5 Best AI SEO Tools: AI Assisted
On-Page SEO Software [2023]

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Artificial intelligence has transformed many industries, and search engine optimization is no exception. AI-powered SEO tools are changing the way that businesses and digital marketers approach on-page SEO activities like keyword research and the content creation process.

These tools use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and optimize website content and other factors that influence search engine rankings. In this article, we will introduce some of the best AI SEO tools on the market and discuss how they can help you improve your search rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website.

1. Jasper

Jasper is one of the best AI SEO tools for it’s wide variety of use cases. However, where it truly shines is when you integrate it with Surfer SEO, which is another powerful SEO tool.

Its machine learning algorithms help users produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content quickly and easily. With over 50 templates to choose from, Jasper is perfect for anyone in need of assistance with writing blog posts, social media copy, ad campaigns, and more.

Jasper templates
Jasper templates

The AI-generated content produced by Jasper is 99.99% original and free of plagiarism, allowing users to create top-notch content in a fraction of the time they would normally take. In addition to the 50 templates, Jasper also offers a long-form assistant called Boss Mode, which allows users to write full blog posts, marketing emails, and even entire books. This feature also unlocks the Surfer SEO integration, where the key AI SEO features get to shine.

The tool has an intuitive interface and keyboard shortcuts, making it easy to use. It also offers a wide range of features and is available in 25 different languages. Jasper.ai is an excellent investment for those looking to save time and money by outsourcing their content creation. Its pricing is flexible and affordable, making it a cost-effective alternative to hiring a human copywriter.

The company also offers excellent customer support and has a thriving Facebook community. Overall, Jasper.ai is a highly rated, powerful tool that can help users overcome writer’s block and increase productivity. So, it can be a great SEO AI tool.

jasper surferSEO integration
jasper and surfer SEO integration

Jasper pros

  1. 50+ content templates: Jasper.ai offers a wide variety of templates to choose from, making it easy for users to find the perfect one for their specific SEO needs.
  2. AI-generated content: Jasper’s AI technology produces high-quality, original content that is free of plagiarism, allowing users to create SEO-optimized content quickly and easily.
  3. Boss Mode: The long-form assistant feature, known as Boss Mode, allows users to write full blog posts, marketing emails, and even entire books, all while optimizing for SEO.
  4. Intuitive interface: Jasper’s interface is easy to use, with keyboard shortcuts and a clear layout that makes it simple for users to create content efficiently.
  5. Wide range of supported languages: Jasper.ai is available in over 25 different languages, making it accessible to a wide audience and allowing users to optimize their content for international SEO.

Jasper cons

  1. Need to fact check Jasper’s output: Although Jasper’s AI-generated content is generally high-quality, it is always important to double-check the output for accuracy and correctness.
  2. GPT-3 technology doesn’t know it all: As with any AI tool, Jasper’s knowledge is limited to what it has been trained on. While the GPT-3 technology behind Jasper is advanced, it still only knows about 10% of the information available on the internet.

2. WriteSonic

WriteSonic is a powerful AI-powered content writing and scheduling app that can help remote teams collaborate and get their writing done efficiently. It offers a range of features that make it easy to find the right writers for your team, assign them schedules, and track their progress.

With WriteSonic, you can create a custom writer profile that includes details about their skills, qualifications, and other relevant information. You can also use the app to set up a schedule for your writer, including start and end times and a recurring schedule for regular content.

writesonic templates
writesonic templates

In addition to helping you find and schedule writers, WriteSonic also allows you to track the content that has been written, including the writer’s name, the title of the post, the length of the content, and more.

This can be useful for ensuring that content is being written according to your guidelines. Overall, WriteSonic is a valuable SEO tool for content marketing teams who work remotely and need a way to efficiently collaborate and get their writing done.

However, the WriteSonic app has a yearly fee of $100, which may not be feasible for smaller content marketing teams.

writesonic content creator
writesonic content creator

WriteSonic pros

  1. AI-powered content generation: WriteSonic uses artificial intelligence to generate unique and engaging marketing content in seconds.
  2. Wide range of content types: WriteSonic can generate ads, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and more.
  3. Integration with technology stack: WriteSonic can be easily integrated into a business’s existing technology stack through Zapier.
  4. Paragraph generator and conclusion writer: WriteSonic has added new features to help users create even more content.
  5. WordPress integration: WriteSonic has released an integration with WordPress, making it easier to use within that platform.

WriteSonic cons

  1. Limited trial credits: The trial version of WriteSonic does not include enough credits to fully test all of its features, which could make it difficult for users to evaluate its effectiveness.
  2. Limited accuracy of generated content: The copy generated by WriteSonic may not always be 100% accurate, which could be an issue for businesses that rely on high-quality content.

3. Frase.io

Frase is an advanced SEO tool powered by AI that can create SEO-focused content quickly and generate and optimize relevant answers to the questions that your target audience is asking.

It works by using machine learning techniques and natural language processing to interpret, understand, and learn content from the web, which enables it to generate relevant content summaries with high efficiency.

frase content planner
frase content planner

When you search for a keyword on Frase, it scans the internet and finds the most relevant topics and questions, generates article summaries, creates detailed content briefs, and highlights the statistics noted in different articles. This information is useful for researching and creating or curating content for your website.

Frase has several features, including a question and topic research tool, AI-generated content briefs, and content optimization. It also has a feature that helps you track the performance of your content and identify opportunities for improvement. Frase is expected to see favorable growth in the coming years due to its advanced AI technology and useful features.

frase content editor
frase content editor

Frase pros

  1. Question and topic research: Frase.io has a feature that helps you understand what questions your audience is asking, so you can create better articles answering those questions.
  2. AI-generated content briefs: Frase.io allows you to quickly create detailed content briefs that include an overview, People Also Ask section, SERP, topic clusters, top 20 topics, headers, questions, statistics, and external links.
  3. Content optimization: With Frase.io, you can optimize your published content for a specific keyword, which can help improve its search engine ranking.
  4. Performance tracking: Frase.io has a feature that helps you track the performance of your content and identify opportunities for improvement.
  5. Keyword research: Frase.io can assist with keyword research by generating a list of relevant keywords and their monthly search volumes.

Frase cons

  1. Cost: One potential con of Frase.io is that it may be more expensive than other SEO tools on the market.
  2. Complexity: Some users may find Frase.io to be a complex tool with a steep learning curve, which could make it difficult for them to fully utilize all of its features and benefits.

4. WriterZen

WriterZen is a powerful AI tool that helps users with writing and SEO tasks. The app is designed to assist with research, brainstorming, and word choice, making it a useful resource for those who want to create high-quality content but lack the time or skills to do so.

writerzen keyword research
writerzen keyword research

It is also ideal for bloggers and business owners who need to write SEO-friendly content from their phone. WriterZen combines multiple tools into one platform, allowing users to streamline their writing and research processes. Some of its key features include keyword discovery, clustering keywords, and submitting multiple keywords to be organized into topic clusters with ideas for content.

The app has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use, making it a great tool for those looking to improve their SEO and create customer-focused content. Overall, WriterZen is highly rated by users and is considered a fantastic investment for SEO needs.

writerzen content editor
writerzen content editor

WriterZen pros

  1. Helps with writing and SEO tasks: WriterZen is designed to assist with research, brainstorming, and word choice, making it a useful resource for those who want to create high-quality content but lack the time or skills to do so. It is also ideal for bloggers and business owners who need to write SEO-friendly content from their phone.
  2. Combines multiple tools into one platform: WriterZen streamlines the writing and research process by combining multiple tools into one cohesive platform.
  3. Keyword discovery: The app helps users identify low competition keywords and select the best ones for their content.
  4. Clustering keywords: WriterZen allows users to cluster their keywords and organize them into topic clusters with ideas for content.
  5. User-friendly interface: The app has a clear, intuitive interface that is easy to use, making it a great tool for those looking to improve their SEO and create customer-focused content.

WriterZen cons

  1. Limited to what it has been trained on: As with any artificial intelligence tool, WriterZen’s knowledge is limited to what it has been trained on. This means that it may not always provide the most up-to-date or accurate information.
  2. May not be suitable for all types of writing: While WriterZen is a useful tool for many writing tasks, it may not be suitable for all types of content. For example, it may not be as effective for creative writing or highly technical writing that requires specialized knowledge. Users may still need to supplement its output with additional research and editing.

5. Outranking

Outranking is an AI SEO tool that is specifically designed for long-form content writing. It has been well-received by customers, with one review stating that it is “one of the best in the market” and another calling it an “unfair” advantage for ranking content on Google.

outranking keyword research
outranking keyword research

One of the standout features of Outranking is its ability to mimic the writing style of an average person, making the content produced easy to understand. Additionally, there have been no issues with plagiarism reported by users. However, there have been some criticisms of the product, including the confusing UI and the need for improvement in the SEO research capabilities.

Despite this, Outranking has been successful in increasing output and improving results for users. It has been reported to have increased output by almost 150% and has helped to improve SEO rankings.

Outranking is constantly being updated and improved by its dedicated team, with one review stating that the platform has been rapidly developed over the past few months. Overall, Outranking seems to be a valuable tool for those looking to improve their content creation and SEO efforts.

outranking content editor
outranking content editor

Outranking pros

  1. Mimics the writing style of an average person, making the content easy to understand.
  2. No reported issues with plagiarism.
  3. Successfully increases output and improves results for users.
  4. Rapidly developed and improved by dedicated team.
  5. Comprehensive outline and related keyword coverage analytics helps to maximize the ROI on content efforts.

Outranking cons

  1. Confusing UI and navigation.
  2. SEO research capabilities may need improvement.

FAQ About AI SEO Tools

How can AI Tools be Used for Search Engine Optimization?

There are several ways that AI tools can be used for search engine optimization. Some examples include:

  1. Content creation: AI SEO tools can be used to generate unique and high-quality content that is optimized for target keywords. This can be especially helpful for small businesses and organizations that may not have the resources to produce large quantities of content on their own.
  2. Keyword research: These SEO software tools can analyze large amounts of data to identify relevant and high-performing keywords that can be targeted in content creation and link building efforts.
  3. Rank tracking: AI-powered tools can track a website’s ranking for specific keywords and provide insights on how to improve that ranking.
  4. On-page optimization: Content optimization tools can analyze a website’s content and suggest changes to improve its relevance and user experience, which can help with climbing in search engine rankings.

Overall, AI tools can save time and resources for SEO efforts and provide valuable insights and recommendations to improve a website’s ranking on search engines.

Key Takeaways from the Best AI SEO Tools

To summarize, AI SEO software has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of SEO efforts for businesses and digital marketers.

There are a variety of AI SEO tools available on the market, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Jasper.ai is highly rated for its wide range of use cases, including its integration with Surfer SEO, 50+ content templates, and long-form assistant feature, Boss Mode.

WriteSonic is a good option for remote teams looking to collaborate and schedule their writing tasks efficiently, while Frase is known for its ability to generate SEO-focused content.

Overall, the best AI SEO tool will depend on the specific needs and goals of the user, but any of the tools mentioned in this article have the potential to help improve search rankings and drive organic traffic to a website.