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Hosting automated webinars has become more and more popular in the recent years. And there are many good reasons for that, for example:

These are significant upsides for hosting webinars if your time is limited and you want to automate your sales funnel and really create a passive income source.

To enable all that, you have to choose a webinar platform that actually enables you to set up these automated webinars without hassle. There are several aspects you should keep in mind when choosing that automated webinar software. 

How to Choose an Automated Webinar Platform

There are significant pains when switching from one webinar platform to another, including webinar sessions, attendee contacts, analytics and much more.

That’s why you’d want to make the right decision on your first go. We’ve looked deeply into all the automated webinar platforms on the market and distinguished the key features for automated sales and marketing webinars. These are: 

Best Webinar Platforms for Automated Webinars

We’ve actually used all the automated webinar platforms on the market and evaluated them against these most important criteria.

You’re in luck, because we really break it down for you here. You’ll learn exactly which automated webinar software fits your needs.

After reading this guide, you’ll be ready to make your decision.

Here’s a quick overview of the best automated webinar software with ratings:

Let’s take a bit deeper look into each of these automated webinar platforms.

Overall Rating: 

18.5 / 20

EverWebinar is considered to be the front-runner of automated webinar platforms. The reason it’s so widely-used is because of its rich marketing and sales features.

EverWebinar Landing Page Templates

First off, there are tons of webinar landing page templates you can choose from. The various designed templates with featured images, videos and selling points allow you to craft an attractive webinar registration page.

EverWebinar registration page example
Registration page configuration on EverWebinar

A webinar landing page is crucially important to convert visitors into webinar attendees.

Another powerful feature for EverWebinar is A/B testing landing pages. That means you can create 2 variants of landing pages and direct 50% of your visitors to one, 50% to the other. Then you can measure which landing page works better in getting the visitors to sign up for the webinar.

Registration page A/B testing on everwebinar
Registration page A/B testing on everwebinar

Setting Up Automated Interactions on EverWebinar

On automated webinars you’re not actually present. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still interact with the webinar attendees.

EverWebinar allows you to set up automated interactions at certain time marks, for example:

Here’s how easy it is to set up automated messages:

EverWebinar automated chat setup
Automated Chat Setup

The automated offer is the single most important interaction you could set up. That’s where you finally go for the close and get the attendee to click the offer. EverWebinar enables you to set it up in a really eye-catching and attractive way:

EverWebinar live offer
EverWebinar Attendee view: Automated Offer launched + Sales notification triggered

Analytics Dashboard to Learn and Improve

Having informative and robust analytics about your automated webinar is crucial, because you’re not there live and can’t really “read the room”.

The only feedback regarding your automated webinar performance is through the integrated webinar analytics. The robust reporting and analytics are definitely one of the strong suits of EverWebinar. Here’s an example:

EverWebinar analytics dashboard example
EverWebinar analytics dashboard example

Some of the most important data and learning points on the dashboard:

You can also inject 3rd party analytics scripts. It could be useful if you want to shoot data back to Google Analytics or other analytics platforms.

EverWebinar Pricing and Trial

One of the downsides of EverWebinar is the long-term pricing plans. There are only annual subscriptions available. However, you can choose to pay:

EverWebinar pricing
EverWebinar pricing

When you calculate the price per months, you’ll see that it’s actually a very cheap option compared to other webinar platforms:

That’s a great deal for all these professional sales and marketing features.

On top of it all, EverWebinar offers a 14-day trial for just $1 to get you started right away.

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, you’ll get a 30-day full refund, no questions asked.

Overall Rating: 

17.5 / 20

WebinarKit is a lightweight automated webinar tool. It’s perfect for setting up simple, yet effective evergreen webinars that basically run on autopilot 24/7.

Perhaps the best part of WebinarKit is that you pay once for a lifetime access. And it’s cheap!

Minimalistic, but Effective Landing Pages

If you’re going with WebinarKit Basic, you’d be getting one single template for the registration page. It looks something like this:

WebinarKit standard registration page
WebinarKit standard registration page layout

If you’re willing to pay a bit more, you’ll be getting the WebinarKit Pro features, along with the well-designed registration page templates, for example:

WebinarKit designed registration page
WebinarKit designed registration page

One of the downsides, however, is that you can’t set up custom registration fields.

Setting Up Automated Interactions

In WebinarKit, the main way to interact with your attendees is by using the email question box or the live chat. The email question box allows your attendees to ask questions at any time and you’ll instantly get an email about it.

Email question box example
Email question box example

Regarding the automated call-to-actions, WebinarKit has really gone deep. And rightfully so – it’s one of the most important features to actually drive sales with your webinars.

It’s the only automated webinar software where you can create up to 3 call-to-action buttons.

3 Call-to-actions during automated webinar
3 Call-to-actions during automated webinar

Additionally, you can set up an urgency timer to give your attendees that final little push.

Track, Analyze, Improve, Repeat

With WebinarKit, you can clearly track when did you start losing your attendees on a drop out time graph:

WebinarKit Analytics dashboard
WebinarKit Analytics dashboard - drop out time graph

In addition to that, you’ll also learn some important insights about your traffic, conversion and engagement, like:

WebinarKit Lifetime Offer

One of the sweetest pros of WebinarKit is the One-time payment, lifetime access deal. No other automated webinar platform has this offer, and it might just be for a limited time.

Albeit, there is no trial, so you’d have to put down your credit card to actually try and use it. However, to ease your mind, WebinarKit offers a 14-day full money back guarantee, no questions asked. 

Overall Rating: 

17.0 / 20

BigMarker has the largest feature set of all webinar platforms. You can create automated, live, evergreen and on-demand webinars. You can even create webinar series and live streams.

The interface and setup, considering the large number of features, is actually quite simple. However, the downside is that BigMarker is quite expensive. But if you’re willing to invest in a professional webinar platform, it will definitely fulfill all your requirements.

Webinar Funnel Pages & Editor

There’s a huge selection of webinar landing page templates available on BigMarker. There are tons of different layouts, where some feature a countdown timer, some feature a prominent image or a video. Some of them have registration forms immediately visible. On others, the registration form is opened in a pop-up. The possibilities are endless.

BigMarker landing pages
BigMarker landing pages

On top of that, you can further edit and customize your webinar landing page. You can even add your custom questions on the registration form.

BigMarker landing page example
BigMarker landing page example with an agenda

Automated Interaction Builder

With BigMarker, you can craft your automated workflow, which has event triggers at specific time marks. That basically means you can schedule all your webinar interactions to run automatically.

BigMarker automated webinar builder
BigMarker automated webinar builder

To preview, you can play a test, so you’ll see exactly how it looks like for your attendees.

Like with other automated webinar platforms, BigMarker also has:

When setting up the automated offers, you’ll have 2 options to display those – Full screen or Slide-out. 

If you want your attendees to continue watching the webinar, use the Slide-out offer. That’s how it would look like for the attendee:

BigMarker offers example as attendee
Attendee view: Slide-out offers

Detailed Traffic and Conversion Statistics

There are 2 ways you can learn about your previous webinar sessions and attendees – by studying the webinar stats or looking at the PDF report.

The webinar stats dashboard gives you a full overview of the traffic sources where your attendees have come from and how does your conversion funnel look like:

BigMarker analytics dashboard
BigMarker analytics dashboard

The webinar report PDF gives you even deeper data, like:

Hefty Price Tag for a Pro Software

The abundant features on BigMarker drive the price up quite high compared to other platforms. The cheapest package would set you back $99 per month. But you’ll get peace of mind that you’ll never have to migrate to another webinar platform. At least due to lack of features, since BigMarker has it all.

If you’re serious about your automated webinar strategy and want to host live webinars as well, it’s a great solution. In that case, give it a try.
BigMarker has a 7-day trial, no credit card required.

Overall Rating: 

16.5 / 20

ClickMeeting is one of the most popular live and automated webinar platforms. The visual and straightforward setup make it an effortless, yet powerful webinar software for marketers and small business owners.

Automated Webinar Sign-up Page

The drag-and-drop landing page builders make it easy and playful to set up. You can add different registration fields, for example:

However, one downside of ClickMeeting is that you can’t change the registration page layout, just the colors and the background. But still, you’re stuck with the default layout. Here’s how it looks for the visitor:

ClickMeeting Registration Page (attendee view)
ClickMeeting Registration Page (attendee view)

Automated Webinar Interaction Builder

ClickMeeting has a very visual automated interaction timeline builder. It’s incredibly easy to just drag interactions into the webinar timeline. By doing that you’ll determine when does each interaction start, for how long would it last and when does it end. Here’s an example:

ClickMeeting automated webinar builder
ClickMeeting automated webinar builder

In it, you can schedule to launch:

As per chatting with the attendees, you can choose to host a hybrid webinar, which means you’d be behind the scenes actually chatting with the attendees. This would definitely create a more live-like feel.

Track Your Webinar Statistics

ClickMeeting also shows you the webinar attendance statistics in a very visual manner. For example, you can learn:

ClickMeeting analytics dashboard example
ClickMeeting analytics dashboard example

Pricing and 30-Day Trial

To run automated webinars with ClickMeeting, you’d have to go with the “Automated” package, which sets you back about 85 €/month. However, you’d be also getting the Live webinar features along with it.

ClickMeeting pricing
ClickMeeting pricing

Another big upside for ClickMeeting is the whopping 30-day trial. That’s the longest trial we’ve seen on any automated webinar platform.

(no cc required with this link)

Overall Rating: 

16.0 / 20

Demio is a go-to solution for many small businesses and marketers. And understandably so – it has a smooth and intuitive user interface and it doesn’t complicate things too much.

Minimalistic Landing Pages

The webinar landing page layout options are very limited. There is basically only one layout option. But to be fair, you can customize the colors, the registration fields and background. If you want to add additional info, images or videos, you can add the below the form.

Here’s an example how the automated webinar landing page would look like for a visitor:

Demio Registration Page example: Attendee view
Demio Registration Page example: Attendee view

For on-demand webinars, the attendee can choose the most suitable session:

Registration option - on-demand webinar
Registration option: on-demand webinar

Automate the Audience Interactions

With Demio, you can create polls, handouts, and featured actions with preset times in order to completely automate engagement and increase audience interaction.

There are numerous interactions you can set up for your automated webinar, like:

Unique Insights on the Dashboard

As with other webinar platforms, there’s the registration tracking, so you know when did people sign up. There’s also the continuous attendance rate tracking – you’ll know exactly when did people leave during your automated webinar.

One unique insight you can learn with Demio is the Focus tracking. Basically, you can know at which points did your attendees minimize the webinar window or switched tabs on their browser. This gives you an idea about which parts of your webinar are dragging and when do people lose their attention.

Demio Analytics measures attendance and focus
Demio Analytics measures attendance and focus

Certainly, there are other stats that the webinar dashboard tells you, like:

Pricing and Trial

With the cheapest “Starter” package, there’s no automated webinars. For that, you’ll have to go with the “Growth” package, which actually includes live webinars as well, with up to 150 attendees.

Demio also features a 14-day trial to get you started. The trial will include all the “Growth” package features, but limited to 20 attendees and 1-hour sessions.

Overall Rating: 

14.0 / 20

LiveStorm webinar platform is bundled with a video conferencing tool. So, with LiveStorm, you’d be getting:

This makes it a very versatile platform for all purposes in your business.

Landing Pages

There’s only 1 layout option for the webinar landing page. But there are abundant customization options for that landing page in terms of background color, logo and added media.

Here’s an example how a designed LiveStorm landing page would look like for the visitor:

Livestorm registration page
Livestorm registration page (attendee view)

The visitor would first just enter their email address and click on “Register now”. Then the full registration form pops up. That’s how it’s a 2-step registration process.

Automated Interactions

Like with most automated webinar software, with LiveStorm you can pre-configure and schedule:

Livestorm automated webinar session example
Livestorm automated webinar session example

The automated offer has 2 big downsides. First, the attendees can just close it and never see it again. Once closed it can’t be brought up again. And they’d be tempted to close it, since it appears as a pop-up right in front of the webinar video.

The second downside is that there is no countdown timer for the automated offer. You can’t create urgency for your attendees with LiveStorm.

Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard features your main webinar funnel conversions, the automated webinar participation rates and attendee details. More specifically, you can learn:

Livestorm webinars analytics dashboard
Livestorm webinars analytics dashboard

There is even more detailed automated webinar session data available in the Excel reports, which you can download for each session.

Pricing & Trial

LiveStorm has also gone down the route of making a totally free package. However, it’s capped at 10 attendees and 20-minute webinar sessions. That’s enough to give it a try, but not to host actual profitable webinars.

If you’re satisfied with the set of features of LiveStorm, you can upgrade to the “Premium package”, which gets you:

This entire package will set you back about $ 109 per month. Of course, there’s a discount if you sign up with the annual package.

Overall Rating: 

15.5 / 20

WebinarNinja is a webinar software with a smooth interface and useful features. They also host weekly onboarding webinars to get new users up to speed with all the features. The founder himself teaches the best ways to utilize WebinarNinja to host live and automated webinars.

Webinar Funnel Pages

There are several webinar landing page templates you can use. You can change the color themes, texts and background image. The layouts for the landing page are very sleek and optimized towards getting visitors to sign up.

There are different landing pages, so you can put the focus on either the image, the registration or the webinar description.

To further customize your webinar landing page on WebinarNinja, you can add your logo, the host description and even a video.

Automated Webinar Interactions

Automatically triggered interactions are important in automated webinars. And with WebinarNinja, you can set up:

Set these in your automated webinar to keep your attendees engaged for longer. At least for long enough so they can see your offer.

One fantastic feature on WebinarNinja is the urgency timer on the automated offers. That means you can set a timer for how long the offer call-to-action button would be shown. This creates urgency for your attendees.

WebinarNinja live webinar
WebinarNinja live webinar

Analytics and Webinar Insights

The analytics dashboard on WebinarNinja is decent. It’s not the best one we’ve seen, but it gives preliminary webinar data and enough to make improvements on your existing webinars.

Perhaps the most important insights you can lean are:

WebinarNinja analytics dashboard
WebinarNinja analytics dashboard

It’s also possible to export that data into an Excel or csv file for further analysis.

Pricing and Trial

WebinarNinja is one of the most affordable automated webinar platforms out there. Even with the first, “Starter” package, you’ll be getting:

And all that for just $49 per month. That’s an insanely great deal. If you choose to pay annually, you’ll be even getting for $39 per month.

Considering that you’ll also get regular live onboarding tutorials for how to get the most out your webinars, this is an awesome deal. You’ll also get access to the WebinarNinja community.

If you’re still on the fence about WebinarNinja, give it a try.
It has a 14-day free trial.

Overall Rating: 

15.0 / 20

ElasticWebinar is one of the newest automated webinar platforms out there. Since it’s so new, it boasts with a modern look and most important automated webinar features. Also, you don’t ever have to worry about where to host your webinar recording file – ElasticWebinar has integrated hosting for that.

Landing Pages

ElasticWebinar features 14 different registration page templates. Each one of them has a different layout, some even include a teaser video. Here’s an example of one of them:

ElasticWebinar registration page
ElasticWebinar registration page (attendee view)

Each template could be further customized with texts and colors. The templates have a countdown timer as well, which is important to show for automated webinars. When the visitor is seeing that the webinar is just about to start, in under 10 minutes, they’re more likely to sign up.

You can also add custom questions to the registration page, so you can collect some additional data from your attendees before they even enter the webinar room.

Automated interactions

With the ElasticWebinar automation builder, you can schedule different interactions to trigger at a certain time mark during your webinar for each attendee.

ElasticWebinar Live webinar room
ElasticWebinar Live webinar room with chat messages

You can even generate simulated attendees to be there in the automated webinar, so it would be more live-like. Or, if you’d like, you can turn it into a hybrid webinar by being in the chat room with the attendees. This way you can instantly answer any questions that the attendees might have about your product or pricing.

Host moderating the chat room
Host moderating the chat room

Automated chats, automated polls, automated offers and are also all present in ElasticWebinar. The offers are quite eye-catching and attractive. You can actually customize them as well.

Webinar Analytics

ElasticWebinar collects together the most important webinar statistics and analytics right into one concise dashboard. For example, you can learn:

Here’s how the analytics dashboard would look like:

ElasticWebinar analytics dashboards
ElasticWebinar analytics dashboards

Furthermore, you’ll also get an overview of the registered users and their contact details. That’s especially useful if you’re planning to reach out to your webinar attendees. 

Pricing and Trial

ElasticWebinar doesn’t have a trial, but it does have a forever free package. It’s enough to try out the features and host a couple of test webinars to get a feel of it. However, the free package is limited to 10-minute sessions only. That’s not enough to host actual automated webinars.

The “Starter” package is the most reasonable package to start with ElasticWebinar. It will get you up to 1-hour sessions and 50 simultaneous attendees in the same session.

ElasticWebinar pricing
ElasticWebinar pricing

It’s a relatively affordable price point to start with automated webinars.

Overall Rating: 

14.5 / 20

Webinarloop is one of the most powerful automated webinar marketing platforms that provides you with everything you need to run high-performance webinars.

With Webinarloop, you can run your webinars on complete autopilot. You can run live, on-demand, scheduled, and webinar replays with hands-free automation and breakthrough sales features at a very low price.

And the performance is great – even with thousands of attendees, Webinarloop will not let your webinar lag.

Landing Pages

There are several landing page templates you can use. However, they are more functional than they are beautiful. 

The neat thing about the registration pages is that WebinarLoop shows you the sign-up conversion rate. This helps you decide how well each template converts. 

Furthermore, the templates can be customized using the built-in page builder. 

WebinarLoop webinar templates
WebinarLoop registration templates

Automated Webinar

There are several widgets you can trigger during your automated webinar. However, the design of the platform can definitely be improved. 

You can schedule automatic email reminders with customized messages to be sent before the webinar starts. 

A nice sales feature is that you can include a CTA button inside the webinar session. You can also trigger polls, surveys and show media. 

WebinarLoop automated webinar session
WebinarLoop automated webinar session

Webinar Analytics

The webinar analytics dashboard shows you a breakdown of how many attendees registered and how many of them actually showed up to the webinar. 

It also shows you the total watch percentage in a form of a pie chart. The analytics definitely could be improved if the data would be shown on a timely basis. 

WebinarLoop analytics
WebinarLoop analytics

Pricing and Trial

Probably the best aspect of WebinarLoop is the extremely affordable price. However, they do not offer a trial.  

The basic package costs only $67 per year (or $17 per month).
This makes it one of the most affordable automated webinar platforms out there. 

The downside is that with Monthly payment, you can only run 5 webinars per month. With the annual package, you can run 10 webinars. The attendee limit is capped at 250

They also offer a WebinarLoop Pro for $97 per year

And a WebinarLoop Agency for $127 per year

Overall Rating: 

13.0 / 20

EasyWebinar has been around for ages and tons of course creators use it for hosting live and automated webinars to sell online courses. The platform itself is very flexible in terms of scheduling and features.

However, the main downside is that it’s quite tedious to set up and the design looks really outdated.

Webinar Landing Pages

There are plenty of customization options for EasyWebinar registration pages. For example, you can:

There are 4 landing page templates in total. Some with the registration form in focus. Some with video or a description in focus, and the registration form opening from a press of a button.

EasyWebinar registration page
EasyWebinar registration page (attendee view)

One downside is that you can’t preview the landing page as you’re setting it up.

However, a huge upside for EasyWebinar is that you can translate the entire webinar funnel into over 100+ languages.

Automated Interactions

The automated webinar interactions frankly tick all the boxes. You can set up automated chat messages, polls and customized offers to your attendees. However, the scheduling is not very convenient for these.

In the automated webinar, the attendees can still ask questions, even if you’re not there. The questions would be emailed to you, so you can reply straight away.

questions during automated webinars
Attendees can ask questions during automated webinars

If you want to create an appearance of popularity on your webinars, you can generate up to 300 simulated attendees into the webinar room. You can also schedule some chat messages for these simulated attendees.

Analytics and Statistics

Unfortunately, there is no webinar analytics dashboard on EasyWebinar. However, you can still see interaction analytics and statistics on the dashboard. More specifically, you can learn:

EasyWebinar analytics dashboard
EasyWebinar analytics dashboard

You can also export contact details and information for your webinar attendees.

Pricing & Trial

The most basic “Standard” plan will cost you $ 78 per month. But it’ll get you unlimited live and automated webinars with up to 100 simultaneous attendees. This also lets you stream to Facebook or YouTube.

If you’re unsure if EasyWebinar would fit your requirements or not, then you can just start a free 14-day trial and test it out for yourself.

Overall Rating: 

12.0 / 20

MyOwnConference is a webinar platform where you can host live and automated webinars. The platform is pretty robust and has abundant options to configure and customize your automated webinar session.

You can fully customize the webinar room, the colors, the layout, even the platform language. Furthermore, you can add your own logo and banner and set up redirects after the webinar has ended. This allows you to fully white label the platform to appear as a natural extension of your own website.

MyOwnConference Autowebinar Setup

One of the downsides for MyOwnConference is that you cannot upload a pre-recorded webinar media file. You can only attach a recording of a webinar that you’ve hosted on MyOwnConference webinar platform previously.

Additionally, it’s apparent that the platform has been developed by non English speakers, because it’s full of typos.

There are also several usability issues. For example, when I set up my automated webinar, I couldn’t find a “Save” button. If I wanted to navigate to somewhere else on the platform, I had to discard my webinar setup altogether.

Webinar Registration Form

The webinar registration form is quite simplistic. No fancy design. No distractions.

Some of the good features for the webinar registration form:

As part of the webinar setup, you can immediately invite a group of attendees (who have previously registered to one of your webinars). This way you can immediately promote your webinar to people who have attended a previous one.

MyOwnConference Webinar Registration Page

Create Automated Triggers

There are several features to make your automated webinar look more life-like. For example, you can:

One thing that I found annoying is that you must pre-configure the CTA buttons. If you are already setting up your autowebinar, you cannot create it on the go.
When set up, the CTA buttons would appear the attendees like this:

MyOwnConference CTA button during autowebinar

However, one good feature is that attendees can ask questions even in the automated webinar.

Analytics and Insights

On the webinar registration page, you can add your Google Analytics ID for 3rd party tracking. This way you can import the external page analytics straight to your Google Analytics dashboard, if you’re already using it as your main analytics tool.

MyOwnConference Analytics

Pricing & Trial

There is a forever free plan, which allows you to host webinar for up to 20 simultaneous attendees and up to 20 automated webinars with 1 GB of file storage.

If you want to host unlimited automated webinars for up to 150 attendees at a time, with full HD quality with 15 GB storage, it will cost $ 60 per month. Keep in mind, this would get you live and automated webinars.

You can easily scale the storage and number of attendees as you go, with all the other functionality staying the same.

From $ 120 per month, you will unlock Ultra HD webinar quality and 500 simultaneous attendees with 50 GB of storage.

(Forever Free Plan Available)

Overall Rating: 

11.0 / 20

StealthSeminar has tons of potential to be a great webinar software. But it’s overwhelming setup and confusing interface ruin all its chances. It’s not intuitive at all and there are frankly too many options to set up and the learning curve is too steep.

Landing Page

Sure, it’s possible to create a webinar landing page, but as you set it up, there’s no visual overview of how it would actually look like for the visitors.

One of the upsides is that it features exit intent pop-ups on the registration page.

Stealth Seminar registration page
Stealth Seminar registration page (attendee view)

There are tons of customization options. You can literally customize almost anything. However, that makes the setup way too confusing for the average user.

Automated Interactions

Also, you can generate unlimited simulated attendees to your automated webinar. There is even Q&A and chat feature for these automated sessions.

The call-to-action button can also be customized to make it look better. However, it still doesn’t look attractive during the actual webinar.

Stealth seminar automated webinar room
Stealth seminar automated webinar room (attendee view)

Pricing & Trial

The cheapest package for StealthSeminar will get you up to 150 simultaneous attendees. That’s more than enough at first. It also includes Facebook, email and SMS reminders for your webinar events. And it costs you $ 69.95 per month with the monthly pricing.

But to be honest, we can’t wholeheartedly recommend this webinar platform, because of its clunky user interface, complicated setup and unattractive attendee interactions. But it could be a good fit for you. So, it’s a good idea to try it out. There’s a 30-day free trial for StealthSeminar.

(60-day full refund with this link)

Summary of the Best Automated Webinar Platforms

As you can see, there are many automated webinar platforms out there. So, the choice is not easy. Although automated webinars are a form of asynchronous communication they are highly scalable and ideal for spreading information to a a lot of people. 

Ideally, the webinar software gives you beautiful, high-converting webinar landing pages, flexible automated interaction setup, insightful analytics dashboard and all that with affordable pricing.

For the most feature-rich and sales-focused solution would be EverWebinar.

If you want minimalistic features and the cheapest option, go with WebinarKit.

If you want to host live webinars too, the safe choice would be BigMarker.

But before you commit yourself long-term to a single automated webinar software platform, make sure you at least test it out with a trial and see how well it fits your specific needs.