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Are you sick of wasting countless hours trying to come up with the ideal phrases to use in your website or social media posts? 

Copy AI is an artificial intelligence writing tool that claims to automate the manual tasks of content marketing and eliminate the writer’s block. 

Can you really tell Copy AI to create high quality content at a snap of a finger?

Can it write content that’s any good?

Is it worth the money?

In this review, we examine this AI writer in depth, looking at both its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll look at how it can help you in creating AI generated content for your content marketing. 

We’ll thoroughly determine if it can really create high quality content that is equal to long-form articles written by human writers. For example, does it pass the AI detection tests?

Let’s dive into the Copy AI review.

Evaluation Criteria for an AI Writing Tool

The key factors to consider when evaluating an AI writing tool include:

The best AI writing tools have balanced qualities in these areas. In this review, we will examine how well this AI writing tool performs in these attribute areas.

SEO Features

Rating for SEO Features


Copy AI has a use case for blog writing due to its set of AI tools and features specifically designed for this purpose. But are they good enough to create content that ranks in SERPs?

Blog Post Wizard

In the first step, the Blog post wizard allows you to set the blog title, a few words as target keywords and a tone. This feature streamlines the content creation process by enabling you to specify the main elements of your article before writing it. 

The different tonalities that you can use are:

copy ai blog post wizard
Copy AI blog post wizard

Based on these inputs, Copy AI generates a blog outline for you. Once you’ve adjusted the H2’s you want to include, you can further generate talking points for each H2.

copy ai blog post wizard topic outline
Blog post wizard topic outline

You can adjust each talking point according to your liking. Add more talking points or remove some unnecessary ones. Once you’re happy with it, Copy AI will generate paragraphs under each of those headings, according to the talking points.

copy ai blog post sections
Blog post sections

Review each of those generated sections. You can regenerate the content for each section, or choose to “Write more” if you want to expand on any blog ideas.

copy ai blog post wizard - Write more
Blog post wizard - Write more

Final Touch with the Content Editor

After that, Copy AI will import the generated article into their editor, where you can further format and edit the blog post. Following the Blog Post wizard AI copywriting tool, you can  quite easily generate long form blog posts out of mere blog ideas. 

This will definitely help you overcome the writer’s block and save time in your content writing process. Although, the AI copy will definitely need to be reviewed and edited by human writers. 

After you’ve generated the long-form content, you can also add images in the content editor. Copy AI also has an integration with Unsplash, so you can search for and insert royalty free images right in the editor. 

The Bullet Point to Blog Section tool automatically creates bullet points or numbered lists to make your article more readable. 

Keyword Generator

There is a keyword generator that gives you a short list of long tail keywords to include in your article.

keyword generator output
Keyword generator output

However, there is no keyword difficulty or search volume outlined for these keywords. Also, the list is pretty short. 

Another downside to the SEO features of Copy AI is that you get no feedback on the long tail keyword coverage in the generated content. 

So overall, it’s excellent for writing, but less so for SEO. Although it is based on the top search results and recognizes keywords, it is not entirely search engine optimized. You might want to use an additional SEO tool to be sure by running the content through it.

Other SEO Use Cases

You can use Copy AI writing software to generate blog ideas, blog titles and meta descriptions as you write articles. 

If you were to ask “Can Copy AI replace human writers for SEO optimized content?”, then the answer is “No”. This AI technology tool can certainly write long form content, but it wouldn’t be optimized for search engines.

Use Cases and Templates

Rating for Use Cases and Templates


Copy AI is a flexible tool for businesses because it provides a large selection of 90+ templates and use cases. The unique aspect of Copy AI is the precise input points for each template, enabling a more focused and unique output. 

You can find the ideal template to meet your needs, whether you’re creating a new email campaign, social post or writing ad copy. The input fields also ensure that the content generated is specific to your brand and target audience.

Landing Page Copy

As you create landing pages for your website, the two most critical areas to cover for high conversions are – attractive design and website copy. 

Luckily, this AI copywriting tool can help you with the latter.

Copy AI makes it easy to generate compelling marketing copy for landing pages. You just need to input some variables, like:

landing page copy
Landing page copy

Copy AI will include all these inputs and write content for your landing pages. It will generate multiple outputs, so you can choose the most suitable one for you. Or you can combine several into one.

landing page copy output
Landing page copy output

Templates for Social Media Posts

CopyAI provides a variety of social media and ad copy templates, making it a quick and easy solution for businesses looking to improve their online presence. 

There is a template available to suit your needs, whether you’re promoting a special offer, sharing tips and knowledge, or showcasing a customer testimonial.

copy ai social media post generator
Copy AI social media post generator

Social media bio: It’s crucial to write a captivating bio for your social accounts. This concise introduction ought to give readers a taste of who you are and what you do while piquing their curiosity. 

Share tips and knowledge: Sharing tips and tricks about your industry can help you build a strong reputation as an expert. People love to learn new things, and by offering them valuable knowledge, you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Build anticipation for a new product launch: Build excitement for an upcoming event or new product launch by creating a post that teases the details. Make sure to keep your audience in the loop and get them hyped for what’s to come.

Templates for Social Promotions

Discount or special promotion: If you have a special deal or offer for your customers, social media is the perfect place to share it! Make sure to catch their attention with eye-catching content that makes them want to take advantage of your offer.

Contest or giveaway promotion: Create excitement and engagement by hosting a contest or giveaway! This is a fun way to generate interest in your brand and create buzz.

Event promotion: Don’t let your event pass you by unnoticed! Use social media to spread the word and reach as many people as possible.

Email Use Cases

Copy AI can be a useful tool for creating different types of email content. In this Copy AI review, I’ll outline some of the more useful email use cases. 

Welcome Email or Confirmation Email: This is a great way to get new customers or subscribers to like you right away. You can set the tone for your relationship with the help of Copy AI by creating a warm and friendly welcome message.

Recurring Email Newsletter: It’s essential to inform and engage your customers. You can use Copy AI to create a recurring newsletter that will keep your readers coming back for more.

Event Promotion Email: An email promotion can be a great way to spread the word about an upcoming event. Copy AI can assist you in developing a message that effectively promotes your event and entices people to go.

Cold Outreach Email: It can be difficult to connect with new leads and prospects, but Copy AI can be useful. The tool can be used to produce an email for cold outreach that introduces your company and argues why they should be interested.

Product Launch Email: An email can be a great way to inform your customers and create anticipation for the launch of a new product or service. Copy AI can help you craft a message that effectively communicates the benefits and encourages people to take advantage.

cold email template
Cold email template

Recruitment Use Cases

Job Description: Writing a job description that attracts the right applicant can be difficult, but Copy AI makes it simple. You can use the tool to create a description that highlights the skills and qualifications you’re looking for while accurately describing the position.

Rejection Letter: Rejecting an applicant can be a delicate process, but Copy AI can help. With its aid, you can draft a courteous rejection letter that conveys the message in a formal and sympathetic way.

Hiring Blurb: Whether you’re looking to fill a position or just promote your company culture, Copy AI can help you create a dynamic and attention-grabbing hiring blurb.

copy ai job ad
Copy AI job ad

Other Business Use Cases for AI Writing Tools

Copy AI is not just limited to social media, ad copy and email. It has a wide range of use cases for businesses. During this Copy AI review, we have picked the most useful templates and use cases and outlined them below. 

Intro To A Video Script: You can write an impactful and captivating video script that effectively promotes your product or service with the aid of copy AI. This is a fantastic way to represent your offerings visually and appeal to a larger audience.

Case Study Overview: Copy AI can help in the creation of compelling case studies that show how your goods or services have benefited your clients. This is a potent strategy for increasing credibility and solidifying your brand’s position as a market leader.

Other notable use cases for this AI copywriting software include generating ad and sales copy. The digital ad copy it can produce for Google Ads based on just a few words as inputs is quite impressive.

Commands and Rephraser

Rating for Commands and Rephraser


The CopyAI content editor is adequate for an AI writing tool, but it has limitations. The main disadvantage of the editor is the lack of tools for sentence shortening, expanding, or paraphrasing. The only available writing tool is the “Write more” command.

copy ai editor
Copy AI editor

Formatting Tools

The editor compensates for this with powerful formatting tools, such as the ability to add H2 and H3 headings, insert links and images, create bullet points, insert quotes, and even format code. 

All the features in the editor are helpful for formatting your product descriptions, sales copy and meta descriptions right in the Copy AI platform. Alternatively, you can export it into Google Docs. 

Overall, the formatting tools compensate for the lack of writing tools, making the content editor an excellent choice for those looking to format and present their writing professionally.

Integrations and Browser Extensions

Rating for Integrations


The lack of integrations with the best SEO tools like Surfer SEO or Semrush is one drawback of Copy AI. This is definitely where other writing tools have done a better job. 

This means that you might need to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a complete solution to your content creation and SEO needs. You will need to use other AI writing tools to optimize your content for search engines since Copy AI doesn’t have many built-in SEO features either.  

This could be a major detriment to those seeking a one-stop shop for all of their content creation and SEO requirements.

On the upside, Copy AI does have an API which you can use to create your own tools and processes. However, this does require significant investment on your part.

Copy AI Chrome Extension

Copy AI does have a Chrome Extension. However, as I was testing it for this Copy AI review, first I wasn’t able to authenticate my user for the Chrome extension. After several attempts, I finally was able to log into it. 

However, when I actually wanted to generate some text, I wasn’t able to actually generate any outputs.

copy ai chrome extension
Copy AI Chrome extension

So in conclusion, the integrations and extensions for Copy AI is quite a let-down.

Customer Support and Community

Rating for Customer Support


For some users, the lack of a customer support chat option can be a downside. The only option is the contact form. This means that a customer support agent from the Copy AI team could reply to you in a day or more. This is definitely a downside for users who need immediate help. 

However, the “Pro” plan users get priority email support. But still no instant conversation with a customer success rep from the Copy AI team.

Copy AI Facebook Community

The upside is that Copy AI does have a helpful Facebook community with more than 17,000 members. The community is active and there are discussions going on every day. In some cases, this might be even more helpful to get insights and feedback about use cases from other Copy AI users.

Supported Languages

Rating for Supported Languages


With over 25 languages supported, Copy AI is a versatile writing tool for businesses with a global reach. Copy AI’s language support along with its diverse array of templates and use cases help you create high-quality content for your social or advertising campaigns, multilingual website, or multilingual blog.

copy ai languages
Copy AI languages

Use Case for Multilingual Content Writing

Businesses looking to expand their reach and target new audiences around the world can really benefit from this. You can generate content tailored to your audience’s language and cultural preferences with Copy AI, which can help build trust and engagement.

Grammar and Plagiarism

Rating for Grammar and Plagiarism


If you’re looking to create original website copy, ad copy or social content, the rest assured Copy AI can generate marketing copy that is always original

However, since the platform does not include an explicit plagiarism checker, you will have to rely on your own judgment or use a third-party tool to determine whether the content generated is original. 

For your basic plagiarism checking needs, you can run through another copywriting software with plagiarism checker, just to be sure. 

Having original content is still a fantastic feature that can help you establish yourself as a leader in your industry despite this.

A Few Grammar Errors

I did come across a few grammatical mistakes and poorly written sentences, despite the fact that CopyAI checks for errors using plagiarism detection and spell-checking software.

Passing AI Detection

Rating for AI Detection


During our Copy AI review, we tested the generated content using multiple AI content detection tools and the results were mostly satisfactory. 

The “Blog Section Creator” template was used to generate content and although the confidence level varied, the AI generated content passed all three tests.

copy ai content detection results
copy ai content detection results

Copy AI might be the best option for you if you’re looking for a tool to assist you in creating content for social media, emails, and product descriptions. 

During our evaluation of the platform, we discovered that the results produced by its various templates were quite appropriate for these uses. 

However, it might be a good idea to take the time to rewrite the output with a paraphrasing tool if you’re planning to use Copy AI to create blog content. This would be to ensure that the content is original and unique. 

This extra effort can assist you in avoiding any possible plagiarism problems and establishing a solid reputation as an authority in your field.

The “Sentence Rewriter” Paraphrasing Tool

Copy AI has a built-in sentence paraphrasing tool called “Sentence rewriter”. During the review, we put that paraphrasing tool to the test. 


sentence rephraser
sentence rephraser

We used content that was entirely generated by AI and put it through the sentence rewriter. As a result, content that was:

This demonstrates that the paraphrasing tool can successfully transform content generated by AI tools into content that is more human-like. This makes it a useful tool for those looking to create high quality content that’s more natural and distinctive.

Copy AI Pricing

Rating for Pricing


Copy AI’s free plan might be ideal for you if you’re on a tight budget and looking for an AI tool to assist with your writing needs. You can make an unlimited number of projects and have access to more than 90 copywriting tools and templates

The only drawback is that you won’t have access to all the language features and are restricted to 2000 words per month. But given that it’s free, that’s actually not a bad offer at all. 

This should be enough to fulfill the content strategy needs of small business owners whose main business is not around blog content. 

This makes the free plan a totally viable solution if you’re just using it for social media catering and emails.

copy ai pricing
copy ai pricing

The Pro Plan

The “Pro” plan might be ideal for you if you’re looking for more features and support. You have access to all language features, get unlimited words, and get priority email support with this plan. The Copy AI cost for the “Pro” plan will amount to $49 per month

Additionally, you can invite up to 5 team members, which makes it simpler to work together on content creation. This might be especially helpful if you manage a content agency or have a small content team.


What are the Best Copy AI Alternatives?

If you’re looking for an AI copywriting software to write long-form content that’s SEO optimized, then you’re better off not using Copy AI, but rather another tool. 

You might want to look into Jasper AI as a possible replacement for Copy AI. Jasper is just as user-friendly and has many of the same great features as Copy AI, including a ton of templates for email and social media content

Jasper AI writing assistant stands out, though, in part because it integrates with Surfer SEO, which is a significant difference. In this Jasper review, we’ll explain how to track your keyword coverage in real-time with Jasper and Surfer

Another alternative to Copy AI is It is a fantastic AI writer if you’re looking for a tool with strong SEO capabilities. Frase concentrates more on optimizing blog content for search engines than Copy AI. 

Frase is definitely a better AI copywriting option for you if you’re looking to create content that’s SEO optimized. It will assist with keyword research and real-time long-tail keyword coverage in your long-form content. Have a look at this Frase review to learn more.

Key Takeaways from the Copy AI Review

Copy AI has many advantages compared to other AI copywriting tools. First of all, it has one of the widest array of different templates and use cases when compared to other AI copywriting tools. 

There is an AI copywriting tool for any type of marketing copy you can imagine. For example, product descriptions, digital ad copy, sales copy, website copy and any type of marketing copy for your social channels. 

It also supports 25+ languages, making it a useful copywriting tool for multilingual social media campaigns, sales copy and ad copy for Google ads or for generating AI copy for multilingual websites

The SEO features of this AI tool, however, are a little disappointing. The copywriting tool can generate meta descriptions and product descriptions. However, for blog posts, there is no feedback on the keyword coverage, and there is no way to integrate with well-known SEO tools like Semrush or Surfer SEO. 

Despite these drawbacks, the “Sentence Rewriter” turned out to be a useful and helpful tool. It transformed the AI generated content into text that was remarkably human-like. 

Not to be overlooked is Copy AI’s best feature: its cost. It has a free plan with a word limit of 2000 words per month and access to more than 90 templates and AI tools. 

Contrarily, the Pro plan gives you access to all languages, unlimited words, priority email support, and the capacity to invite up to five team members. 

Give it a try! Copy AI might be the AI tool that helps you eliminate the writer’s block and create content at scale.

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