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B2B marketers extensively use the LinkedIn social media platform to simplify the prospecting efforts of highly targeted campaigns. 

Users browse leads profiles, send connection requests to the leads, message connections, and nurture leads via LinkedIn. Managing these actions automatically solicits third-party software to automate routine lead-generation tasks. 

Dripify, an advanced sales automation tool, is the best tool to improve LinkedIn marketing significantly. It targets the audience and creates winning sales funnels by narrowing the leads search based on location, industry, qualifications, current, past, and workplaces.

Let’s dive deep into this article and find the detailed Dripify review to reference how it is a perfect automation tool!

Dripify: Key Features

Dripify Dashboard
Dripify Dashboard

Dripify is a powerful automation tool with a wide range of features. Here are some features that explain how Dripify makes a perfect preference for offering LinkedIn automation among users:

All-in-One LinkedIn Automation Tool

Dripify is an all-in-one automation tool that automates lead generation and boosts prospecting efforts to improve campaign productivity. It helps you to:

Builds Marketing Funnels

The marketing funnel highlights the complete journey of the leads from becoming a lead to a buyer. Dripify creates a personalized LinkedIn generation funnel by automatically connecting to the target audience, sending follow-up messages, and endorsing skills to boost prospecting by converting them to potential leads. 

Here is how you can create a sales funnel with Dripify:

It increases the chances of converting the leads into potential customers.

Evaluate Campaigns Performance

Dripify Campaigns Statistics
Dripify Campaigns Statistics

Dripify enables you to access marketing efforts by evaluating the campaign’s statistics, such as profile views, search appearances, and social selling indexes. The businesses can analyze the performance of the campaigns letting you understand where the campaign needs advancement.

Track Activities on LinkedIn

Dripify activity control feature tracks the excessive activities of the LinkedIn account. It sends notifications to the system right after any excessive activity is detected to prevent safety risks to the LinkedIn account.

Easy to Download Contact Data

Dripify’s advanced search features allows you to find the targeted audience. You can search and get a list of the leads downloaded in a CSV file to build outreach campaigns to promote sales.

Easily Integrates with Apps

The integration with the apps is easy with Dripify. Dripify easily integrates with Google Docs, Hubspot, Zapier, and other applications in just a few clicks.

Compatible with the Main LinkedIn Accounts

Dripify is 100% compatible with the main LinkedIn accounts, such as  Free LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Premium, Recruiter and Recruiter Lite.

Dripify enhances a brand’s presence. The Dripify review remains incomplete without citing the features it offers to a business.

Who Is Dripify Designed For?

The Dripify automation software is perfectly designed for almost all types of users and businesses ranging from:

Also, the subscription plans are completely reasonable based on the basic, pro and advanced packages the users opt for.

How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign in Dripify?

Dripify Campaigns Sequence Editor
Dripify Campaigns Sequence Editor

Lead generation is a valuable strategy for any business. The right strategy helps firms to connect to potential customers. It raises revenues by offering high ROI

To create a successful lead generation campaign firstly research:

Recognize the target audience and get started with the lead generation campaign. The campaign follows a series of few stages:

1. Determine Target Audience

Research and figure out the target audience with the Dripify automation tool. The advanced features can quickly and easily search for the targeted audience and build a lead generation funnel on LinkedIn. You can set lead generation campaigns best suited to their business preferences.

2. Set Campaign Goals

Setting goals before running a campaign is necessary for achieving the expected results. Connect to the hundred of connections by simplifying the tasks with Dripify.

The autopilot for LinkedIn automates tasks to send connection emails and bulk message requests to get more leads. Focus on calculating the lead conversions a campaign requires to hit the goals of a campaign.

3. Join Groups

Join groups and consistently post valuable content similar to the interest of the people in the groups. It targets potential customers and builds a strong presence on the LinkedIn network. Being active in the groups generates leads and promotes business on the LinkedIn platform.

4. Connect with Cold Leads

Dripify allows you to track the performance of cold leads. You can connect with the cold leads by sending newsletters and customized messages to revive the lost interest of the leads. It can help you to convert cold leads to profitable leads.

5. Regularly Publish Content on LinkedIn Page and Other Platforms

Regularly publishing high-quality and engaging content on the LinkedIn platform will enhance your brand’s presence. Always ensure that your content resonates with the audience. Paying attention to it will make sure that content reaches the right audience. For better reach, you can share the content outside the network also.

6. Nurture Leads

After obtaining the lead, stay on the mind of the leads by interacting with them. Send messages, follow-ups and guide the leads through the sales funnel stages. It will drive leads to show interest in purchasing the product or services.

7. Test Lead Generation Campaign

Dripify LinkedIn automation software allows you to keep an eye on the critical metrics to assess the campaign’s performance. You can evaluate search appearances,  profile views, and social selling index, illustrating whether the campaign is making a way to convert leads to potential customers or not. 

When to Use Dripify?

Dripify helps you to set outreach strategies for businesses. Here are the reasons why using Dripify is the best choice:

Precisely Targets Leads

The Dripify advanced searches allow you to target the markets and generate qualified leads quickly. It helps you to build a seamless sales funnel on the network.

Automates the LinkedIn Tasks

The LinkedIn automation tool automates your daily chores to send an automated connection request, message 1st level connections in bulk, endorse skills on profiles, and visit profiles automatically.

Introduces Autopilot to the LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Dripify adds immense value to the pipeline with the autopilot. It enables businesses to enter new markets within days by automating lead-generation campaigns. It fully automates the campaigns and adds dozens of hot leads to the campaign through autopilot. It increases LinkedIn’s engagement and converts the leads to potential buyers.

Makes Scheduling Convenient

Dripify Scheduling
Dripify Scheduling

Dripify creates a sequence of messages to keep the business and customers in touch with each other. You can schedule the reply messages to the clients whenever any message is received from the client.

Cloud Based Performance

Dripify is available as a cloud-base service. It allows you to link their LinkedIn accounts to Dripify. In this way, you can put the tasks on autopilot on LinkedIn and focus on the strategies for growing the business.

Scrape LinkedIn Profiles Information

If looking to get the information of the qualified leads, Dripify allows you to scrape the LinkedIn profile information of the connections. You can use the information outside the network to connect and interact with the connections.

Simple to Use Automation Tool

Dripify is simple to use and retains the LinkedIn account’s full control. You can set limits and delays on the activities to add a human touch to the funnels.

Secures LinkedIn Account

Dripify Limits and Activity Control

Dripify allows safe and confident LinkedIn outreach. The conversations with the connections are fully encrypted and do not cause any risk to the LinkedIn account.

A/B Campaign Testings

The A/B campaign testing allows you to track the performance of the campaigns by checking the statistics based on acceptance rate, response rate and more. By analyzing these matrices, you can analyze the strategies that work on their campaigns.

When NOT to Use Dripify?

By considering the details below, you can make a more informed decision about whether Dripify aligns with your automation needs and preferences. Here are the reasons why using Dripify is not for you, including the downsides of Dripify:

Using With Personal Profiles Only

Dripify can only be used on personal LinkedIn profiles. Company pages are not supported. ​This limitation might be problematic if you primarily rely on LinkedIn for business purposes. But, do not worry! As a workaround many clients use their personal profiles as their business pages. They use a company name instead of their first/last name and a personal profile works as a company profile.

No Post Schedule Features

You can perform mostly all actions on LinkedIn with the help of Dripify but unfortunately it cannot be used to create/schedule LinkedIn posts. This could be a drawback for those who want to maintain an active posting schedule on their LinkedIn profile. However, it can still automate other interactions, such as liking posts made by your connections, which can help you stay engaged on the platform.

Incompatible With Sales Navigator Team

Dripify cannot be used with the Sales Navigator Team account. You may need to consider switching to the Sales Navigator Core account or look for alternative automation software that supports the Sales Navigator Team version.

No Video Uploading to the Message

Another limitation of Dripify is that it doesn’t allow users to upload video files directly when sending messages in bulk. However, as a workaround, you can include the URL of the video in the text of the message. While this workaround allows you to share video content, it may not be as convenient as direct video uploads for some users.

Prefer Manual Work

Dripify may not be suitable for those who do not wish to organize the automation process efficiently and prefer a more hands-on and manual approach to LinkedIn engagement. If you value the personal touch and prefer not to automate your LinkedIn interactions, Dripify might not be the right choice for you. It’s best suited for users who want to efficiently schedule a lot of actions and keep professional statistics of all actions.

Dripify Pricing

Dripify offers different pricing tiers to cater to various user needs. However, some users may find the pricing too high for their budget. 

Here is the price breakdown: Basic account: $39 for one user per month; Pro account: $59 for one user per month; Advanced account: $79 for one user per month.

Dripify Pricing
Dripify Pricing

Users should carefully evaluate their automation needs and budget constraints to determine if Dripify’s pricing aligns with their expectations.

Key Takeaways from Dripify Review

Dripify is an ideal tool for significantly improving lead generation and prospecting on LinkedIn. When rightly used, this tool helps in keeping the business workflows smooth and well-functioning. 

It automats the lead generation tasks and helps marketers to nurture the leads on the LinkedIn platform. By keeping the routine tasks organized, you can convert potential leads into valuable connections. 

Hopefully, the Dripify review will clarify how the LinkedIn automation tool works best for you in setting up each stage of the lead generation funnel.

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