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In this Demio review we will fully and comprehensively answer 2 big questions: 

  1. Which features make Demio a smart choice for small businesses?
  2. What type of insights does the webinar analytics include?
  3. What does it cost? Is it worth the money?

Attendee Focus Tracking

Remember AIDA?

First you have to get their attention (or focus) and make the product desirable. Then you can make your offer.

AIDA model

It was true in 1992, it still holds true today.

When I started this Demio review, I immediately noticed that they’ve sacrificed fexibility and customizability in some aspects. 

But they’ve kept in mind one very important thing – directing attendee focus.

The webinar registration form is minimalistic, but it focuses on getting the signup by eliminating distractions.

Demio’s Webinar UI on Mobile focuses on video OR engagements – but one thing at a time.

The featured actions (clickable offers) can be launched exactly when you’ve brought your attendees to the point of feeling they need your product.

And then you launch the offer.

Then it immediately grabs the attendees’ focus.

Even Demio’s webinar analytics has metrics that show if the attendee was actually focusing on the webinar presentation.

Demio is the best webinar software for holding your webinar attendee focus and effectively leading them through the webinar funnel. 

We’ll look at the pro’s and the con’s and ultimately – is it worth your money?

Setup is Easy. Even for Automated Webinars

The dashboard on Demio is clean and straightforward, without many bells and whistles.

You can set up live, recurring or automated webinars.

Live, Recurring or Automated Webinar
Host a Live Webinar, a Series or Automated Webinars

The live webinar setup takes literally just a few seconds.

Set the title and the webinar is created!

Next you just schedule it and you’re done. Everything else is configured by default for you.

Recurring webinars can be set up for:

You can only do once per week webinars. But you can’t do twice per week, for example.

That’s a downside if you’re looking to host a webinar series with a flexible schedule.

Monthly Recurring webinar setup
Setting up monthly recurring webinars

You can even create automated webinars, where you just upload your pre-recorded presentation.

You can make automated webinar available on-demand right away. 

Or you can schedule it for a specific date, so your attendees will gather to watch it together.

So it’s super easy to set up automated recurring webinars.

Automated Webinar uploading
Demio Automated Webinar example

The webinar dashboard has a clear overview of all the upcoming events and easy access to join the room or get the sharable link.

Share the webinar link
Webinar registration link

Webinar Funnel Pages

In the dashboard view, it’s not very clear where you can customize your webinar Registration and Thank You pages.

In fact, you have to navigate to the „Events“ tab -> Click on a webinar -> Go to the „Customize“ tab.

As I was doing this Demio review, I was honestly a bit confused at first.

Webinar Registraton Pages are Minimalistic, but Effective

There are very little options to customize the Registration Pages.

There’s literally just one layout you can use.

Although to be fair, you cad add different elements, like:

So, you can actually add your product image or video on the Registration Page.

However, all the elements would appear below the webinar registration fold.

Registration Page
Demio Registration Page example

Perhaps this keeps the focus on the registation form and drives the registration conversions up.

Just keep in mind that you can’t modify the Registration Page layout or even the text on the „Register“ button.

For the background you can have a single color or an image.

Demio Registration Page example: Attendee view
Demio Registration Page example: Attendee view

If you want more customization options, you can embed the registration on your own webiste.

On the plus side, you can add your brand colors and logo, which would appear through-out the webinar pages and in the live room.

Another really useful feature is adding custom questions to the registration page.

These can be optional or mandatory.

Custom form fields on the Registration Page
Custom form fields on the Registration Page

The countdown timer will always convert the starting time to attendee timezone.

If you enabled the on-demand webinar option, it will always show this option as „Starting right now“.

Registration option - on-demand webinar
Registration option: on-demand webinar

Thank You Page - Use Default or Redirect to Custom URL

There’s a nice and clean Thank You Page set by default.

It features all the essentials:

Demio Tahnk You page example
Attendee view: Demio Thank You page example

You also have the option to redirect your attendees to a custom URL after they register.

Redirect to external URL after registration
Redirect to external URL after registration

Demio has kept their Registration Pages simple, because by eliminating distractions, the signup conversion goes up. 

Email Editor - Limited Customization Options

By default there are 4 email reminders set up:

Follow-up email
All the default emails + the follow-up email

That’s it. You can’t add custom e-mails. 

These are actually quite well picked reminder times, in my opinion.

However, there should be a way to customize the emails. I miss segmenting the audience based on attendance. 

You can send it to everyone, to those who attended or to those who didn’t attend.

But not to attendees and non-attendees separately.

The email editor is also extremely limited.

Demio email editor
Demio email editor

For existing e-mails, you can only add a custom text snippet to the email body.

For me that’s too limiting and quite frankly one of the most annoying things I found during this whole Demio review. 

Perhaps this is Demio’s way of keeping the design clean and consistent.

Here’s how it looks like to the attendee, who received the email:

Attendee view: Demio registration email received
Attendee view: Demio registration email received

If you want to customize your emails more, you can integrate with the email marketing platform that you already use. Demio integrates with:

  • MailChimp
  • InfusionSoft
  • GetResponse
  • MarketHero
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • OfficeAutopilot/Ontraport
  • Zapier (which has tons of integrations)

Audience Interaction Tools are Flexible

Demio Live Webinar Room
Demio Live Webinar Room

By default all chats are public. But you can send a private message to the host (or any other attendee) during the live webinar:

Private Message
Private Message

All the private and public messages will appear to the chat window, so everything is one chat stream.

You can even chat with your attendees during automated scheduled webinars. However, if attendees watch the automated webinar on-demand, you can’t really engage with them in person.

But you can see their chats after the end of the webinar, so you can reach out to them.

If anyone asks a question in the chat, you can specifically mark it as a question.

Marking Chat Messages as Questions
Marking Chat Messages as Questions

The chat message will convert to a question and you can start answering it.

Whenever you’re done answering the question, you can just click „Finish answering“.

Answering questions in Demio
When you're done answering a question, click "Finish answering"

You can launch all the engagement tools that you’ve pre-configured during the webinar setup.

It’s possible to set these up during the live webinar, but it’s not recommended, because you’re disengaging your audience.

A moderator could do it for you during the live webinar, though.

There’s an easy quick-access to all the engagement tools below the chat.

Demio audience engagement options during live webinar
Demio audience engagement options during live webinar

Here I just launched a poll where I chose to share the results with the attendees:

Poll Results
Demio Poll Results

As I launch the poll, it automatically opens for the attendees (only it didn’t automatically open for Firefox attendees when I tested it out). 

Another great feature for sales and marketing is the featured action.

That’s something I also pre-configured and I can just launch at the right time during my live webinar.

For the attendees it will pop up on top of the slides.

Featured Action During Live Webinar
Demio Featured Action During Live Webinar

If you’re running a webinar with a huge audience, you can also invite a moderator to join. 

A moderator can interact with the audience, so the host can solely focus on the presentation.

A moderator can do everything the host does, for example:

Overall, my Demio review of the interation features get a big thumbs up. 

Video Engine is OK, but the Support is Amazing

When you first join the live room, Demio runs a pretty nice connectivity and audiovisuals check before it lets you into the room.

Connectivity and Audiovisuals Check
Connectivity and Audiovisuals Check

The connectivity check runs a bandwidth test on your internet connection.

If you’ve invited an attendee as a speaker, the same kind of connectivity and audiovisual check is performed on their machines.

The video quality is just okay. Not great, not terrible. The video engine is based on WebRTC.

I haven’t experienced any video connectivity problems as a host.

During this Demio review, I tested the software out on all major browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. 

And I have to point out that the webcam went dark once for an attendee while testing on Edge. It kept working fine on Firefox and Chrome browsers, though.

A really delightful surprise was Demio’s customer support.

They have a chat option available at all times and I’ve tested their customer support speed.

And I can honestly say – They are super fast, thorough and polite!

Through-out this Demio review process, I wrote to their customer support multiple times. 

For example, at 9 AM and at 9 PM – on both occasions I got a reply in less than 10 minutes

Even during the weekend, they respond in 20 minutes max. I’m amazed. 

Demio Customer Support Example
Demio Customer Support is just Super Fast and Helpful

Demio also has a pretty helpful on-boarding automated webinars to help you by showing you all the features and by giving some helpful tips about hosting.

I didn’t find any Facebook groups for Demio, though.

But since their customer support is so fast, perhaps the Demio University and the Online Chat is all the support you’ll need.

Presentation Tools Have a Few Drawbacks

What I’m not satisfied with is the camera controls.

There’s only one layout – Webcam video above the slideshow.

I can slightly resize the webcam size above, but it will only resize it for me (the host).

Attendees won’t see this resize change. They can resize it to their own liking.

resizing the webcam
Resizing will only change it for myselft, not for the attendees

Another downside is that I can’t switch the main video to show my webcam.

I have to stop sharing my slides to show my webcam video on the big screen.  

But it’s quite okay, because when I switch back to my slides, it continues from the slide I left off.

The screen sharing is quite bad in the live room.

I can share my screen and all, but I can’t entirely see what I’m sharing.

It’s blocked by these huge 2 buttons and an overlay. 

But then again, it’s really clear how to change the shared screen or stop sharing. 

Live - screen sharing
Screen sharing block my own view

On the plus side, the slideshow controls are pretty neat. The slide quality is sharp and the slideshow controls are clear.

Note that you can only inject slides as PDF files.

Like with most webinar software, you can also share file handouts with your attendees.

As you share the handout, it will automatically appear for attendees. It will automatically open the Handouts tab. 

I’ve chosen to share an Excel spreadsheet template for budgeting. Attendees will see it like this:

live webinar handout download
Attendee view: Download the handout file

After the webinar, you can redirect your attendees to a custom URL.

But it’s disabled by default.

Make sure to enable that, because by default it will redirect your attendees to the Demio’s promo page.

Attendees on Mobile & Different Browsers

The mobile experience is actually the best I’ve seen.

Since the screen area is very limited, Demio decided to focus on the video and slides.

The webcam video stays on top and the slides on the bottom.

Swipe left to see the chats & engagements view. Very intuitive.  

Android attendee: Video & Slides
Android attendee: Video & Slides
Android attendee: Chat & Q&A
Android attendee: Chat & Q&A

If you (as the host) launch a poll or a handout, it will automatically switch over to the engagements view and display the poll or handout to the attendee.

As for the featured actions – they appear on top of the video.

Android attendee: Answering polls
Android attendee: Featured Action

I must say that the mobile experience is very well put together. It considers that the attendee should focus on one thing at a time. Demio platform directs that attention very delicately.

As for different browsers – there were a couple of minor issues I noticed during this Demio review:

Webinar Replay - is Just the Video enough?

The webinar replay can be sent to either:

You can configure that in the emails. By default, it will send the webinar replay video to everyone who registered.

However, the webinar replay doesn’t have any polls, featured actions or even chats that you had in the live webinar.

The webinar replay is only the video.

Demio Webinar Replay Video
Demio Webinar Replay Video

The webinar replay was perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the whole Demio review. 

On WebinarJam, the attendees can ask questions even during the replay. And later you’ll have the full webinar replay analytics. You have none of that on Demio. 

On a positive note, you can add a static call-to-action below the video, though.

If you’re running automated webinars, you can schedule when the polls, handouts and featured actions should appear.

Scheduled resource launcher for Automated Webinars
Scheduled resource launcher for Automated Webinars

It should be noted that there’s no replay emails with automated webinars either.

As the host, you can later download your live webinar replay as an *.mp4 file.

You can trim and edit the video and re-use it to create an automated webinar.

Webinar Analytics Provide Unique Insights

The webinar analytics are my favorite part of the Demio review. 

First off, you got your webinar registration tracking.

A lot of webinar hosts report that they get a surge of registrations around 24 hours before the webinar.

This could be useful information to use in your webinar promotion.

Demio Registration Analytics
Demio Registration Analytics

The attendance rate is tracked continuously, so you can better understand when did your attendees decide to leave your webinar.

A unique thing about Demio webinar analytics is that you can track your attendee focus.

Did they really pay attention?

Or did they just attend your webinar and do something else meanwhile?

Focused attendee means that their webinar browser window was on top and they were actually participating in the webinar.

That’s great for tracking where exactly you lost their focus and what can you improve on. 

Demio Analytics measures attendance and focus
Demio Analytics measures attendance and focus

The live webinar engagements can also be measured and analyzed later on.

You’ll get answers like:

All this data can be exported as CSV as well.

Demio Engagement Analytics
Demio Engagement Analytics

The same data can be tracked about your automated webinars as well.

You can also see this data about your attendees individually. 

Unfortunately, there’s no analytics about the webinar replay attendance.

You can export the webinar replay as *.mp4 file for editing or re-using for automated webinars.

A useful feature for experienced marketers is injecting custom code to your:

By doing this, you can later retarget visitors/attendees using Google or Facebook Pixel.  

Injecting custom code to your webinar funnel pages
Injecting custom code to your webinar funnel pages

Demio Review Summary & Pricing

The most basic Starter plan gives you a quite limited room size – only 50 attendees.

A downside for the starter pack is that it doesn’t include automated webinars. 

But then again, the Starter is perfect if you’re just starting out, you only want to experiment with live webinars and 50 seat cap and the 3-hour session limit are not an issue.

And even with the Start Plan, you’ll gain access to all the engagement and customization features. 

Demio standnard features list
Demio Standard Features are Available for All Plans

If you’re already experienced with webinars and have a decent audience, I’d suggest you start out with the Growth Plan, which includes:

To conclude this Demio review, I think it’s an excellent webinar software.

Their registration forms and emails may be minimalistic and a bit frigid, but they focus on converting the attendee to the next stage of the webinar funnel.

The live webinar engagement tools are functional and delightful to use.

You’ll get important insights with the webinar analytics that help to take your webinar game to the next level.

They do offer a trial, which lets you try their highest plan for 14 days for free

Try hosting a few webinars and see if you like it. 

Picture of Erkki Muuga

Erkki Muuga

Erkki has over 10 years of experience as a software product manager and a proven track record in building and growing SaaS products. He has a keen eye for key differentiating factors and spotting truly valuable software features that enable business use cases.

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