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In this EasyWebinar review we will fully answer 3 important questions:

  1. is it actually easy to use?
  2. what are the unique features?
  3. and is it actually worth the cost?

Let’s dive in and find out. 

Is the Webinar Setup Really That Easy?

I have to be honest with you.

The entire user interface design for the host looks like it’s from the 90’s.

Easywebinar Dashboard
EasyWebinar Dashboard

You’ll discover that UI design doesn’t get better during the rest of this EasyWebinar review.  

But let’s try not to judge the book by its ugly covers.

It’s very clear where you can create new Live and Automated webinars.

But the upcoming and past webinars dashboard is kind of hidden.

You have to navigate to Live webinars. And even then it’s not clear which webinars have already passed and which ones are upcoming.

Upcoming & Past events
Upcoming & Past events

The most recently edited webinars will come on top, so the order is constantly changing as you edit your webinars.

Flexible Scheduling for Recurring and Automated Webinars

On the upside, with all packages you’ll get automated webinars.

The scheduling is actually really flexible. You can schedule recurring live and automated webinars for:

Scheduling recurring events in EasyWebinar
Scheduling recurring events in EasyWebinar

That’s the most flexible webinar scheduler I’ve ever seen.

There’s also the “Go Live Now” webinar. This creates a webinar room for you instantly without any configuration. While you’re in the event, you can invite more people in.

That’s ideal for Facebook Live and YouTube Live Webinar Broadcasting.

Broadcast on Facebook or YouTube
Broadcast on Facebook or YouTube

All the packages include multiple presenters, so you can have co-hosts.

And you can have moderators who can help you engage with the audience.

Use the Default Webinar Funnel Pages or Embed the Registration Form to Your Own Site

Almost everything on the Registration and Thank you page is customizable, including the “Register” button text and color. You can even add your logo to the pages.

On each webinar funnel page, there’s a rich text editor that lets you:

Something that I started liking during this EasyWebinar review is custom questions on the registration page.

EasyWebinar registration page
EasyWebinar registration page (attendee view)

The custom questions can be just text or a dropdown list.

This gives you the opportunity to get to know the attendees that have signed up, so you can prepare better for your webinar. To make it more personal.

In total, there are 4 different webinar funnel templates you can choose from.

However, one serious downside of this whole EasyWebinar review is blind editing.

The webinar funnel customization options are generous and abundant, but there’s no preview.

Registration Page editor
The "Preview" button doesn't really show the entire Registration Page, just the text box

So, you’re creating your funnel pages in the dark.

If you find that frustrating, you can embed the registration forms on your own website

The customization options on the embedded registration button are abundant:

EasyWebinar embedding options
I recommend embedding the registration form to your own website

Entire Webinar Funnel in 100+ Languages

You can choose a different language for your webinars. Even Spanish, Chinese, Russian or Arabic.

Choosing a different language will translate the entire webinar funnel for the attendee, even the date, time and the custom questions on the registration page.

translated webinar funnel
EasyWebinar can translate the entire webinar funnel to any language (even Chinese)

During this EasyWebinar review I’ve discovered that you can edit almost any page title, label and button of the entire webinar funnel – from registration to replay.

That includes even SEO settings for the registration page (and other pages), for example:

Once the attendee registers for your webinar, they’ll be taken to the Thank You page.

EasyWebinar thank you page example
EasyWebinar thank you page example

In my opinion, it looks a bit outdated. But it has all the necessary features:

Another unique feature is that you can add gifts to the thank you page.

Whenever your attendees share the webinar event on Facebook or Twitter, they’ll unlock a gift that can be a special link or video.

This would only be available for them after they share the webinar event.

Outdated Email Editor, but Flexible Scheduling

By default, there’s only the registration confirmation email set up.

Luckily, you can add all the custom reminder emails. So the webinar reminder email scheduling is very flexible.

You can add as many email reminders as you want and schedule them exactly when you want.

EasyWebinar email editor
EasyWebinar email editor

But there’s one serious downside on this EasyWebinar review that we just can’t get around.

The email editor is this very small box. You can’t resize it and you can’t see how your email would look like.

Also, the email templates look really outdated.

I strongly recommend just deleting everything and just creating your own plain text email, without their horrible suggested formatting and Lorem Ipsum filler text.

Plain text emails are actually better for open rate and click-through-rate. They also appear more personal.

You can use the email shortcodes for:

You can schedule webinar follow-up emails to all your attendees. 

The follow-up email templates are actually the only acceptable templates. Here’s an example follow-up email from the attendee perspective:

example of replay email
How the email appears in the attendee inbox

Audience Interaction Tools are All Here

This EasyWebinar review ticks all the audience interaction boxes – there are chats, polls and offers. 

The chat can be set to public or private. When it’s private, the attendees can only chat with you (not with each other).

The polls are also everything you’d expect – multiple choice answers. The results can be made visible or hidden from the attendees. Here’s how the attendee would vote for a poll:

polls in EasyWebinar
Attendee just voted for a poll

You can also set up offers with a scarcity timer.

There’s a rich text editor for the offers. But if you want to add an image to your offer, you have to host it on your side and insert a link inside the text editor. That’s a bit tedious.

You can also fully customize the offer button.

The offer appears to all attendees immediately after you launch it during the live webinar. Here’s how it looks like:

offers in EasyWebinar
Host has just launched an offer

If the offer is clicked, you can automatically tag these attendees on your CRM software. EasyWebinar integrates with:

  • Infusionsoft
  • Ontraport
  • MailChimp
  • Active Campaign
  • GetResponse
  • Drip
  • ConvertKit
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier

You can invite a moderator to help you by chatting with the attendees, launching the polls and offers. This way you can fully focus on the webinar presentation.

After the webinar ends, you can redirect all your attendees to an external website, like your product page.

Audience Engagement Tools for Automated Webinars

This is one of the most surprising findings during this EasyWebinar review.

With EasyWebinar you can make your automated webinars really feel like live events.

A unique feature that they have is that you can add up to 300 simulated attendees to your automated webinars.

EasyWebinar simulated attendees
Generate up to 300 simulated attendees

You can also schedule timed polls and offers that have a specific start time & end time.

There’s a contact box that lets the automated webinar attendee write a question to you.

questions during automated webinars
Attendees can ask questions during automated webinars

"HD" Video engine & Fast Support Chat

Attendees experience no lag for the webcam video.

EasyWebinar uses the WebRTC video engine as do most browser-based webinar software.

However, by default the video quality is set to “Standard”. You have to manually switch it to HD in the live room. So make sure you always make that switch to ensure maximum video quality (720p).

HD button
Always go into HD mode

That’s technically a bit outdated solution.

It should take in the maximum input signal from the host’s side. The output quality on the attendee’s side should be adjusted according to each attendee’s connection speed.

No HD selected
HD selected

As a host, you’ll notice a small “Pause” button at the bottom left corner during your live webinar. This freezes the webinar video, but only for the host.

Webinar pause button
The Pause button will only freeze the video for you

As a host you’d see that the webcam video is paused, but the attendees actually still see everything.

This could be very misleading and cause some embarrassing situations. 

The Customer Support is Very Fast

During this EasyWebinar review, I wrote to their customer support on multiple occasions.

The chat is always there at the bottom right corner. They use Intercom.

Every time I wrote to the customer support, I got my answer in less than 15 minutes. Doesn’t matter if it was early morning or late at night.

They also have an active Facebook Group with 5000+ members.

Slideshows & Videos for Presentation Tools

If you want to use pre-configured presentation tools, you can set them at the “Presentation Media” tab.

Setting the presentation media files is not part of the main webinar setup flow, you’d have to insert them separately. The upside is that you can use the same presentation files for any webinar that you’re hosting, without having to think about it.

What I really like about the slideshow on EasyWebinar is that you can preview next slides.

EasyWebinar live room example
Preview the next slides during your slideshow

The webcam would still remain at the bottom as you start your slideshow.

You might want to show your webcam as the main video to emphasize a point during your presentation.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to temporarily minimize the slides. You’d have to stop sharing your slides if you want to share your webcam video on the big screen.

To launch the slides again, you’d have to navigate the presentation materials and open the slideshow again. Even then, you’re back in slide 1.

YouTube Videos are Not Supported

At one point during your live webinar you might want to share a video clip.

Unfortunately, you can’t inject YouTube videos directly into the platform.

youtube not allowed
Launching YouTube videos is not allowed

They suggest you host your *.mp4 video file somewhere else and inject a direct link to that file.

That is incredibly tedious and you’re probably not going to do that unless you have these video files hosted in your WordPress media folder or somewhere else already. 

An easy workaround for that is to share your screen and show the YouTube clip. That way you can have the video prepared exactly at the point where you want to start. So minimum hassle.

The downside of this workaround is that the quality is decreased by your screen-sharing.

Invite an Attendee as a Temporary Presenter

Some of your attendees could share a personal story or give a live video testimonial during your live webinar.

Make any attendee a temporary presenter
Make any attendee a temporary presenter

That’s incredible social proof and will encourage selling your course or product.

Once you invite an attendee as a presenter, the platform will check their connectivity and audiovisuals.

If everything is OK, they can start being a temporary presenter and share their webcam and their screen. They also will have access to your presentation materials.

host and cohost live
Host and a temporary presenter (or a co-host) share their webcams

With a click of a button, you can remove them from the presenter role.

Clean Mobile Interface...as Long as it Works

One positive discovery during this EasyWebinar review is the clean user experience for mobile attendees.

Different tabs are at the bottom, with Live Stream being the main one.

Even while the host starts sharing the slides, the mobile UI gives equal attention to the slideshow and the webcam video.

EasyWebinar Android: Only webcam
EasyWebinar Android: Only webcam
EasyWebinar Android: Webcam + Slides
EasyWebinar Android: Webcam + Slides

Once the host launches polls or offers, they pop up immediately to all the attendees.

EasyWebinar Android: Poll voted
EasyWebinar Android: Poll voted
EasyWebinar Android: Offer launched
EasyWebinar Android: Offer launched

However, one big downside for this EasyWebinar review is that the webcam video didn’t work for my Chrome browser on Android.

It suggested that the attendee downloads their Android app. Right there you’d have a steep drop-off of your attendees who are on mobile.

Another thing I noticed while testing the webinar for this EasyWebinar review is that the attendee disappeared from the Attendees list once their phone screen went dark.

If they opened their screen lock, they would automatically re-appear to the webinar’s attendee list. 

As an attendee, joining from other browsers on PC worked fine, for the most part. There were some minor bugs, but nothing that would degrade the user experience.

Fully Engaged Audience During Webinar Replay

The webinar replay is probably one of the best features of this whole EasyWebinar review.

For the replay video, you can use the replica of the live event or add a custom replay video.

Literally, all the engagement features are available during the webinar replay.

The replay attendees can: 

EasyWebinar replay
Timed offer launched during webinar replay

The email, which delivers the webinar replay, can also be customized during the webinar setup.

Oddly, it’s turned off by default, so make sure to turn it on.

Webinar Engagement Analytics & Data Exports

There is a webinar analytics dashboard in EasyWebinar, but it’s not very insightful.

There’s no webinar registration analytics and the attendance analytics is very basic.

As for attendance analytics, you can only see what percentage of the event was each attendee present.

EasyWebinar analytics dashboard
EasyWebinar analytics dashboard

There’s a pretty decent engagement analytics, though. For example, you can track:

You can export a full report of the webinar as well, which includes:

If you’re an experienced marketer and you see the value in retargeting, then you’re in luck. EasyWebinar lets you insert a Google or Facebook tracking pixel to Header, Body or Footer to any webinar funnel page:

For example, you can retarget people who came to your webinar registration form, but didn’t sign up.

Or people who’ve been in your webinar, have seen your offer, but didn’t make the purchase.

EasyWebinar Review Summary & Pricing

The most basic “Standard” plan gives you unlimited live and automated webinars with up to 100 attendees per event.

The next “Pro” plan is only slightly more expensive, but gives you 500 attendees per webinar and up to 4 hosts.

To conclude the EasyWebinar review, let’s summarize the pro’s and the con’s:

They also offer a 14-day trial which you can cancel anytime without charge.

I encourage you to check out EasyWebinar.

Try hosting a few webinars on see if it’s right for you.

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