10 Inspiring Content Marketing Examples That Stand Out in 2024

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses shifted to a digital-first approach. 

But staying as dominant as ever is the power of content marketing. 

Content marketing is so effective that most existing content marketers are not considering another channel. 

More than half also expect to raise their content marketing budgets.

That’s no surprise. 

After all, content marketing helped achieve marketing goals like brand awareness, widened reach, improved credibility, and more. 

Ultimately, content marketing increased their sales and boosted their revenue. 

So if you want to follow their lead and succeed in content marketing like them, refer to this article for inspiration of excellent content marketing examples.

1. Webinars - Notion at Work

content marketing example 1 - Notion
content marketing example 1 - Notion

Webinars are powerful virtual seminars. They help businesses create a connection with an audience. They also provide a treasure trove of valuable information and promote products — increasing sales.

The team behind Notion, a productivity software millions of people use worldwide, created webinars. And these are one of the most excellent content marketing examples of today. 

Notion’s webinars are a hit because they offer unique online business advice. While Notion’s webinars revolve around business advice, they also feature exclusive productivity tips, employee highlights, a typical workday at Notion’s headquarters, and more.

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Use engaging webinar formatsFormat webinars in digestible and understandable chunks. People pay better attention to the information they can absorb easily.
  • Ignite passion – Read webinar scripts aloud and with confidence. The idea is to be enthusiastic about your talking points — so much so that the audience will want to take you up on your offer.  
  • Encourage engagement – Grab attention within the first minute and let this grabbed attention stick. Use interactive features like live chat, live polls, live Q&A sessions, and more. 

2. Facebook advertising: Axel Arigato

content marketing example 2 - Axel Arigato
content marketing example 2 - Axel Arigato

Nowadays, everybody — from individual users to businesses —has a Facebook account. And with billions of active Facebook users to expose ads to, you can understand why digital marketers are elevating their content marketing efforts with Facebook advertising.

Axel Arigato, a supplier of clothing and sneakers, has an impressive Facebook ad campaign. It used remarketing to reach out to interested customers and widen its audience base. 

Here are some outstanding results: 98% higher conversions, 2.9x incremental conversions, and a 2.3x increase in first-time sales.

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Use Facebook Pixel – Place the Facebook Pixel (a short code that tracks your ad). Then, based on the results, create a lookalike audience, analyze your ad’s conversion rate, and leverage remarketing.
  • Focus on higher funnel marketing – Target long-term conversions when calculating the value of Facebook ad campaigns. By aiming at long-term conversions, you will also gain short-term conversions.


  • Be mindful of ad frequency – Increase the number of times your target audience sees your ad results for higher purchase intent. But only if your targets find your ad likable — if they hate it, they wouldn’t want to see it. Facebook IQ Research states that there is no optimal frequency for every ad.

3. Marketing Portfolio: Victoria Nikolaeva

content marketing example 3 - Victoria
content marketing example 3 - Victoria Nikolaeva

A marketing portfolio is a precious asset that highlights professional practices, achievements, and skills. It can elevate your digital marketing career, strengthen your professional profile, and raise your credibility. 

It’s like a resume. But rather than tell the world what you do, a marketing portfolio lets you demonstrate how you do things. 

Check out the marketing portfolio of Victoria Nikolaeva, a game industry digital marketing manager. Her marketing portfolio reflects her professional approach — she addresses what the typical audience wants: nothing fancy and zero hard-to-understand words.

Her straightforward marketing portfolio is a great content marketing example. It proves that simplicity, when executed strategically, can capture attention, too. It also features a clean design and clear descriptions.

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Design clean and compelling core pages – Create excellent content for your homepage, about page, and contact section. These are your core pages or pages that people will visit when looking at your portfolio.
  • Show your best work – Build a separate page to present your work. Include results-oriented work and innovative concepts.

  • Elaborate on work ethic – Use context to justify your work process. Point to your work and explain how you conceptualized it.

4. Conversion Storytelling: Molekule

content marketing example 4 - Molekule
content marketing example 4 - Molekule

Conversion storytelling refers to the use of personalized stories to build and foster powerful professional relationships with brands and customers. It increases brand loyalty, raises engagement, and optimizes spending efficiency. Ultimately, it ramps up revenue growth.

Visit the website of Molekule, a science and tech company that designs air purifiers. Everyone can shop for Molekule products. But the company targets businesses as its ideal customers.

It offers a strong example of conversion storytelling in bits and pieces. First, it presents persuasive headlines that describe Molekule air purifiers on its homepage. Then, you’ll see video testimonials containing relevant problems and solutions throughout. Many call-to-action buttons also link to its shop.

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Craft unique stories – Let your story stand out from billions of stories in circulation. Use original and exclusive elements.
  • Evoke emotions – Share information, express feelings, bring entertainment, and more. The objective is to connect with your audience and encourage them to react (and hopefully respond) to your stories.  
  • Be present during the customer journey – Determine a customer’s problem and offer your brand’s solutions.

5. Email Marketing: Harpoon Brewery

content marketing example 5 - harpoon brewery
content marketing example 5 - harpoon brewery

Lots of marketers consider email as their primary channel for lead generation. With a high (ROI) Return on Investment, following them won’t surprise anyone.

An example worth replicating is the email marketing campaign of Harpoon Brewery, an alcohol manufacturing company in Massachusetts. 

Once you sign up for its email newsletters, you’ll receive perfectly timed and hyper-personalized emails. These emails also come with valuable information about its products. 

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Use strong subject lines – Create urgency, intrigue, or promises to increase open rates. And if your email’s body can support it, use numbers and questions.
  • Clarify message – Proofread to see if your message is understandable. Then, keep it concise.
  • Humanize – Be relatable. Compose emails as if you’re having a casual and friendly conversation with a friend. 

6. Purpose-driven Content: Patagonia

content marketing example 6 - Patagonia
content marketing example 6 - Patagonia

Purpose-driven content marketing is a content creation approach that revolves around a purpose. Individual content creators and companies alike use it to achieve their mission. 

Its objective is to raise awareness of the brand. And in achieving this objective, the main goal is to serve a much bigger purpose.

A sleek content marketing example  of this is Patagonia, a designer of eco-friendly clothing and gear. Regularly, the company donates its profits to environmentally friendly causes.  

Its blog, The Cleanest Line, is also a scene-stealer and provides support for its mission. It features stories from environmental activists worldwide — or content that helps the brand live up to its purpose.

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Highlight your message – Set up a website where you can present and share your brand’s message. Ensure the site is in excellent condition — friendly UI, informative and engaging content,  low bounce rates, and more.

  • Acknowledge your role – Understand how your brand can help others.  Then, create content that supports your role.

  • Focus on your audience – Determine what matters to your target audience, and center your content to satisfy them.

7. Predictive Analysis Marketing: Starbucks

content marketing example 7 - starbucks
content marketing example 7 - starbucks

Predictive analysis marketing is a form of AI-powered marketing that uses past data for future actions. Notably, it predicts promising marketing trends and situations.

Starbucks, a globally recognized coffeehouse, is a fabulous example of a company that uses predictive analysis marketing. Based on previous purchase behavior, it sends out customer offers to promote other Starbucks products.

For example, if a customer orders a Venti or a large coffee, Starbucks will present them with deals about other products that go well with their coffee.

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Prepare data – Collect as much user data as possible (like purchase habits, average spending, and more). Then, use the GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage Out) method to cleanse unnecessary data. 
  • Segment audiences – Use gathered data and Machine Learning systems to categorize audiences. Take this grouping into consideration when designing marketing messages. 
  • Communicate – Try not to be too robotic, and communicate with everyone in your team regularly. Using predictive analysis may purge your marketing strategy’s weak points, but it can also overlook some good ones.

8. Video Content: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

content marketing example 8 - jeni ice cream
content marketing example 8 - jeni's ice cream

Video content marketing is a lucrative space for marketers. For example, marketers who post videos on YouTube saw a revenue increase of 49% faster

This can be in the form of product demo videos or explainer videos

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, an ice cream parlor that serves ice cream with crave-worthy flavors, designed a video campaign called Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich on YouTube. Its marketing example is worth replicating because it identified a profitable market and researched how to serve that market. 

Its founder, Jeni Britton Bauer, came a long way from her humble beginnings in a small area on a farmers’ market. Her diligence catapulted her company to the top, gained consumer loyalty,  and opened over 50 more branches. 

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Schedule – Create a posting schedule using a social media management tool. It shows consistency and builds reliability and trust with an audience.
  • Optimize videos – Design catchy thumbnails, use descriptive video titles, and insert keywords in descriptions to encourage people to watch your videos. Also, learn and apply the best practices used in your selected video platform.


  • Be customer-centric – Interact with audiences to create an opportunity for engagement. Then, use this information to personalize your videos and serve them better.

9. Chatbot Marketing: Casper’s Insomnobot

content marketing example 9 - Casper chatbot
content marketing example 9 - casper chatbot

The chatbot market is massive. In 2018, the worldwide chatbot market size was $40.9 million. By 2027, it’s projected to reach $454.8 million. Considering the positive experience of chatbot usage, it seems to be on track.

An example of effective chatbot marketing is brought to you by Casper, a provider of innovative solutions for a night of sound sleep, and Insomnobot-3000, its famous and talkative chatbot. 

Casper’s use of the insomnobot allows the brand to tell its story on how the brand is there to keep users company during bedtime. 

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Address FAQs – Listen to customer service teams and review survey responses to identify frequently asked questions. Then, design your chatbot to answer these.
  • Personalize – Fill your chatbot with unique and useful data. Include first names or locations, for example.
  • Offer human assistance – Inform people they can always chat with a person for a more detailed conversation. But if they want quick responses, they can use the chatbot. 

10. Reactive Content: Snickers

content marketing example 10 - Snickers
content marketing example 10 - Snickers

Reactive content marketing is a marketing strategy focusing on making the most of a recent event. It can be an entire marketing campaign or a single post. 

An example is how the team at Snickers, a world-famous chocolate bar, reacted in response to a tweet from a random person (an English broadcaster named Jeremy Clarkson). When Jeremy Clarkson pointed out that he was hungry, Snickers came forward.

Snickers’ response was an image of a box of Snickers chocolate bars that showed the shipping details to Jeremy Clarkson. So it appeared that Snickers had a package ready to be sent to Jeremy Clarkson’s address.

The hallmarks of reactive content? The content is responsive and sudden. 

Content Marketing Tips and Takeaways: 

  • Trust the timing – Respond to a controversial issue when the heat is on it. If most of the world is over it, it’s best to avoid posting a response.
  • Update SEO – Learn and apply the latest SEO practices. Remember, the rules of SEO are constantly changing.


  • Use multiple distribution channels – Diversify and don’t stick to just one channel. Use social media, too.

Key Takeaways from the Content Marketing Examples

The value of content is indispensable — and you can say the same about content marketing. 

Its ability to help you generate revenue is a surefire approach as long as you do your end of the bargain. 

Hopefully these content marketing examples have inspired you to do that. 

To unleash its full potential and be as successful as the brands above, produce excellent content

It means creating quality pieces and showing consistency in sharing them with your target audience. 

Use A/B split tests to realize the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns, too. 

If you invest enough effort, you will reap its rewards soon.

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