15 Powerful Methods for B2B Sales Lead Generation

Getting quality leads is not just an art or science, but it involves a more strategic approach right from generating interest and addressing the demand until you drive sales.

Lead generation done without any forethought can be a mere waste of time, resources, and money. B2B sales lead generation or business-to-business lead generation is more complicated compared to B2C. It is more data-driven and has to align with the customers’ preferences. In today’s day and age, it increasingly hard to get and hold the attention of your prospects. 

Platforms such as YouTube provide you with a chance to compete with larger brands and, a few good-quality videos can do wonders for your sales process. You could use a online YouTube video editor to optimize your video-making process using the YouTube templates they come with.

The best CRM software and some CEM software also have the built-in functionality to generate B2B sales leads.  

Let’s explore out-of-the-box and nontraditional ideas to create dynamic B2B sales leads in 2022.

B2B sales leads are potential customers of a business from other businesses. In other words, B2B sales leads are a list of prospects that companies need to convert into steady and loyal customers for their products and services.

B2B Sales Lead generation illustration
A well-executed lead generation strategy works like a magnet

Generating a Paying Customer from a B2B Sales Lead

There are several ways of converting a sales lead into a paying customer. But before that you need to attract the lead engage with it first. The following methods explain the best ways to maximize your success with attracting leads and converting them into paying customers. This will ultimately increase online sales

1. Content engagement

High content visibility is the predominant factor of creating awareness and engaging with industry professionals. This is especially evident when considering the primary channels used during the awareness phase.

In one study from Japan, online research, including web and review sites, was cited most often (60.1%) when respondents were asked about the various methods they used to gather information. Sufficient length of articles, proper use of keywords, URL with effective keywords, and relatable backlinks are a few powerful tools in ranking the content that attracts these leads.

A large portion of B2B sales process is to drive more traffic to your web pages. B2B sales lead generation relies mainly on organic, well-written and the up-to-date content to attract these industry professionals who are looking for solutions to their work problems. 

2. Interactive social media presence

Having brand awareness on multiple social media platforms can do wonders for attracting B2B sales leads. Market marketers make the most of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram in generating B2B leads, depending on their industry and niche.

Several companies hire an outbound or inbound team to interact with various audiences on such platforms to narrow down B2B sales lead generation. Brand availability on these easily accessible channels can make the B2B sales process quick because businesses create a space to engage with visitors and customers. To get on top of your social media presence, use the best social media management tools

3. Engaging video content

As per the latest survey, 87% of video marketing produces them positive ROI. When more people learn about you, the wider an audience you gather, the easier it becomes to target a specific group based on their interests.

Videos are much more engaging and allow to showcase products (online and offline) in a much more attractive and comprehensive way. Therefore, it becomes more powerful to promote products and services through videos, and most times, videos draw more attention. 

The bar for video content is set quite high. Consumers expect the videos to be engaging, visually appealing and attractive. So, cropping the video with a video trimmer, applying filters and captions is almost a must in today’s short attention span world. 

lead generation statistics
B2B sales lead generation statistics regarding videos

4. Smooth demo experience

Your users want to start using your product and get to the value or “wow-factor” as soon as possible. An effortless demo experience in the B2B sales process is a step closer to converting B2B sales lead generations into customers.

It’s more likely to happen when you encourage a reasonable trial period for your leads. In other words, generating B2B leads is much simpler when prospective customers show piqued interest in the demo.

5. Personalization in cold emails

IDC’s famous study highlighted that people are more inclined to use email than any other communication channel. Besides, the B2B sales lead generation list needs particular attention, not just a cold mail containing information about products and services.

If your message start with their name on it, it catches your leads’ attention and motivates them to at least have a glance. Additionally, interactive subject headings cold mails leave them curious to know more, and that’s half victory in the B2B sales process.

6. Content upgrades and downloads

Businesses often offer free handbooks, free webinars and other long-form materials to engage with their leads. In the B2B sales process, it is necessary to build a connection with potential customers so they would become loyal paying customers.

Without engaging the leads in a practical experience, a business cannot convince its potential customers to buy their products and services. Plus, complimentary products and services make everyone from B2B sales leads feel special.   

7. Referrals and affiliates

Generating B2B leads can become smooth and hassle-free because of referral marketing. It indicates the quality and standards of the brand’s products and services to B2B sales lead generation.

Affiliate marketing can be thought of as outsourcing your marketing to authority site and review site owners. They have real influence over their audience, since they seem to be unbiased. 

8. Instant chatbots

People browsing the internet nowadays have a very short attention span and tolerance to wait. No one has the patience to wait for your website or product to load, especially when the competitor is ready to be fast and helpful. Thus, generating B2B leads is easy, but converting and maintaining them as customers is demanding if businesses don’t pay attention to tiny details. 

In the B2B sales process, chatbots involve prospect buyers in knowing more about the company while understanding their requirements immediately. Chatbots accumulate more information about website visitors and take down personal information. This way, generating B2B leads is automated.

9. Robust remarketing execution

We can all agree that Paying Customers and much better than ‘Could-have-been’ customers. In the B2B sales process, specific prospects may remain cold towards responding to you. However, continuous reminders and productive interactions with them can make them be reminded and nudge them to explore your offers further. 

On top of that, setting up remarketing your leads is rather cheap, but the value closing a deal is huge. Hence, remarketing for B2B sales leads give incredible ROI. And this type of B2B lead nurturing is well worth the effort. 

10. Hyperactive event organization

You need to stay in your leads’ awareness to remain relevant in the market. B2B sales lead generation needs constant (but not excessive) communication, so that when it becomes the time to make a decision, your brand is top-of-mind. 

A continuous presence in multiple offline and online events produces bonds with these leads. Converting them into friendly customers becomes more likely with each conversation. A great way to keep engaging with your leads and prospects is by hosting sales webinars using the best webinar software.

EverWebinar live offer
EverWebinar Attendee view: Automated Offer launched + Sales notification triggered

11. Customer involvement

No other form of marketing and advertisement is as fruitful as the participation of existing customers. They become the assets in the B2B process, and their experience with brands can transform B2B sales lead generations into viable and long-term clients. 

To conquer that, 90% of customers read reviews before buying the products and services. In other instances, involving prospective buyers in trying products and services can earn their trust. Plus, it gives B2B sales lead generations a better understanding of the functionality that inspires them to buy.    

12. FOMO tactics

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is one of the fastest-growing trends in the market to convert B2B sales lead generation into buyers. After generating B2B leads, the marketing team creates urgency or fear not getting a desirable thing. 

This could drive leads into buying products and services. For instance, when you sell a product claiming ‘Everyone is buying this’, it gives some social proof to the product, making it look popular and attractive. 

13. SEO helps to study competition

Generating B2B leads can be easy once management understands how different B2B SEO strategies can help your business grow. 

SEO tools like Search Console and Google Analytics make it smooth to understand where the traffic is coming from and on which pages do they land on. Such research can offer a chance to perform better, put the effort in the right direction, and instigate a worthy and healthy fight for B2B sales lead generations.

14. Cross-pollination

When two brands collaborate to increase their market value and turn heads of B2B sales leads, it is known as ‘Cross-pollination.’ When businesses combine their audiences, they find commonalities. This can be mutually beneficial. 

For instance, Puma deals with multiple public figures to promote their brands on Instagram and Facebook. Puma gets their fan following at the end of the day, and those celebrities get Puma’s followers. However, this move is tricky for B2B sales lead generation as they demand an efficient workforce instead of a famous person. Alternatively, it could work with influencer marketing.

15. Use multiple channels to engage

In this day, using just a single-channel approach simply doesn’t work anymore. Your brand or product has to appear on several channels, reminding of itself in order to stay top-of-mind for your leads. 

Multi-channel approach is becoming more efficient. It has to come up then searching for a solution on Google, it has to come up on LinkedIn posts, as email newsletter and as online webinars. This way your brand will appear trustworthy and seem to be a thought leader in this industry.

Key Takeaways for B2B Sales Lead Generation

To summarize, there is no best way to generate leads for B2B sales. Brands have to appear in multiple channels, increase their visibility and offer useful, helpful information. Only this way, that brand will be top-of-mind and trustworthy exactly at the right time when that lead is making a decision to purchase a products or a solution. 

We should remember that it’s rarely a question of “Should I purchase or not”, it’ more of a question of “From which provider should I purchase”. That’s the reason brands should be crystal clear in their differentiation and value proposition

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