Audience Research Made Easy: The Secret to Crafting Videos That Convert

Adding effective video content to your strategy can overhaul engagement and expand your reach in most marketing pushes. The key operative word there, however, is effective.

Making effective marketing videos—or any kind of marketing content, for that matter—takes more than just diving head first and hoping for the best!

Even when you have extensive expertise in your field, understanding your target audience via audience research is crucial for creating content that resonates. Otherwise, you risk working hard to develop an amazing piece that nobody cares to watch

So, in this article, we’ll go over a few different approaches and tools you can use to get a better sense of who you are making your content for and see how you can translate that information into more compelling—and effective—videos for your next video marketing push.

Leveraging the Data You Already Have: A Goldmine of Insights

Whether you are following in the footsteps of experienced animation companies to make a lovely explainer or trying to make a mindblowing live-action product video for your new campaign, data-backed decision making is crucial to help you make content that delivers results!

So, before jumping into new and unfamiliar methodologies and outside sources, it usually pays off to try and tap into the wealth of data that most marketers and business owners likely already have at their disposal.

Namely, take another (or deeper) look into your website and social media analytics to get a better sense of who you are talking to with your marketing content.

Website Analytics

Website analytics platforms—like Google Analytics—can be powerful, versatile, and often free tools to access a treasure trove of information about your website visitors. 

And while different platforms will provide any number of different data points and quantitative references, there are a few core ones included by most that you’ll pay special attention to: demographics, interests, and behavior.

Sample website data in Google Analytics
Sample website data in Google Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Taking a closer, more insightful look at how your audience engages with your social media presence can also offer a lot of valuable data through those platform’s built-in analytic reporting tools.

By leveraging your existing sources of information on the specific audience you are trying to connect with, you can establish some solid, data-backed foundations with which to work. This will help you better define who your video is for and start building around the things you already know they prefer.

Sample Social Media Analytics
Sample Social Media Analytics

Digging Deeper with Qualitative Research: The Stories Behind the Data

While your website and social media analytics give you an excellent place to start your audience research efforts, data alone can only do so much. 

Qualitative research lets you delve deeper into your audience’s preferences and key motivators, which will help you paint a fuller picture of who they are and what they want from you to better customize delicate marketing pushes, like a new product launch or the start of a big campaign.

Targeted Surveys, Polls, and Interviews

Crafting meaningful surveys and polls tailored to gather audience insights can go a long way to inform the more nuanced aspects of your video production efforts. 

While how much (or how little) information and participation you can expect from your audience will vary from brand to brand, you can focus on three core pieces of information you’ll want to prioritize asking about.


Social Media Listening Tools

Social media platforms are often your best source for direct feedback and unfiltered audience sentiment. While we already talked about checking your social metrics to get started, you can then expand and try to mine these sites for even more involved and valuable information.

Mention social listening tool
Mention social listening tool

Learning From The Best: Analyzing Successful Video Strategies in Your Niche

Analyzing the right metrics and paying attention to the conversation in the digital places where your audience hangs out will set your audience research up for success—giving you a keener sense of what these people look for and the things you should cater to

But there’s another angle of approach that teaches you about these things while also helping you expand and inspire ideas for your upcoming video project: industry-wide research.

Identifying Key Players to Pay Attention To

Breaking down and analyzing what other leading brands and content creators operating in your niche are doing in terms of video marketing can be enlightening. Often delivering valuable insights you can’t get anywhere else. Fortunately, there are a few good sources online you can mine for this type of information.

Analyzing Your Competition’s Video Strategies

Once you know who to pay attention to and why, it’s time to start gathering useful data. This process can be as involved or as cursory as your time and needs dictate, but here are a few core aspects you might want to prioritize looking into:

Drawing Strategic Insights and Key Takeaways

Once you know who to pay attention to and have started gathering data on their video strategy, you have all you need to actually get some useful intel on how their content resonates with their audiences. Use whatever you find out to improve your own video marketing strategy and inform your decision-making moving forward.

Key Takeaways for Audience Research

Creating compelling marketing videos that resonate with potential customers or the people you can appeal to is vital to unlocking the full potential of your video marketing efforts. But before diving headfirst into production, it always pays off to take the time to do thorough audience research.

Hopefully, after reading this far, you’ve picked up more than a few new tools and strategies to gather valuable and accurate insights into the people you are making content for and are better equipped to conduct audience research in ways that translate into better videos! 

From leveraging website and social media analytics to conducting surveys and analyzing competitor strategies, you now have a roadmap to understand your audience’s preferences, pain points, and content consumption habits. 

By prioritizing audience research, you can ensure your video content is not only informative but also engaging, leading to increased conversions and a stronger connection with the people interested in what you have to offer!

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