customer support is. These factors determine how well you can get help if you might get stuck.

A Marketplace of AI Writing Tools

During this Frase review I’ve found that the Frase community is quite unique. The community element is built right into the tool itself.

Frase AI also has a thriving community of content marketers and enthusiasts who create and share their own AI writing tools. With inputs, creativity level, and algorithms, users can publish their own tools to the community and see how well they perform. The community rates the tools and highlights the most effective ones, so you can easily find and use the best AI writing tools created by other users.

frase community tools
community tools

This dynamic and collaborative community further amplifies the power of Frase, making it an incredibly versatile and effective AI writing tool for content marketers.

Frase also has a really active Facebook community with over 10k members. They share use cases and success stories they’ve had with Frase.

Customer Support

I was slightly disappointed that there’s no chat inside the AI writer tool. There is a chatbot on their website, which navigates you to a relevant knowledge base article, but no human is chatting with you. 

Of course, you can submit a ticket or write to the email, which takes a bit longer to get an answer. 

But to be fair, the knowledge base is quite comprehensive and thorough, including explanations and screenshots to help.

Supported Languages

Rating for Supported Languages


Here we evaluate how active the community is and how helpful customer support is. These factors determine how well you can get help if you might get stuck.

Being able to do content optimization in multiple languages really allows you to create multilingual articles for different markets. 

The list of languages is decent, but not as long as for some of the other AI writing tools.

Grammar and Plagiarism

Rating for Grammar and Plagiarism


From the AI generated content, Frase can detect if any of the sentences match with any of the other pages on the SERP results. They highlight the text based on that.

similar text found on other site
similar text found on other site

This is how they ensure that the generated content is free of plagiarism.

No Integrated Grammar Checker

Frase states that in order to spot grammar mistakes in the content, you should use 3rd party tools like Grammarly. Of course, a security against grammar errors should also be the editing and proof-reading process. 

That being said, they do state that the AI generated content has correct grammar in the majority of cases.

Passing AI Detection

Rating for AI Detection


Frase AI has demonstrated exceptional performance in AI content detection tests, earning a perfect score in all three tests.

frase ai content detection results
frase ai content detection results

This remarkable achievement demonstrates the advanced capabilities of Frase’s AI writing technology and its ability to deliver high-quality, human-like and original content every time

The perfect score is a testament to Frase’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions that help content marketers, copywriters, and other professionals create engaging, informative, and effective content. 

This also means that you have to spend less time editing the content to pass the AI detection test. You just need to edit the content for readability and to add illustrations.

Frase Pricing

Rating for Pring


The pricing for Frase might seem affordable at first, but there is a caveat. If you’re just a single content writer, which is yourself. You can get access to all the main features for just $14.99 per month with the “Solo” plan.

The “Solo” plan includes:

While 4 articles seems like 1 article per week, the 4,000 AI-generated words sets a rough limit on it. And the kicker is this – The word count doesn’t increase with more expensive plans

Considering that most articles that rank nowadays are around 2000+ words, then you can only generate 1-2 articles per month with any plan. 

If you want to generate more words per month, you have to buy the “Pro Add-on”, which gets you unlimited words for an additional $35 per month

The Pro-Add-on also includes:

So, if you want to exceed the 4000 word limit, and get the Pro Add-on, the total prices would be :

The “Basic” plan basically gets you more than 4 articles. With that plan, you can churn out up to 30 SEO optimized articles per month. That’s an article every day!

If you really want to pump up your content generation game, the “Team” plan gets you unlimited articles and you can also invite your team of content writers on board. 

A positive thing about Frase is that it has a 5-day trial for just $1

After the trial you can just continue with the “Solo” plan to test it out for a month and see if it really helps you to rank. Once it really proves itself to you, you can get the “Pro Add-on” upgrade.

Frase FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Frase:

What are the Best Frase Alternatives?

When it comes to generating high quality SEO content, there are many other AI SEO tools on the market to help you optimize for higher rankings. The best alternative for Fraser’s features to optimize for SEO keywords is definitely Surfer SEO. It has a similar long-tail keyword overview, and also integrates with Google Docs. 

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ContentShake AI serves as a good alternative to Frase, offering features that could enhance a content creator’s toolkit. It integrates with Semrush, which can be a boon for those looking to infuse their content with SEO-friendly keywords.

A notable promise of the platform is delivering 0% plagiarized content along with a guarantee of 100% correct grammar, which is crucial for credibility and readability.

Users can adjust the length and detail of their content with the sentence expander and shortener tools. The “Compose with AI” feature facilitates the creation of structured, cohesive text, streamlining the writing process.

Additionally, ContentShake AI has an attractive pricing structure, including a forever free plan that provides users with basic functionalities at no cost.

Overall rating



7 day trial for free



Best or unique feature

SEO Features & Integrations


Grammar & Plagiarism Checks


Templates & Use Cases


AI Content Detection Checks


Commands & Paraphrasers


Pricing & Trial


Jasper AI is a strong contender in the lineup of alternatives to Frase, particularly for its effective integration with Surfer SEO, which can significantly streamline the process of creating SEO-optimized content.

It boasts a wide array of templates and caters to numerous use cases, making it versatile for different content creation needs. The tool includes a rephraser and content improver to enhance the quality of text, which can be particularly useful for refining and polishing drafts.

Additionally, Jasper AI has an active user community and a comprehensive training center, providing substantial support and learning resources to its users. A standout feature of Jasper AI is its ability to generate content that typically passes AI detection tests, meaning the output is often indistinguishable from human-written text.

What is Frase Answers?

Frase Answers is a separate answer engine tool for you website visitors. It’s essentially a chat bot that knows everything about your website to help your customers.

You can set it up by allowing this Frase tool to ingest all the content on your website and generate an intelligent knowledge base out of it.

frase answers
frase answers

You’re also required to install a code snippet on your website, which brings the chatbot alive. As a user asks a question, the answer engine scans the intelligent knowledge base for relevant content. 

This answer engine is a great tool to accelerate the journey from visitors to customers.

Key Takeaways from the Frase Review

To summarize this Frase review, Frase AI is an innovative AI writing tool that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to offer a wide array of content research and content optimization and other SEO tools

Digital marketing agencies, niche site owners and content writers can utilize this AI writer to produce AI generated content briefs and relevant suggestions for article optimization. 

With its ability to analyze the content outlines of top-performing blog posts, research keywords, rewrite competitor content, and create content that is designed to rank, Frase makes content creation faster, easier, and more effective. 

Additionally, Frase’s integration with Google Search Console, its ability to create custom AI writing commands, and its WordPress plugin add even more value to this already impressive tool. 

Finally, Frase’s compatibility with multiple languages and its exceptional performance in AI content detection tests make it an ideal solution for anyone looking to improve their content marketing efforts. 

The key takeaway is that Frase is an essential tool for any content marketer looking to create high-quality, original content that engages and informs their audience.

Ultimately capturing more of that monthly search volume and bringing more Google traffic to your blog posts.

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