10 Ways to Use AI in Content Marketing: Quality Content Faster

Content marketing is one of the most highly performing marketing tactics, if done right. 

It can boost brand awareness, drive leads, establish trust, and strengthen your customer relationships

And the cherry on top? 

It offers a remarkable return on investment.

But let’s face it, content marketing isn’t a walk in the park. 

It requires careful planning, understanding of your audience’s needs. 

It’s a never-ending supply of fresh ideas, creation of content for various platforms and purposes, and the perfect timing and placement for distribution.

Enter Artificial Intelligence, the solution to all your content marketing woes. 

AI makes it effortless for business owners to produce informative, engaging, unique, and profitable content in a matter of minutes.

The most advanced AI writing tools are capable of creating a variety of content, such as blog posts, emails, social media posts, ad copy, website copy, video scripts, and more.

AI has really transformed the content marketing landscape. 

But how can marketers make the most of this technology? 

This article will explore 10 ways to leverage AI in content marketing, providing guidance for new marketers on how to harness its full potential.

1. Content Planning and Strategy

AI has the potential to be a potent tool for developing topical maps, grouping related keywords into topic categories. And coming up with new content ideas and keyword suggestions. AI tools can quickly analyze large volumes of text to find patterns and themes using machine learning and natural language processing.

topic clusters
topic clusters

These tools can aid content marketers in discovering new subject areas to research. They can also help to better comprehend the subtopics that are most important to their audience by grouping related keywords together.

AI driven software can process data and come up with new keyword suggestions by looking at search data and identifying related terms that are popular or have high search volumes right now.

These tools can also process data from SERPs and gather competitive intelligence about the top ranking pages. For example, some AI tools can analyze the content outline of each top ranking blog post. From there on, you can pick the best performing headings into your own blog post.

frase content outline from top ranking posts
content outline from top ranking posts

By utilizing these tools, content writers can really take advantage of the machine-assisted content strategy. They can create content that is more likely to resonate with their target audience by more effectively identifying relevant keywords and topics.

2. Use AI Tools for Content Creation

GPT-3 has completely revolutionized the writing world, allowing us to generate human-like content with ease. Companies took notice and invested in the best AI writing tools, which are now widely used by content marketers, freelancers, business owners, and even professional writers. 

Beyond traditional AI writing tools, exploring advanced techniques such as rag retrieval can significantly elevate content quality by incorporating contextually relevant information from various data sources, ensuring that generated content is not only engaging but also deeply informed and precise.

With these tools, you can choose your desired writing style, tone, pattern, preferences, and keywords to create long-form content at least 10x faster.

jasper ai workflow
jasper ai workflow

However, you should always have content marketers proofread and edit the copy generated by AI. Just to be sure it’s logical, the sentence structure is not dragging too long and not too formal. 

Generating blog content with AI-writing assistants comes with plenty of benefits.

For starters, it saves you time. These tools can also create personalized and data-driven content. And if you guide them properly, they can even optimize your content for search engines.

AI-writing assistants use proper terminology to attract consumers and resonate with their needs.

3. Social Media Content Strategy

Social media is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. From crafting captivating captions to scheduling posts, managing a brand’s presence on multiple platforms can be overwhelming. But what if I told you that AI can help lighten the load?

That’s right! AI content marketing tools can not only help you create compelling content for your social media pages but also schedule them for maximum engagement. In this case, social media management tools help you plan and schedule that content.

Social media caption generator
Social media caption generator

Gone are the days of spending countless hours writing and editing individual posts. With AI on your side, you can generate bulk content in minutes. This not only saves time but also opens up new possibilities for personalization and reaching wider audiences.

Here are some ways AI can help to create personalized content for social media:

4. Use AI to Generate Highly Relevant Images

As a content marketer, you understand the importance of visuals in engaging your target audience. 

It has become increasingly challenging to create unique and eye-catching images to accompany your content. This is where AI image generation tools can be a real game-changer. 

These tools use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate images that perfectly illustrate your social media posts, blog posts, landing pages, and ads

You can even place those images inside a collage. These collage ideas can kick-start your creativity and show you how incredible AI-powered collages can look.  

They use machine learning and deep learning technologies to create images from text. AI tools like Jasper AI and Rytr can do that. 

The images generated by these tools are designed to meet your specific needs and can be customized to match your brand’s tone and aesthetic. The best part? 

The images produced by these tools are so well-designed, it’s almost impossible to tell that they were created by a machine. This means that you can get professional-looking visuals without the hassle of finding and editing stock photos.

AI generated images
AI generated images

With AI image generation tools, you can save time and effort while still creating visually appealing content for your marketing efforts.

5. Generate AI Video Content

In addition to images, another important visual content is video. Creating engaging videos for marketing usually takes tons of time and it’s expensive. 

Video content can be hugely helpful in reaching a wider audience in YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. 

AI video generation tools like Synthesia are one of the best in its category. You can create professional-looking videos with a super realistic AI presenter. And you can input the video content by just typing in text. There are 60+ different avatars and 200+ narration voices available.

ai generated video
AI generated video

Some of the use cases can be onboarding videos or commercial content.

6. Improve Originality with AI-Powered Tools

Besides helping in natural language generation, AI also assists in content improvement. 

If AI-powered tools can generate content, they can also detect the content generated by AI. Seems logical, doesn’t it? They use the same natural language processing models to detect patterns in the content

Content marketing AI tools can also detect and highlight plagiarism in any content. Again, it is a revolution in the industry of plagiarism checking tools. 

Although there are plenty of sophisticated online plagiarism checkers, and they are already pretty reliable. 

Many plagiarism checker tools have started using AI to check plagiarism in texts. 

Those plagiarism checkers are considered more reliable as they not only highlight the portions that are 100% matched but they also precisely detect poorly paraphrased content

These tools made it more difficult for plagiarists to plagiarize any content by using paraphrasing tools. 

At the same time, they assist writers in detecting and removing every kind of plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, from their content and make their marketing content 100% unique.

7. Optimize Content Using SEO Tools

A vital part of content marketing strategy is optimizing for search engines, predominantly for Google. 

There are different kinds of AI tools that writers and marketers use to optimize their content marketing process to include the best SEO practices

For example, an AI content creation tool can help the entire content creation team to analyze metrics like keyword density, content length, and readability. Using these AI-powered SEO recommendations, combined with human creativity, you can really create high quality content.

jasper surferSEO integration
Jasper and Surfer SEO integration

They provide valuable suggestions to make the content more readable for users. Plus, the content writing tools also rewrite content to make them more engaging to their readers or repurpose content to make them adaptable to search engines

Moreover, the best AI SEO tools help you immensely in keyword research. These tools use AI technology to scan the SERPs for your target keyword and identify the keywords that you haven’t covered yet. This will uncover more traffic potential from Google. 

By using those keywords, you can increase the chances of your content being seen by your target audience.

8. Strategically Distribute Content

There are a few online tools that help marketers with content generation. 

These tools also analyze user behavior and show personalized data according to their interests. 

They use data-driven results to help marketers analyze when they should publish their content for more engagement and reach

Moreover, some content distribution tools also post content on users’ behalf.

Additionally, you can also show your content to some specific people that you think are your targeted audience. Almost all big social media platforms and search engines provide marketers with this capability. 

They allow marketers to select users’ interests, ages, gender, needs, and even location to whom they want to show their content. This really allows for creating personalized content. 

Therefore, when it is distributed at the right time to the right audience, content can become more productive and produce extraordinary results.

9. Analyze Competitors

AI-powered tools analyze all the data from various online sources, including websites, social media channels, and various forums, to find trends and patterns

Finding the strengths and weaknesses of the rivals and opportunities for personal development require this analysis.

Additionally, any content marketing team can learn which types of content users prefer by using AI’s competitor analysis. They can build audience segments based on this data. 

This type of customer segmentation done by an AI tool really helps in planning content for specific customer segments.

10. Analyze and Predict User Behavior

Another way content marketing teams can utilize AI in content marketing is by using it for analyzing user behavior analysis. 

The AI tools use the Clusterization method to analyze customer behavior. Moreover, they also use machine learning and deep learning technology to find out how users behave in certain situations and how they respond to a specific type of content. 

These AI tools provide insights to marketers that they can use to design content marketing strategies accordingly. 

They also use predictive analytics to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors and generate more leads.

Frequently Asked Question About AI in Content Marketing

What are the Disadvantages of AI in Marketing?

A significant disadvantage of AI in content marketing is its capacity to replace humans. A significant disadvantage of AI in content marketing is its capacity to replace humans. 

The ability of AI to replace people in content marketing is a serious drawback. Without human input, AI models, particularly those that use natural language generation (NLG), can create articles, product descriptions, and social media posts.

While this can help produce large amounts of content quickly, it can also result in generic, formulaic content that lacks the creativity and originality that come from human writers. Additionally, since they are more likely to connect emotionally with content created by people, some users may prefer it. 

Customers may also prefer content created by people because they are more likely to connect with it emotionally. Therefore, if you rely too much on AI-generated content, you might miss the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with those customers.

Key Takeaways from AI in Content Marketing

In this article, we explored key ways AI has transformed the digital marketing industry. 

It’s apparent that content marketers can significantly save time by using AI tools to create a content strategy by analyzing SERPs and competitors, clustering keywords into topical maps and even with writing the long-form and short-form content

AI can also be used to detect plagiarized content. For example, you can use a plagiarism checker to verify if any content is plagiarized or not. 

AI image and video generation software is another area where AI-powered models have revolutionized the marketing industry. 

Designers are also finding that their regular jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence powered by machine learning. 

And they’re finding it to be dozens of times faster.

Although, human beings will most likely not be replaced by this technology. 

Just the roles will be changing

Every company will become a data and AI company that are working alongside AI, building automated processes and using unique data to their competitive advantage.

To significantly speed up your content writing, we recommend using an AI content writing assistant

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