Evergreen Webinars: How to Create & Automate Virtual Events

Are you tired of hosting live webinars every other week?

Or spending countless hours creating new content for each webinar session?

Well, have you heard of evergreen webinars?

If you’re a bit lazy, this is a dream come true!

Just kidding, but they do offer a solution for businesses looking to save time and effort while still engaging with their audience.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about evergreen webinars, from what they are to how to create and automate them. 

What Are Evergreen Webinars?

Have you ever heard of evergreen webinars? They’re a fantastic way to automate your virtual events and save time and resources.

An evergreen webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that you may utilize over and over again with no further work. It means that you can create the webinar once and then use it to promote your products or services to your audience.

The best part about evergreen webinars is that they’re always relevant, just like evergreen trees that never lose their leaves. You don’t have to worry about updating them because they remain fresh and informative for a long time.

Overall, evergreen webinars are an effective way to reach a wider audience, generate leads, and increase sales without putting in extra effort.

Comparison with Live Webinars

You may be wondering how evergreen webinars differ from live webinars. Well, live webinars are great if you want to engage with your audience in real-time and answer their questions on the spot. The live Q&A is especially useful to alleviate any doubts from the audience at the end of the webinar.

However, hosting webinars live can be stressful because you have to be present and deliver the content at a specific time. Evergreen webinars, on the other hand, allow you to pre-record your content and distribute it at any time. This means you may reach a larger audience while also automating the process, saving you time and money.

Furthermore, with evergreen webinars, you can be certain that your message remains constant and relevant to your audience. In short, both live and evergreen webinars offer advantages, but it all comes down to your goals and resources.

Benefits of Evergreen Webinars

There are several advantages to employing evergreen webinars in your organization. Evergreen webinars, for example, allow you to automate your virtual events, saving you time and resources.

Because the on-demand webinars are pre-recorded and accessible at any time, you don’t have to worry about delivering the presentation at a specific time. Attendees don’t have to show up at a specific date and time, they can just view it at their own time and own pace. 

This means you’ll be able to reach a larger audience and create more leads and more revenue. Furthermore, because the content is pre-recorded and consistent, evergreen webinars are always relevant. You don’t have to worry about updating it every time your business or industry changes.

Benefits of automated webinars
Benefits of automated webinars

Evergreen webinars are a great method to reach out to your target audience, promote your products or services, and grow your brand.

Creating an Evergreen Webinar

We’ll guide you through the steps to creating an evergreen webinar that will engage your audience and deliver your message effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a beginner, these steps will help you create a successful evergreen webinar that can be automated and generate leads for your business.

Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience and Goals

To create an excellent evergreen webinar, you must first determine your target audience and goals. Consider who your target audience is and what they are interested in. This will allow you to personalize your material to their specific needs and guarantee that they find your webinar useful.

You could also specify your webinar objectives, such as generating leads or promoting a product. This will allow you to assess the success of your webinar and evaluate whether you achieved your objectives.

Webinar target audience statistics
Webinar target audience statistics

Step 2: Select Your Webinar Topic and Format

When you’ve determined your target audience and objectives, it’s time to choose a webinar topic and format. Your topic should be relevant and intriguing to your target audience, as well as align with your company objectives. 

You might address a common pain issue that your audience encounters, or you could select a topic relating to your business or expertise. The ideal structure is to first present some educational content and then run your sales pitch. 

As for format, you can choose from a range of options, such as a presentation, a Q&A session, or a panel discussion with multiple presenters. Select the format that will best engage your audience and successfully convey your content.

Webinar topics and goals
Webinar topics and goals

Step 3: Create Evergreen Content

Now that you’ve decided on a topic and a format, it’s time to produce engaging webinar content. Create a webinar outline that covers the important points you want to deliver, and then design engaging slides or visuals to complement your content.

Use storytelling techniques and data to make your content more engaging and persuasive. Keep in mind that your material should be educational, interesting, and useful to your audience.

Step 4: Record Your Webinar

Once you’ve prepared your content, it’s time to record your webinar. To record your presentation or discussion, use reliable recording software. Do a test run ahead to confirm that everything is working properly.

webinar recording environment
webinar recording environment

To ensure a successful recording, make sure you’re in a peaceful, well-lit area with a good internet connection.

One of the benefits is that you can send a follow-up email to the webinar attendees with the webinar replay. The attendees could revisit some points in the same webinar.

Step 5: Edit Your Webinar Recording

You may want to edit your webinar recording to eliminate any errors or unnecessary parts. You may use editing software to erase any mistakes and trim the beginning and conclusion of the recording.

After editing, be sure to watch the entire recording to check that the final version is smooth and flows properly.

editing a webinar video with davinci resolve 16
editing a webinar video with davinci resolve 16

As you’re done editing your pre-recorded webinars, make sure you are using at least 1080p video quality settings to export the file. Check the audio quality on the exported video file as well.

Step 6: Create a High-Converting Landing Page

After you have trimmed and produced your pre-recorded presentation, it’s time to publish it.

Creating a high-converting registration page for an evergreen webinar is crucial to attract and convert your target audience into attendees. 

This will help you create an attention-grabbing evergreen topic that clearly communicates the benefits of attending.

Landing page customize
Landing page customize

Here are some key points that your landing page should definitely include:

Finally, it’s important to optimize your page for SEO by including relevant keywords in your copy and metadata. Since the webinar registration page will stay up for a much longer time than a live webinar registration page, it makes sense to optimize it for search engines

You can use the best AI writing tools to help you in writing landing page copy.

Automating Your Evergreen Webinar

Automating your evergreen webinar is a powerful strategy to boost your target audience’s reach and engagement. Automating your webinar marketing funnel means that you can focus on webinar promotion, not the actual webinar delivery.

Here are some essential steps you can take to create your automated evergreen webinar funnel. It will shorten the process and guarantee that your webinar reaches the correct audience at the right time.

WebinarKit designed registration page
WebinarKit designed registration page

Step 1: Choose an Automated Webinar Platform

Choosing the best automated webinar software is the first step in automating your evergreen webinar. While choosing your evergreen webinar software, there are various key features to look for. Some key features are:

The best evergreen webinar software platforms are WebinarKit, BigMarker, and EverWebinar, although there are plenty others.

Step 2: Upload and Publish your Webinar Recording

Once you’ve recorded your evergreen webinar, the next step is to upload and publish it on your evergreen webinar software.

You’ll want to make sure your recording is high-quality and easy to understand, with clear audio and video. Once your recording is uploaded, you may schedule your webinar to run automatically so that your audience can view it at any time.

Automated Webinar uploading
Demio Automated Webinar example

Make sure to test your recording and ensure that it’s running smoothly before promoting it to your audience. By publishing your evergreen webinar, you can share your valuable content with your audience at any time, without having to be present for a live event.

Step 3: Set Up Automated Interactions

The best evergreen webinar software allows you to create a live webinar simulation. That means you can set up automated interaction triggers at certain times during the event. For example, you can:

Smart marketers use these simulated interactions to reap the benefits of live webinars even in the automated events. Try it. This might help you push your leads further down your evergreen webinar funnel.

BigMarker automated webinar builder
BigMarker automated webinar builder

Step 4: Set Up an Automated Email Campaign

Setting up an automated email campaign is a crucial step in promoting your evergreen webinar. With an automated email campaign, you can reach out to your audience and encourage them to attend your webinar, even if they missed the initial launch.

You may schedule a series of emails to be sent to your subscribers, reminding them of your webinar and giving them useful information on the topic. To encourage your subscribers to join your webinar, make sure your marketing emails are informative as well as entertaining and that they include a clear call-to-action, which is usually the webinar link.

Set up an automated email campaign to boost the exposure of your webinar and guarantee that your audience is interested and informed.

EverWebinar follow-up email segmentation options
EverWebinar follow-up email segmentation options

Step 5: Promote Your Evergreen Webinar

Promoting your evergreen webinar is critical to ensuring it reaches your intended audience. Social media, email marketing, and paid advertising are all effective strategies to promote them.

publer social calendar
publer social calendar

You may promote your webinar on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn by inviting your followers to join. You may also send an email blast to your subscribers informing them of your webinar and offering a link to register.

To boost organic traffic to your webinar landing page, there are some SEO activities you can do.

  1. Optimize the content for a specific target keyword
  2. Use link building tactics to acquire backlinks
  3. Use SEO tools to measure the rankings for organic keywords
  4. Create blog content to support your evergreen webinar

If you have the funds, try placing sponsored advertisements to market your webinar to a larger audience. Make sure that your promotion efforts are tailored to your target audience and that the benefits of attending your evergreen webinar are highlighted.

With the right promotion strategy, you can attract a large and engaged audience to your webinar.

Best Practices for Evergreen Webinars

If you’re looking to create an evergreen webinar, there are a few best practices you should keep in mind to ensure your virtual event is successful. These strategies will help you make the most of your evergreen webinar, from designing appealing content to assessing performance statistics.

1. Keeping Your Webinar Content Relevant and Up-to-Date

Keeping your webinar content relevant and up-to-date is crucial to ensuring that your audience remains engaged and interested in your content. Consider updating your webinar material on a regular basis to reflect the most recent trends and advancements in your business.

To reach a broader audience and keep your material fresh, you may repurpose your webinar content into other formats such as blog pieces, social media content, and video snippets. Consider adding audience feedback and questions into your webinar material to make it more relevant and interesting.

ClickMeeting automated webinar builder
ClickMeeting automated webinar builder

You can continue to deliver value to your audience and create a strong relationship with them by keeping your webinar material up to date.

2. Ensuring High-Quality Audio and Video

Ensuring high-quality audio and video is essential to creating a professional and engaging evergreen webinar. Invest in a high-quality microphone and a webcam or camera to record high-quality audio and video.

To reduce background noise and distractions, make sure your recording environment is quiet and well-lit. Consider utilizing video editing software to improve the quality of your recording and eliminate any unnecessary noises.

You can produce a more polished and professional webinar that will leave an impression on your audience by ensuring that your audio and video quality is high.

OBS screen recording setup
OBS screen recording setup

3. Using Interactive Elements to Engage Viewers

Using interactive elements in your evergreen webinar may make it more interesting and improve audience involvement. One method is to incorporate polls, quizzes, and surveys throughout your webinar to get comments and opinions from your audience.

You may also utilize live chat tools to allow viewers to ask questions and get responses at a later time. Adding interactive components not only keeps your audience interested, but it also allows you to collect vital information and comments about your material.

You can make your webinar more interesting and lively for your audience by making it interactive.

BigMarker automated webinar events
BigMarker events to add to automated webinar

4. Analyzing Performance Data

Analyzing performance data is crucial for better understanding of your audience behavior. You can use this data to optimize your evergreen webinar funnel.

For example, you might learn where your attendees are dropping off. Use this knowledge to optimize your on demand webinar to spice up your evergreen content to keep your attendees engaged.

You may find areas for improvement and adjust your strategy by tracking metrics like attendance, engagement, and conversion rates. If you find poor attendance rates, for example, you may need to modify your promotional efforts or improve the content of your whole webinar.

If you find strong engagement but low conversion rates, you may need to modify your call-to-action or change your sales funnel. Monitoring your performance data on a regular basis enables you to make data-driven adjustments and gradually increase the efficiency of your evergreen webinar.

BigMarker analytics dashboard
BigMarker analytics dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions About Evergreen Webinars

Below are some frequently asked questions about hosting effective evergreen webinars.

Should I Host a Live Webinar or an Automated Webinar?

Deciding whether to host a live webinar or an automated webinar can depend on a variety of factors, such as your availability, audience preferences, and the goal of the webinar. Live events are great for connecting with your audience in real-time and creating an engaging experience.

During a live webinar, you can answer questions, provide immediate feedback, and exchange chat messages with your attendees. This type of webinar is perfect when you want to establish a personal connection with your audience, or if you want to launch a new product or service and need to create buzz.

For example, it’s also ideal for small business owners who want to host their sales presentations and use the momentum of the webinar to close sales immediately after the live event.

Pros and cons of automated webinar
Pros and cons of automated webinar

On the other hand, automated webinars are pre-recorded and can be set up to run on a specific schedule. They require less time investment for each subsequent webinar, making them ideal if you have a busy schedule or want to offer a webinar that can be accessed at any time. Here are some pros for both types of webinars to help you decide:

Pros of Live Webinars

Pros of Automated Webinars

Ultimately, the choice between a live or automated webinar depends on your goals, audience, and availability. Both options have their advantages, and it’s up to you to decide which one is best for your situation.

Key Takeaways for Evergreen Webinars

In summary, evergreen webinars are virtual events that can be created once and used repeatedly to engage and educate your target audience.

These webinars have various advantages, such as the potential to generate leads and sales on automation, reach a worldwide audience, and establish thought leadership and authority in your industry.

As you create evergreen webinars, and set up webinar automation for them, it may be an effective marketing strategy for your company. Following the best practices we’ve covered can guarantee that your webinar is effective in engaging and retaining your audience.

We encourage you to try creating an evergreen webinar for your business and enjoy the benefits of this effective marketing tool.

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