Streamline Your Email Outreach with AI Personalization

Unlock the potential of your email campaigns with our cutting-edge AI-driven cold email software

Say goodbye to generic templated emails.

With Influno, every single email feels like it’s been written by you, for the recipient. And only for them

Every email message is unique

Just enter the email and Influno will do the rest.

Our software uses enriched data and AI algorithms to generate a tailored message that aligns with your email call to action.

You can edit and adjust the AI-crafted email to ensure it meets your standards. Your personal touch can make a good message great.

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Every email is personalized and unique

Don’t let opportunities slip away. 

Schedule follow-ups effortlessly. 

If your first email doesn’t get a response, our system will queue a thoughtful nudge, timed perfectly within business hours based on the recipient’s local time

The friendly nudge respects the recipient, so the follow-up email will be scheduled no sooner than 2 days after the initial email. 

The follow-up will automatically and immediately stop if there has been any reply by the recipient. 

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Overview of sent and scheduled emails
After you’ve connected your Gmail or Outlook account, the you can use the app to start sending emails.  
To integrate your mailbox, just follow these steps: 
  1. Connect your Gmail or Outlook account
  2. Generate and send emails
  3. Replies will arrive at your primary inbox

Sent emails will look like they were natively sent by you from Gmail. Se replies will land on your inbox naturally. 

If there’s a reply, the app automatically stops the follow-up. Your inbox stays clean, professional, and clutter-free. 

Keeping your privacy in mind, our app only checks for emails that are sent by the app. 

It’s your outreach, powered by our technology, but always under your name

Read more about our data handling terms and privacy policy

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Email thread

Allow AI to help you personalize outreach 

Less time crafting messages, more time closing deals

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