5 Backlink Outreach Templates & Examples for Link Building

Ready to sail the vast seas of the web and treasure hunt some golden backlinks?

Well, you’ve docked at the right harbor.

Look no further!

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor, with years of navigating the choppy waters of SEO, or you’ve just got your digital sea legs, venturing into the world of backlink outreach can feel like setting sail into a storm.

But fear not, brave voyager!

With this guide as your compass and some humor as our wind, we’re about to navigate through the mystique, dodge those spammy icebergs, and embark on a grand digital adventure.

Let’s chart the course and set sail on the ultimate backlink quest!

What is Backlink Outreach?

Backlink outreach, sometimes called link outreach, is the digital handshake you extend in the vast world of the internet. Imagine you’re crafting that perfect backlink email template, all to introduce your stellar content to a fellow website owner.

It’s your way of saying, “Hey, check out my content! Maybe it’s a great fit for your audience.” The goal? Earn a valuable backlink to boost your site’s SEO. This outreach link strategy is more than just a cold call; it’s about building relationships.

So, when you’re ready to dive into the world of backlink outreach, having the right backlink outreach email template can make all the difference. And remember, it’s not just about asking for a link—it’s about showing genuine value.

Outsource Link Building Tips
Outsource Link Building Tips

Key Elements of a Successful Backlink Request

So, you’re diving into the world of backlink outreach. Perfecting that backlink request email template can feel like a delicate dance, but there’s a method to the madness. Let’s break down the essential elements:

Catchy Subject Line

Before anything else, your email’s subject line is the gatekeeper. Think of it as the trailer for a movie. It has to capture attention and set the tone, all in a few words. Choose words that resonate with your recipient.

Maybe hint at a mutual benefit or show you’ve done your homework about their content. You want them to think, “This is worth my time.”


Mass-produced emails? A big no-no. Personalize your outreach link strategy by showcasing your genuine interest in their content. Dive deeper into their site, understand their audience, and then connect it back to what you’re offering.

By referencing specific posts or mentioning shared industry challenges, you show that you see them as a unique entity, not just another email address.

Clear Value Proposition

This isn’t just about what you want. It’s about what you’re offering. How does your content enrich their site? Maybe you’re filling a knowledge gap, or perhaps you’ve got a unique take on a trending topic.

Spell out why featuring your link would be a win-win, emphasizing the benefits they’d receive, like enhanced credibility or added value for their readers.


We’re all drowning in emails. Keeping your link building email outreach concise, increases the odds of it being read from start to finish. Prioritize information, get to the point, but ensure you maintain a friendly tone. Balance is key: be thorough, but respect their time.

Proof of Legitimacy

The digital world is filled with empty promises. Stand out by showcasing your credibility. This could mean highlighting other reputable sites you’ve been featured on, sharing reader testimonials about your content, or presenting data and metrics that underline your content’s value.

It’s like presenting your credentials at the start of a pivotal meeting.

A Clear Ask

Being ambiguous can lead your email straight to the bin. Be transparent about your intentions. If you’re seeking a backlink, state it clearly, while ensuring you showcase the mutual benefits. Provide them with a direct link to the content you’re referencing, making their job easier and increasing your chances of success.

Engaging Closing Line

As you wrap up, leave a lasting impression. Make your sign-off memorable. Whether it’s a warm thank you, a nod to future collaborations, or an emphasis on mutual growth, the closing line should be the cherry on top of your well-crafted outreach dessert.

Elements of a backlink request email
Elements of a backlink request email

Template #1: Basic Backlink Request

This is where it all begins – the classic approach. In this template, you’re essentially reaching out to introduce your high-quality content. But it’s more than just a generic ask. Highlight why your content is unique, how it aligns with their audience, and the mutual benefits of them featuring it.

For instance, if you’ve written a comprehensive guide on sustainable living and you’re reaching out to a green living blog, mention the synergy and the value their readers would gain.

Here’s an email template:

Subject: Introducing [Your Content Topic] for Your Audience

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

I recently came across your site and was genuinely impressed by the quality and depth of content you offer on [Specific Topic or Article]. It struck a chord with the content I’ve created on [Your Content Topic].

I believe that my piece can offer added value to your readers, diving deep into [Specific Aspect or USP of Your Content]. Would you consider linking to it as a resource/reference on your site?

Here’s the link to check it out: [Your Content URL]

Thank you for considering, and keep up the fantastic work!

[Your Name]

Sample backlink request email
Sample backlink request email

Template #2: Guest Post Proposal

This strategy is fantastic when you’re looking to position yourself as an expert in your field. Start by showcasing familiarity with the site you’re reaching out to. Then, present a brief overview of your article idea tailored specifically for their audience.

Perhaps you have a unique angle on a trending topic or exclusive insights that would be a major draw. The goal? Show them that your guest post isn’t just filler content; it’s something their readers will truly appreciate and engage with.

Here’s an email template:

Subject: Guest Post Idea: [Your Topic Title]

Hello [Recipient’s Name],

I’ve been a long-time admirer of [Recipient’s Site Name]. Your recent article on [Specific Article or Topic] truly resonated with me. This got me thinking about a unique topic I can contribute to your platform: [Your Topic Title].

Brief Overview:
– Point 1
– Point 2
– Point 3

I believe this topic aligns perfectly with your audience and offers fresh insights on [Specific Area of Interest]. Let me know if this piques your interest!

Warm regards,
[Your Name]

Sample guest post proposal email
Sample guest post proposal email

Template #3: Reporting a Broken Link

It’s like offering a helping hand with a slight nudge towards your content. When employing this template, first point out the broken link gently, making it clear that you’re trying to improve their user experience.

Then, position your content as a relevant and valuable replacement. It’s like a neighborhood watch, but for website links – you’re alerting them to a potential issue and simultaneously offering a solution.

Here’s an email template:

Subject: Found a Broken Link on [Specific Page]

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

While enjoying your content on [Specific Page/Article], I noticed a broken link. Thought you’d appreciate the heads-up!

The link in question is: [Broken Link URL]

If you’re looking for a relevant replacement, I’ve written a piece on [Your Content Topic] that might fit the bill. Check it out here: [Your Content URL].

Cheers to smooth browsing,
[Your Name]

Sample Email Reporting a Broken Link
Sample Email Reporting a Broken Link

Template #4: Resource Recommendation

Imagine you’ve discovered a treasure and you’re sharing the map. In this approach, you’re suggesting your content as an invaluable addition to an existing list or post on their site. But why should they include it?

Perhaps your content fills a knowledge gap, offers fresh insights, or has been endorsed by notable figures in the industry. Your aim here is to highlight the added value your resource brings to their table, making it indispensable.

Here’s an email template:

Subject: A Resource Addition for [Specific Page/Article]

Hello [Recipient’s Name],

I was going through your excellent resources on [Specific Page/Article]. It’s truly comprehensive! I’ve authored a guide on [Your Content Topic] that can be a valuable addition to your list.

Here’s what it covers:
– Insight 1
– Insight 2
– Insight 3

You can have a look here: [Your Content URL].

Keep shining,
[Your Name]

Template #5: Mutual Link Exchange

The beauty of reciprocity shines in this template. Start by expressing admiration for their content, showing you’ve done your homework. Then, introduce the idea of a link exchange, elucidating the benefits for both parties.

It’s like suggesting a trade in a friendly marketplace. Both sites gain credibility and enhance their SEO, building a symbiotic relationship that goes beyond just a single interaction.

Here’s an email template:

Subject: Mutual Growth Opportunity: Link Exchange?

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

First off, your content on [Specific Topic/Article] is stellar. Kudos! I’ve written something complementary on [Your Content Topic], and I believe we have an opportunity for a mutual link exchange.

Your readers might find value in [Specific Aspect of Your Content], and vice-versa. Here’s my piece for reference: [Your Content URL].

What do you think about linking to each other’s work? It’s a win-win!

Looking forward to collaborating,
[Your Name]

Sample Mutual Link Exchange Email
Sample Mutual Link Exchange Email

Effective Strategies on How to Ask for Backlinks

Diving into the world of backlink outreach can feel like uncharted territory, but you’ve got this! There’s a method to master how to ask for backlinks effectively, and I’m here to spill the beans. Let’s break down those strategies:

Personalize Your Approach

Entering the backlink outreach arena with a one-size-fits-all approach? Big mistake. Instead, focus on personalization. Dive deep into the site or blog you’re reaching out to. Familiarize yourself with their tone, their audience, and the kind of content they typically share.

When you draft that backlink request email template, referencing specific articles or themes from their platform can make all the difference. It’s like attending a party and already knowing a bit about everyone – you’re bound to strike up better conversations!

Offer Mutual Benefits

Imagine you’re in a marketplace, and you’re proposing a trade. If the deal benefits just one side, chances are it’s not going to happen. The same logic applies to backlink outreach. You have to demonstrate how linking to your content will not only benefit you but also add value to their platform.

Perhaps your article fills a knowledge gap, or it offers a fresh perspective on a trending topic. By emphasizing mutual growth, you make your proposal hard to refuse.

Use a Clear Call to Action

The digital realm is overflowing with information, so getting lost in the crowd is easy. That’s why your backlink outreach should be as clear as a summer’s day. Avoid jargon and lengthy explanations. Instead, be direct.

State your intention, provide the necessary information, and express the desired action, whether it’s a link in a specific article or a mention in a resources section. It’s like giving someone a map with a highlighted route – it just makes the journey easier.

Highlight Credibility

The world of online content is vast, and trust is a valuable currency. Stand out from the myriad of outreach links by showcasing your credibility. Have you been featured on a prominent site? Have industry leaders recognized your content? Or maybe you’ve got metrics that showcase your content’s impact.

Present these credentials. It’s akin to a stamp of quality, assuring the recipient that your content is worth their time.

How To Create Content That Generates Backlinks?
How To Create Content That Generates Backlinks?

Engage, Don’t Spam

Here’s the deal – persistence can be admirable, but overstepping can tarnish your reputation. Bombarding someone with repeated backlink requests or follow-ups can come off as desperate or even spammy. Instead, opt for strategic engagement.

Maybe you noticed a new article on their site that aligns with your content. Drop them a note, commend them, and gently reintroduce your proposal. Build a rapport rather than a monologue. It’s like nurturing a budding plant – water it, but don’t drown it.

5 email outreach strategies for link building
5 email outreach strategies for link building

Frequently Asked Questions on Backlink Outreach Emails

You know, diving headfirst into the world of backlink outreach emails can leave you with a couple of curly questions. And you’re not alone! There are a few frequently asked questions that pop up quite often. Let’s untangle them together:

How long should my link building outreach email be?

Let’s be real, no one has the time for War and Peace in their inbox. Brevity is your friend. Aim to keep your outreach link email concise, ideally between 100 to 200 words. 

But don’t just count words; focus on making every word count.

The idea is to grab attention, convey value, and make your ask, all while keeping the reader engaged. Think of it like a movie trailer – a sneak peek that leaves them wanting to know more!

How long should I wait before sending a follow-up?

Aha! The million-dollar question. The key here is to strike a balance between being persistent and patient. Generally, waiting for about 7 to 10 days before sending a gentle follow-up is a good rule of thumb. Remember, everyone’s inbox is a busy place.

Your initial backlink request email might have been missed or pushed down the queue. A friendly nudge, highlighting your previous email and reiterating the value proposition, can do wonders. But, imagine it like reheating a dish – once or twice is okay, but you don’t want to overdo it.

Can I use automation tools for my backlink email template?

Automation tools can be tempting – who wouldn’t want to streamline their process? However, tread with caution. While these tools can help you manage and send out your backlink outreach emails in bulk, the risk is that your emails may end up looking generic or worse, spammy.

It’s crucial to ensure each email feels personalized, even if you’re using templates. Think of these tools as assistants – they can help with the legwork, but the final touch, the human element, should come from you. 

However, if you want to send out bulk cold link building outreach emails, it’s best to use the email outreach software.

Key Takeaways on Backlink Outreach Emails

Backlink outreach is much more than just shooting emails and hoping for the best. It’s an art!

Remember, the digital realm is buzzing with conversations, and you want to be part of the meaningful ones. Personalization is your golden ticket. Nobody likes generic emails.

Tailor your emails to show genuine interest and knowledge of the recipient’s work. And while you’re at it, be clear with your intentions. If you’re asking for a backlink, say it.

Now, the big tip? It’s all about mutual benefits. Show how linking to your content can be a win-win situation. But, of course, patience is the key.

Don’t drown them with emails, but a gentle nudge now and then won’t hurt.

To cap it off, questions will pop up as you delve deeper into backlink outreach, and that’s okay. Just remember to strike a balance in your approach, be authentic, and always strive to add value.

With these insights, you’re geared up to make waves in the vast ocean of link building. Dive in and swim confidently!

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