Demio vs WebinarJam:
Do NOT Overlook These 10 Factors

Demio vs WebinarJam

Demio vs WebinarJam – which one is better? Which one should you choose?

That depends on which features are important to you.

In this review we’ll compare Demio vs WebinarJam side-by-side. 

We’ll dive into the features and investigate them through the lens of the host and the attendee.

We’ll compare the pro’s and the con’s and choose a winner for each of those aspects:

Live or Automated Webinars? Easy to Set Up?

On Demio you can host Live and Automated webinars. WebinarJam offers only Live webinars.

Demio webinar setup is very straight-forward – just set the title, schedule it and you’re done.

If you want to change some preferences, you have to navigate to the customization options.

WebinarJam, on the other hand, takes you through the whole customization process within the webinar setup itself, so it’s more streamlined.

WJ Step-by-step what the full configuration flow look slike
WebinarJam full configuration setup flow

Both have the option to schedule recurring weekly (or monthly) webinars, but Demio’s scheduling is very limited. You can schedule recurring webinars to happen only once per week.

Winner for Webinar Types: Demio

WebinarJam is more flexible in terms of webinar scheduling and webinar setup.

But Demio has a powerful advantage – you can host automated and on-demand webinars.

That’s a more important aspect to consider.  

WebinarJam: Webinar Types & Setup


Demio: Webinar Types & Setup


Webinar Funnels - Converting Registrations

WebinarJam Webinar Registration Page and the Thank You Page have tons of customizability.

There are many different layout options, video embedding and different color schemes.

WebinarJam Landing Page template 5
WebinarJam Landing Page template 5

Demio really lacks in customizability. There’s only one layout you can use, and you can’t even change the text on the “Register” button.

Perhaps this minimalistic design is their way of directing registrants’ focus and to eliminate anything that would distract them from the registration.

You can add a description, images and even a video to the registration page, but these would appear at the bottom of the page, below the fold.

Demio Registration Page with a video attachment below
Demio Registration Page with a video attachment below

However, Demio has an important advantage – custom questions on the registration form.

But then WebinarJam has another serious advantage – built-in A/B testing for registration pages.

WebinarJam 2 landing page templates selected for split testing
WebinarJam: Choose 2 Landing Page templates and split test them

You can customize 2 different registration pages and the software will test them both, so you can see which one converts registrants better.

Winner for the Best Webinar Funnels: WebinarJam

The Webinar Registration Page really has to communicate the value from the webinar and make it attractive.

That’s a lot easier to achieve if you can customize the layout, content and color schemes.

Also, WebinarJam’s Registration Page A/B testing is a brilliant feature for marketers looking to maximize the signups.  

WebinarJam: Webinar Funnel Pages


Demio: Webinar Funnel Pages


Email Reminders & Audience Segmentation

The same theme continues to occur here – WebinarJam has tons of customizability with shortcodes and custom text for email reminders.

WebinarJam email customizer tool
WebinarJam host view: Customize your e-mail communication

While on Demio you can only insert a custom text snippet into the email body.

Demio email editor
Demio email editor

If you’re not looking to customize your emails that much, then that’s probably not a big factor for you.

Another downside for Demio’s email is that you can’t customize the email schedule or add custom email reminders. There are 4 email reminders set up by default. And you can’t change their schedules.

On WebinarJam you can customize the email reminders. Also, you can segment your attendees based on their behavior.

webinarjam emails
WebinarJam: Setting up the webinar emails

Winner for the Best Email Tools: WebinarJam

To be honest, Demio’s email reminders get the job done – no question about it.

But if you’re an experienced webinar marketer, you’re going to need more flexibility.

There’s just so much more you can do with email reminders if you can segment your audience and customize the messages.

WebinarJam: Email Tools


Demio: Email Tools


Interacting with the Webinar Audience

Demio vs WebinarJam – Both have done a masterful job at designing the audience engagement tools for the live webinars. 

On both you can pre-configure the polls and the offers.

Poll Results
Demio Poll Results
launching the polls
WebinarJam: Launching the pre-configured polls during the live webinar

Both have public and private chats and the Q&A separated. They both also have the moderator role, who could assist the presenter by chatting, taking questions and launching polls & offers.

Where they go apart is where they focus on – Demio focuses more on the Q&A. They’ve gone the extra mile with Q&A by having the “Start answering” feature.

demio start answering
Demio: Start answering a question

WebinarJam focuses more on the offers. There’s a scarcity timer and available units counter that you can set up to encourage more product sales. 

WebinarJam product offer as attendee
WebinarJam: Seeing the product offer during the live webinar

Winner for the Best Interactivity During Webinars: Demio

Although, they’ve both done a fantastic job with the audience engagement features, so they’re both winners here.

But if I have to pick one based on the audience interactivity, then Demio has an advantage with the Q&A marking and “Start answering” feature.

WebinarJam: Audience Interaction Tools


Demio: Audience Interaction Tools


Video Engine & Tech Support

WebinarJam has a slightly better video quality during the live webinars. However, there is a slight delay between the interaction tools and the video (the polls/offers launch instantly, while the video has a delay).

Both launch a quick connectivity and audiovisuals test before you go into the room to make sure your connection and video is of the highest possible quality.

If anything does go south for unexpected reasons, then WebinarJam has the “Panic! Button”. This would create a new webinar room and redirect all attendees there. And it all takes just 10 seconds.

That’s a huge relief to have this kind of feature always available.

WJ panic button - reboot room
WebinarJam Host view: Pressing the Panic! button
WJ redirecting all attendees
WebinarJam Host view: Redirecting all attendees

But sometimes you need help with something more specific.

Demio has the best customer support I’ve seen from all the webinar software I’ve tested.

They’re super fast. On all occasions they’ve replied to my requests in under 15 minutes. Their replies are very detailed and have always thoroughly answered the question.

Demio Customer Support Example
Demio Customer Support is just Super Fast and Helpful
Demio Customer Support answers in 10 minutes
Demio Customer Support answers in 10 minutes

Winner for the Best Video Engine & Support: WebinarJam

If you’re running into any questions (technical or marketing), you can get an answer with both platforms.

On Demio, the answer is from the customer support chat. 

On WebinarJam, you can ask the Facebook Community (where members can also give you some strategic and marketing advice).

The video quality is slightly better on WebinarJam.

But what really marks the winner is the “Panic! Button”, which gives you the peace of mind that with any technical difficulty, you can fix it fast and by yourself.

WebinarJam: Video Engine & Support


Demio: Video Engine & Support


Webinar Presentation Tools

Demio vs WebinarJam – both enable you to insert slides straight into the webinar platform.

During your live webinar, you can launch them, and the platform shows it to the attendee with maximum possible quality.  

Demio Live Webinar Room
Demio Live Webinar Room

With WebinarJam you have slightly more customizability – you can add slide transitions.

WebinarJam live example
How the WebinarJam live interface looks like for the host

They both have file handouts as well. You can share PDF or Excel spreadsheet files with your audience, which they can download.

However, with WebinarJam, you’ll get some bonus features that Demio doesn’t have. For example, a whiteboard tool that you can use to point out things on your slides or while you share your screen.

Winner for the Niftiest Presentation Tools: WebinarJam

They both have decent presentation features. Everything you’d expect – pre-uploaded slides and videos, file handouts and screen-sharing.

However, WebinarJam has more controls with switching between the webcam video and slides. Also, the whiteboard tool is useful to illustrate some points during your presentation.

WebinarJam: Presentation Tools


Demio: Presentation Tools


Attendee Experience on Mobile Devices & Different Browsers

WebinarJam vs Demio – both provide a fully mobile responsive experience for the attendees.

All the webinar interactivity won’t be sacrificed for attendees joining on their Androids or iPhones.

The only difference is in layouts.

On WebinarJam the interactive tools open as an overlay, while the video will still be seen. The chat is constantly visible.

WebinarJam Android attendee Q&A
WebinarJam Android attendee - Q&A
WebinarJam Android polls
WebinarJam Polls on Android

A downside for WebinarJam is that the “Request to speak” and attendee count take up too much space. In my opinion that is not very important information to see at all times. But they’re placed in a very prominent spot.

Also, the host’s webcam video is so tiny attendees can barely see it.

Demio separates their engagement tools from the video. So, when the host launches a poll, the attendee will be taken to another screen.

Attendees can switch between the webinar video and the engagements (chat, polls, handouts) by swiping left or right.

That’s pretty intuitive and smooth once you figure out that you can switch by swiping. 

Also, the webcam video gets the space it deserves.  

Demio android slides
Android attendee: Video & Slides
Demio android
Android attendee: Answering polls

Winner for the Most Convenient Mobile Experience: Demio

Demio vs WebinarJam – they both provide an excellent mobile attendee experience. I guess this one comes down to taste.

As a host you probably want to emphasize some points on your slides. In these cases you want the audience to focus on the webcam video. Demio has much better focus on that.

Also, it doesn’t pull polls, offers or chats on top of the slides and video.

WebinarJam: Mobile Devices & Browsers


Demio: Mobile Devices & Browsers


The Best Webinar Replay Experience

WebinarJam has really gone the extra mile with the webinar replay.

They have the “Replica Replay” which mimics all the engagements that happened during live – exactly when they happened.

Also, the replay viewer can still ask questions – even during the replay!

The questions will be emailed to the host.

WebinarJam webinar replay Q&A
WebinarJam Host view: Setting up the webinar replay Q&A

Demio’s replay features are quite disappointing, to be honest.

The webinar replay is just the video. There are no engagement features or any records of what the polls or chats were during the live webinar.

You can’t even email the host to ask a question.

The only positive side is that you can insert a call-to-action below the video.

Demio Webinar Replay Video
Demio Webinar Replay Video

Demio has just a small advantage here – you can download the webinar replay video.
On WebinarJam you can’t do that.

Winner for the Replay Interactivty: WebinarJam

Because they create a feeling of being in the live webinar, even when the attendee is just viewing the replay.

They even have webinar replay analytics, which shows how much viewing time did the replay get.

WebinarJam: Webinar Replay


Demio: Webinar Replay


Most Insightful Webinar Analytics & Exports

Demio vs WebinarJam – both have continuous attendance analytics, not just the averages. That means on both platforms you can learn insights like:

You can see all the attendance statistics for the whole length of the webinar with both.

WebinarJam engagement analytics
WebinarJam Webinar engagement analytics
Demio Analytics measures attendance and focus
Demio Analytics measures attendance and focus

There are a couple of differences, though.

WebinarJam has a couple of extras that Demio doesn’t have:

WebinarJam email analytics
WebinarJam email analytics

Winner for the Most Insightful Analytics: WebinarJam

Both analytics dashboards give an in-depth insight about the webinar attendance.

They also both have 3rd party tracking. That means you can insert Google or Facebook pixel to any page, so you can retarget your attendees on these platforms.  

But WebinarJam just has better tracking for the webinar funnel, including emails and the webinar replay.

WebinarJam: Analytics & Exports


Demio: Analytics & Exports


The Most Optimal Pricing & Trial

Pricing is one of the most important aspects when considering Demio vs WebinarJam.

A 500-attendee room is the absolute maximum for Demio.

But for WebinarJam, you already get 500 attendees with the most Basic Plan.

So, clearly Demio is built for more “Starter” level webinar marketers.

Even their pricing reflects that – Demio is flexible with their monthly pricing plans.

WebinarJam, on the other hand, only offers annual plans. So, you better rake up a lot of cash up front.

If you compare the annual prices for the cheapest plans, then you’ll definitely get more “bang for the buck” out of the WebinarJam plans:

Winner for the Most Optimal Pricing: WebinarJam

If webinars are an important marketing strategy for you and you’re willing to commit for at least a year, then definitely you’ll get more value out of WebinarJam.

They just simply have more advanced and abundant features at a lower annual cost.

Ultimately, deciding between Demio vs WebinarJam, you have to consider what’s more important to you.

WebinarJam: Pricing


Demio: Pricing


Go with WebinarJam if you’re willing to commit for at least a year of hosting live webinars and these features are important to you:

Go with Demio if you’re just trying out webinars, you want to pay-by-month and these features are important to you: