Best Time to Send Emails According to Research Data & Studies

Are you unknowingly letting golden opportunities slip through your emails? 

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We will delve deep into a critical yet often overlooked element of email marketing: timing

This guide unravels how timing can be a transformative force, distinguishing emails that ignite engagement from those that disappear into the darkness.

We’re not just highlighting common timing missteps; we’re offering you the keys to turn them around. 

By mastering the art of timing, your emails will no longer be shots in the dark but rather targeted arrows hitting the bullseye. 

Get ready to transform your outreach strategy from guesswork to precision.

The Importance of Timing in Email Outreach

Timing is a critical aspect of successful email outreach. It’s about more than just sending a message; it’s about ensuring your email lands in the inbox at just the right moment to maximize engagement.

The Importance of Timing in Email Outreach
The Importance of Timing in Email Outreach

The perfect timing varies depending on your audience and the nature of your email. For marketing emails, aligning with your audience’s schedule can significantly boost open rates. If you’re sending a business email, consider the typical workday patterns to increase the likelihood of a prompt response. 

Even the type of content, whether it’s a newsletter or a promotional blast, can influence the ideal send time. In the dynamic landscape of email communication, understanding and leveraging the power of timing can transform your email strategy from good to great.

Best Days to Send Emails

When it comes to choosing the best days to send emails, your timing can really make a difference. According to HubSpot, Tuesday is a prime choice. It’s the day when people are actively tackling their inbox, clearing out the weekend and Monday’s backlog.

Best Days to Send Emails. Source: HubSpot
Best Days to Send Emails. Source: HubSpot

Think about it, on Monday, your email might still stand a chance, especially if you send it between 6 AM and 9 AM or between 9 AM and 12 PM. But after 6 PM? That’s when your email is likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Now, CoSchedule brings another perspective into the mix. They’ve found that Wednesday boasts the highest click rate. Yet, if you’re looking for those open rates to soar, Tuesday still holds the crown. So, when planning your email strategy, timing it right isn’t just a small detail – it’s a key player in the success of your outreach.

Ranking Days from Best to Worst

When you’re strategizing your email campaigns for 2023, timing isn’t just a detail; it’s crucial. Each day of the week has its own unique rhythm and response rate, which can significantly influence the success of your outreach. 

To make your life easier, EngageBay has put together a ranking of the best days to send emails. This isn’t about guesswork; it’s about aligning your strategy with the days when your emails are most likely to shine. 

Whether you’re aiming for high open rates or maximizing click-throughs, this day-by-day breakdown will guide you to make informed decisions. Here’s how the days stack up:

Best Days to Send Email (Best to Worst) Source: EngageBay
Best Days to Send Email (Best to Worst) Source: EngageBay

With this guide, you can tailor your email campaign schedule to match the rhythm of the week and optimize your chances of engaging your audience effectively.

Optimal Times of Day for Email Engagement

When you’re looking to hit that sweet spot for email engagement, timing is everything. Let’s break it down.

Best Time to Send Emails by Engagement Rate. Source: HubSpot
Best Time to Send Emails by Engagement Rate. Source: HubSpot

On Tuesday, prime time for your emails is between 9 AM and 12 PM, and then from 12:01 PM to 3 PM based on HubSpot’s data. These are the golden hours when your message is more likely to catch your audience when they’re active and responsive. But remember, sending emails after 6 PM? Not the best move.

Switch over to Monday, and the early bird gets the worm. Aim for 6 AM to 9 AM, extending to 12 PM for optimal engagement. Again, after 6 PM, the chances of your email being opened drop significantly. 

Now, if we peek into SendGrid‘s insights, they pinpoint 11 AM as a particularly high-yield time for open rates. But broadly speaking, anytime between 7 AM and 11 AM is your window of opportunity. So, as you plan your email campaigns, keeping these optimal times in mind can make a world of difference in your engagement rates.

Best Days and Times to Send an Email For Different Industry

Navigating the digital landscape to find the perfect moment for your email blast is crucial, as it can vary widely across different industries. 

Each sector has its own rhythm and peak times when audiences are most likely to engage with their inboxes. Here’s a breakdown tailored to various industries, pinpointing the best days and times to launch your email campaigns for maximum impact according to the data from Brevo.

Best Days and Times to Send an Email For Different Industry. Source: Brevo
Best Days and Times to Send an Email For Different Industry. Source: Brevo


In the bustling virtual corridors of ecommerce, setting the right time to drop into your customer’s inbox can feel like an exact science. Circle Tuesday or Thursday on your calendar – these are your gold star days. 

Now, timing is everything: 10:00 AM is when shoppers are usually taking their mid-morning break, perhaps sipping a coffee and ready to click through on your latest offer. It’s the perfect window to boost those open and click-through rates.


For the innovators and problem-solvers in the Software and SaaS industries, you’ve got a sweet spot in the schedule. Tuesday or Thursday, between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM, is your optimal launchpad. 

Professionals are usually deep in their projects by then, looking for solutions that your software could provide. Your well-timed email could be the answer they’ve been looking for.

Marketing Services

On Wednesdays, the workweek is in full swing, and that’s when you should send your marketing services emails, precisely at 4:00 PM. It’s the time when marketers and business owners are starting to look beyond the day’s tasks and planning ahead. 

Your service could be just the edge they need, and your email, arriving at the peak of their planning phase, could be the prompt they were waiting for.

Offline Retail/Hospitality

For those of you in offline retail or hospitality, Thursday mornings from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM are your window of opportunity. 

As the week starts to wind down, people begin to dream of weekend escapades, making them more receptive to your enticing offers. Whether it’s a brunch special or a flash sale, your email can tap into that ‘almost-weekend’ excitement.

Professional Services (B2B)

Monday or Tuesday mornings, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, are when the B2B world is at its most attentive. Professionals are outlining their week, open to services that promise to streamline their tasks. 

Send your emails then, and you’re more likely to be seen as a beacon of productivity in a sea of Monday to-dos or a Tuesday catch-up.

NGOs (Nonprofits)

For NGOs, timing your emails for Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, specifically from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, can align perfectly with the moments your audience is most open-hearted. 

Post-lunch, when the day’s urgency ebbs away, is when they might take a moment to engage with causes that resonate with them.

Best Practices in Mastering Timing in Emails

Absolutely, dialing in on the perfect timing for your emails is an ongoing process, but these best practices will set you on the right track:

Best Practices in Mastering Timing in Emails
Best Practices in Mastering Timing in Emails

Incorporate these tactics, and you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of timing, keeping your emails relevant, welcomed, and, most importantly, read.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Time to Send Emails

Navigating the complexities of email marketing can often lead to a handful of important questions, especially regarding the timing of your emails. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about email timing, along with detailed answers to help you optimize your email marketing strategy for better engagement and results.

Does my industry affect the best time to send emails?

Certainly! Your industry’s nature greatly influences when recipients are most likely to engage with your emails

For instance, in the food industry, sending emails around lunchtime can capture the attention of those planning their meals, potentially increasing click-through rates on food-related content.

In the tech sector, late afternoon emails might be more effective, as this is when professionals often seek a break from their tasks and might be more open to exploring new software or technology solutions.

How do seasonal changes affect the best time to send emails?

Seasonal shifts can significantly impact email engagement. During summer, with people often out and about, you might find that email engagement is more spread out throughout the day.  This could mean that traditional peak times, like mid-morning, become less effective. 

Conversely, in the colder months, as people spend more time indoors, you might notice an uptick in engagement during the evening. This pattern suggests adapting your email schedule to align with these seasonal behaviors for maximum impact.

Does the content of my email influence the optimal sending time?

Yes, the nature of your email’s content plays a key role in deciding the best time to send it. For promotional emails, especially those with time-sensitive offers or flash sales, sending them out in the morning can capitalize on the start-of-day urgency, as people begin their daily routines. 

Educational or informative content, like in-depth newsletters or thought-leadership articles, may perform better later in the day. People usually have more time in the late afternoon or early evening to engage with content that requires more attention and consideration.

Key Takeaways on the Best Time to Send Emails

Jumping back into our chat about email timing, it’s not just a throw-it-and-hope-it-sticks situation. Every industry has its sweet spot. If you’re feeding the food industry, lunchtime is where it’s at.

For the tech crowd, later in the day is prime time. Don’t forget how seasons can shake things up, with summer and winter requiring different approaches.

Now, when it comes to content, timing is everything. Quick deals in the morning can catch the early birds, while deeper content in the evening might hit just right. 

And hey, let’s not forget about nailing down the best day and time overall. Tuesdays and Thursdays, especially mid-morning or mid-afternoon, seem to be the magic moments across the board.

So, the big picture? Know your audience inside out – their daily habits, their preferences, and even their calendar quirks. This isn’t just about sending emails; it’s about making them count. Get this blend right, and you’re not just in the email game – you’re winning it.

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