8 Best Virtual Conference Platforms – Host Fairs & Large Events

In the ever-changing landscape of our world, virtual conferences have experienced a sudden surge in popularity. 

This increase can be attributed to their flexible and efficient attributes that easily adapt to the unpredictable environment in which businesses operate.

These virtual meetings provide an excellent platform for companies to communicate and cultivate opportunities with minimal obstacles such as budget constraints or time commitments

With these advantages, virtual conferences will likely continue to gain traction in the foreseeable future and become increasingly accepted as a primary means of communication.

Virtual conferences are quickly becoming the preferred communication and collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes. 

According to a recent survey conducted by DiiSY Research, virtual conferences have been attributed to a 41% increase in productivity for many companies over the past year.

Not only that, virtual conferences can help reduce overall operational costs—a benefit echoed by 78% of participants in the survey—which is especially valuable for smaller companies with tighter budgets. 

With so many advantages, virtual conferences are here to stay—and it looks like they will continue to gain momentum as organizations become more comfortable leveraging virtual tools.

What are the Best Virtual Event Platforms?

The best virtual conference platform for your business depends on a variety of factors, such as budget, functionality, compatibility, and the size of your organization. Below are some of our top picks.

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Individual pricing per quote

vFairs is probably the best virtual conference software for hosting a variety of virtual events, such as virtual trade shows and networking events. But you can also host any other type of virtual and hybrid events.

This virtual event platform specializes in providing an online trade show experience. It is simple to set up and use, and it offers features such as customizable virtual booths, real-time chat, lead capture, and data tracking.

vFairs screenshot
vFairs screenshot

vFairs Pros

vFairs Cons

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Free plan for webinars available

Airmeet virtual event platform is perfect if you want to host virtual events on a large scale.

Key features include a customizable agenda and breakout rooms. Airmeet also offers live streaming capabilities and integrated analytics.

Their video meetings technology is capable of supporting Over 1 million connections. During any virtual event, it supports up to 16 simultaneous video feeds on screen.

Airmeet screenshot
Airmeet screenshot

Airmeet Pros

Airmeet Cons

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Cvent is one of the best virtual conference platforms for event planners who are looking for a solution that includes features for event sponsors, workflow management, and rich reporting capabilities.

Cvent specializes in hosting virtual events and meetings, providing features such as registration, virtual networking, and on-demand access. Cvent also offers industry-specific templates to help you get started quickly.

CVents screenshot
Cvent screenshot

Cvent Pros

Cvent Cons

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InEvent is an event management software designed to help event organizers manage their virtual, hybrid and in-person events. It provides features such as registration management, ticketing, payments, promotion, and analytics.

It also provides tools to help create, manage and promote events, including email campaigns, custom landing pages, and social media registrations. InEvent also contains an API which allows developers to create custom integrations with their existing systems.

inEvent screenshot
inEvent screenshot

InEvent Pros

InEvent Cons

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Pricing per participant registration

EventZilla is one of the best virtual conference platforms if you’re looking for a cost-effective and user-friendly solution. EventZilla is designed for both small and large virtual events. You can even create webinar rooms and video meetings.

Its key features are virtual breakout sessions, webinar capabilities, real-time Q&A, and integrated analytics.

EventZilla screenshot
EventZilla screenshots

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Individual pricing per quote

Communique virtual event software offers a range of features for virtual and hybrid events, such as virtual rooms, live streaming capabilities, and real-time analytics.

You can broadcast your virtual event to more than 50,000 attendees at once. Event organizers especially enjoy the ability to create customizable event websites and event planning and promotion features.

Communique virtual conference screenshot
Communique virtual conference screenshot

Communique Pros

Communique Cons

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Individual pricing per quote

Stova virtual events platform allows you to create networking events with virtual booths.

custom registration forms, and robust analytics. This advanced virtual event management software includes all the important event planning features in one hub.

Event planners enjoy the virtual events and in-person event features. This virtual conference platform includes rich audience engagement features to really create personal connections with your attendees.

Aventri virtual events screenshot
Aventri virtual events screenshot

Stova Pros

Stova Cons

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Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual live streaming platform that empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and drive sustainable growth.

Accelevents platform is designed to capture actionable analytics throughout the event ecosystem that translate into measurable marketing and sales performance strategies.

A few of the platform’s popular features include seamless live streaming, in-depth analytic reports, interactive and customizable exhibitor booths, and 1-on-1 speed networking.

Accelevents Landing Page example
Accelevents Landing Page example

Accelevents Pros

Accelevents Cons

accelevents live
Accelevents live

When to Use Accelevents?

You’ll relize the most benefits from Accelevents when you’re hosting virtual conferences and events that last for several days and include several virtual sessions. 

This isn’t your regular webinar platform, it’s a full-fledged virtual summit platform. It’s widely used and loved by many virtual event and expo organizers.
The ticketing and registration process is built just for that. 

It can be used for large-scale virtual networking events and virtaul summits. Many schools and education institutions are using Accelevents for virtual career fairs

What's the Accelevents Pricing?

When you’re looking to host 1-2 day events, full of virtual sessions, then the “Starter” package is a good place to start. The pricing is “per-event” and the “Starter” begins at $500 per event.

It can sound expensive at first, but you have to keep in mind that you’ll be able to host up to 20 virtual sessions during that time, including live streams and expo booths. It will include attendee engagement and sponsorship/branding features.

The more expensive “Professional” package includes unlimited virtual sessions for unlimited days. It also equips you with enhanced attendee personalization and advanced analytics dashboard. The “Professional” package will set you back $5000 per event.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Virtual Event Platforms

What Is the Overall Best Virtual Conference Platform?

vFairs is probably the best virtual conference platform that specializes in providing an online trade show experience. It is simple to set up and use and offers features such as customizable virtual booths, real-time chat, lead capture, and data tracking.

What is the Best Budget Virtual Event Platform?

EventZilla is a great budget-friendly option that offers features such as virtual exhibitor booths, custom registration forms, and robust analytics.

What is the Best Virtual Event Platform for Large Organizations?

Airmeet is an excellent platform for larger organizations, with features such as customizable agendas and breakout rooms, live streaming capabilities, and integrated analytics.

Can I Host Webinars with Virtual Conference Platforms?

Yes, most of these virtual events platforms include features to create webinars and break-out rooms. However, if you’re looking to only run webinars, then a more affordable solution would be to choose from the best webinar software platforms. Although they offer a lot fewer event management features, they are much cheaper.

Summary of the Best Virtual Conference Platforms

As you can see, there are a variety of virtual conference platforms available to fit your business needs and budget. Each platform offers different features and capabilities, so it’s important to evaluate each one carefully before making a decision.

Ultimately, the best virtual conference platform for your business is the one that meets your specific requirements and delivers the most value.

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